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Thursday, November 15, 2007

What kinda news is this...

Day before was flipping thru the paper(The hindu) in the morning and saw this as part of main headlines. . was stumped... i dint know if i shd be happy, freak out or gasp at the beauty of our news team...

There was an article about how a Python that was now 13feet long, must have escaped from its enclosure when it was a baby.. and yipee, they found it.... i was pissed off upon reading this.. what the hell where the guys at the zoo doing all these days? and why on earth would the newspapers want to publish a news item like this that insuts our Zoo's capabilities.. wonder what other animal has gone missing and wonder if they are stil alive or become another's lunch or dinner.. am appaled to say the least hearing such sob stories...

here is the complete article from the paper..

Aaarti... a very pissed off chennaiate... :(