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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Plants.. no more..

Was just browsing through this magazine called "Woman" and found this interesting article about plants that one can have at home... only difference being , they are not real plants.. they are solar powered gizmos... eeeks.. wats happening to the world..

here is what am talking about.... see for yourself..

Everyone likes a bit of greenery in their home or workplace. The problem is most houseplants need constant TLC in order to survive. But even if you've got green fingers and the touch of Titchmarsh, you can bet your watering can your plants won't wiggle about like Flip Flap Q Minis.
Flip Flip Q Minis These impossibly cute solar-powered gizmos are destined to become the artificial pot plants of choice for style-savvy photosynthesis fans the world over, as they require zero maintenance.

Flip Flip Q Minis Even more impressive is the fact that these hi-tech indoor plants move and jiggle when exposed to light - the more light (real or artificial) they get, the more they move. And you won't need a single battery because the movement is 100% solar-powered. Brilliant, eh?

Flip Flip Q Minis Standing only 8cm tall, Flip Flap Q Minis are supremely portable, so you can take yours wherever you may roam and brighten up any room in an instant.

These miniature marvels have already won Japan's coveted Good Design award, and when you get your mitts on one you'll realise why. From the funky transparent packaging and delightful little pot to the cartoony leaves and hypnotic movement, Flip Flap Q Minis have got cult written all over them.

Put one on your desk or windowsill and we guarantee you'll be unable to suppress a grin every time the little leaves begin to sway. Who'd have guessed watching a plastic plant could be so therapeutic? Indeed, here at Firebox HQ we've gone Flip Flap Q Mini mental, so hurry up and click Add to Cart before the whole world follows suit.

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Flip Flip Q MinisAnd they dont come cheap. they cost 6.95 pounds each..... phew...imagine that....


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