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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ganesha n Happinesss

Vinayaka Chathurthi @ home

A festival celebrated in the month of avani on chaturthi (4th) day .Vinayaka is the first to be worshipped whenever we start anything and he holds a special place in our hearts and homes...

He is worshipped by many names like Vinayaka, Ganesha, Pillayar(which is how we call him here in TN), Vigneshwara, Gajanana, Ganapathy, Mooshika Vahanaa,n some more.. he rides on an animal called Moonjoor(a large rat kinda rodent).

In our houses we celebrate this pooja in a grand manner. the puja room is done up with plenty of rice flour kolams(rangoli minus color). My uncle buys a new Vinayaka idol(made of clay) for all our houses(my parents,grandparents and his own). along with a decorated umbrella to place behind the idol. It is then decorated with flowers, a Erukampoo malai((calotropis garland) and bunch of arugampul( a type of grass specific to pillaiyar/vinayaka)

Puja is performed by our family priest.. different kinds of mothagam(kozhukkattai -sweet made using rice flour for outer cover and coconut +sugar filling, urad daal salty filling, sesame powder filled); vadai; payasam(kheer made using milk and rice), appam( a sweet made using wheat flour,water and jaggery) and idli(yes,we give this as a blessing as well today) are all placed before the lord and his blessings obtained...

Once the puja is over, my gramma went about her daily pujas and then it was lunch time. since there was so much to be done for the puja, lunch is kept simple.. mom,dad,sis, uncle aunt and cousin had all come over and spent the day here.. was fun...always is..

There is a temple at the end of our road where they do elaborate puja and in the evening Vinayaka comes on a round on his royal chariot visiting homes... i am always amazed at the beauty of the decorations and ornaments he wears... looks so grand~~

It is said that the day after the Chathurthi, the idol must be moved from the place where it was kept and then subsequently immersed in the ocean....

We normally go on a drive during the evening, a tour of the areas where different kinds of Ganesha's are on display.. there is usually one BIG Ganesha and multiple smaller ones... this year will be a first, of us not stepping out.. all are too tired... :)

Anyways, today has been a good day and lord Ganesha showed me that he does care abt me by giving the day a wonderful start... making me smile... just hope he keeps this going.. else he will have to listen to all i have to rant... :D [ he is my friend,confidante,sounding board and some more.... ]


vishesh said...

wow liked the pic...someone knows about it...

Raaga said...

hey... avani maasam and chaturthi don't go together :-) as in it is not the 4th day of the avani maasam :-)

But yummy stuff :-)

Vidya said...

I love the way you lovingly chide God. I wish you the best and sure, your days will be fine!

Rauf said...

Hi Aaarti, been away, going again in a couple of days, hope you had good time and good eats onVinayaga chaturti. Have pictures lots of them, missed posting last year, missed this year too. i was in a weavers village called Kondilampatti, near Salem (imagine my friend Karthik and i forgot the name of the village we were supposed to go when we got into the bus, Karthik asked me, i said i forgot its some patti, there are hundreds of PATTIS there. embarassing situation when the bus conductor came. Karthik called his friend on the mobile and got the name. i had no such luck when i travel alone as i have no mobile. i forgot the name Pattinamthitta (near punalur Kerala) Long story, i'll tell you some time.

Had a wash in the street tap
When we were coming back to the bus stop in kondilampatti after taking pictures of silk weavers, i saw an ganesha procession and pujas offered by all in the street.
i started clicking pictures. pujaris were excited. They gave us Prasaadam, a bowl of 'sundaal' It was so sweet of them.
Met Mala Chinna Meghu this morning.

Aaarti said...

@Vishesh - thanks,that pic is a favorite of mine,got it long back from a friend and again found it on the net now... :)

@Aru - appadiya? gramma was the one who told me dat, lemme go clarify... :)

@Vidya- thanks girl... :) Ganesha is my buddy...

Aaarti said...

hey Rauf

sounds like you had one more exciting trip, next time take a black notebook(one of those menacing looking ones) with the names of places written so u can refer to it at such situations... imagine if ur friend dint have a phone..u'd end up in some "patti"..hehehe

where are u off to now? do come back n buzzz...

I met Mala,chinna,meghu,krishna(did u meet this little guy, the kittty???).. Mala was doing handing over.. always fun meeting em up..:)
take care~~

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