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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Got a new chair

Yipeee.. i finally got my new computer chair.. been wanting to buy one for a while.. and did it yesterday.... but i gotta wait till tomorrow to use it.. concept of tuesday not being a good day...sigh.... :)

here she is.... ishnt she a beauty... ;)


Vidya said...

hey nice chair! I got a very comfortable computer chair back home in Dallas too! Sigh, I am missing that home too! :D


P.S I read your earlier post too. I almost felt like taking a gun to somebody's head when people would talk on the cell phones, allow their kids to cry while gaping at the movie screens. Cha, how rude and insensitive!

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi my deares AAArti,
What a great chair and YES its very good to have a comfortable computer-desk-chair, I am happy for you! :)

Thank you so much for your celebration (for my birthday)! and your interest in me, and my trip to Paris. Its a fantastic!! city and I will publice soon some great views from my point of (digital) view , and you know me 'always playing with my camera' I'm Glad to be back, I missed YOU too:)

JoAnn :)

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