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Monday, December 24, 2007

[Theater] PIF plays

Over the past couple of months, everytime we had a readmeet, i got to know little bit more about the concept of PIF - Politically Incorrect festival.. this was a play, or many issues taken up and presented to the chennai audience by a group of young enthusiastic theater lovers... each one was into something different... studying, writer, Techy, etc etc... but PIF brought em together..

The plays took place on 22nd n 23rd Dec and must say it was very diff from others i've seen and quite interesting... hope they go further....


Rauf said...

i avoid Koothupatrai for some reason, never heard of this, but there were 2 good ones at Museum theatre a couple of weeks ago. forgot the details.

Known Stranger said...

i was blog hopping. aren't you in ryze ? aarti who is known to conduct read meet in chennai ?

Aaarti said...

@Rauf - well,i enjoy plays.. and this was being done by a bunch of friends.. so went to support em ...:)

@Vaishnav - yep,am on ryze.. are u too?:) have we met or interacted before??? :)
thanks for dropping by..

Known Stranger said...

yea we had interacted . I was supposed to come for first read meet you organised but couldnt. We had interacted.

Aaarti said...

Upon reading that i dint recollect, but wen i went to your ryze page and saw that 2nd pic of u in that corridor, it was like my mind made a connection..yep,i remember.. so in Malaysia

:) awesome meeting you here...:)
happy holidays~~

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