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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


What is it makes our life complete? is it having certain people or accomplishments or money or all of them or jus being happy and content?

What do we expect of others?

Why do we get upset when someone we care deeply abt goes all silent... ??

What do you do when you people care about shrug you off

Is it necessary to be married to have a meaningful life?

Why shouldn't we live life our way and still be happy?

Who the hell is this "society".. i wanna meet the guy who created this freaking sillly annoying concept that seems to want to rule our lives..... :P

What should we do to get people to take notice and pay attn?

How do we deal with ppl who are near and close but who seem to be far far away?

jus had a bunch of these flitting abt in my mind.. so putting them down.. maybe i'll find answers maybe i wont.. lets seee... :)


vishesh said...

be your self...thats it ..thats the best always...

Rauf said...

Death makes our life complete

We mostly expect love, but some expect gain, could be knowledge skill or simply money. Now no one wants to waste time with friends unless there is some gain somewhere. Some expect compliments, admiration and respect whether they deserve or not.

silent ?? you take the first step to break the silence, break the wall the person built.

You shrug them off too.

Life has no meaning, so there is no meaningful life, what ever meaning you try to give, is of no use at all, its just for your mental satisfaction.
Marriage is an institution created by religion. This institution has nothing to do with nature. Its our job to survive and procreate, marriage or no marriage, this is what nature expects us to do. All husbands and wives are great liars, that includes my parents and yours, now this makes you angry. But this is the truth.

Yes you can. If you break yourself from all the chains, society, religion, and still maintain love kindness and compassion, and be a good person. You don't need a manual of life, book of rules to guide you. all the guidance is in yur head. The moment you break away from society and religion you won't go rob a bank or become a serial killer. You just continue to be a good person but now with freedom of thought.

You make the society. Its easy to come out quietly, still be a part of it. i have written many posts on it.

Please don't make any attempt to get noticed. You'd be happy.

Your personality brings people close to you. If they go far away, perhaps there was a change in your attitude.

Joke Joke

a chap dialed a number and got the following recording: "I am not available right now, but thank you for caring enough to call. I am making some changes in my life. Please leave a message after the beep. If I do not return your call, you are one of the changes."

Hi Aaarti, just came back today from Wynad, very heart warming experience, but my friend Sindu was sick with fever, no treks, but still we had good time, tomorrow going again to Manampalli forest, pollachi valparai, manampalli.
Hope you are fine.

Rauf said...

You have the courage to ask all these questions. That makes you a free person. You are already out of the cage.

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