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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

[Cooking] Breakfast recipes

My all time favorite breakfast is rice flakes (we call it aval in tamil.. think its poha in hindi).. it is so easy to cook and tastes yummy too. so, you will always find packets of aval at home.. i pick up the slightly thicker ones, because the thin flat ones soak too fast, and become gooey when cooked.. these are good, as the flakes can be seen individually, yes, it does take a wee bit longer to soak, n get soft, but wat the heck when end result is worth it.... :)

Different ways of making it..quick n easy- for breakfast or dinner or an in between snack... healthy, nutritious and filling...

Soak a cup of poha in water (for abt 5mins )
Take a kadai, add some oil- mustard seeds, urad daal, and some hing.
Now add the poha to this
Salt is then sprinkled..
Toss for a minute, and its ready to eat
can eat with curd, pickles, chutneys or anything....

Soak a cup of poha in water (for abt 5mins )
Take a kadai, add some oil- mustard seeds, urad daal, onions- saute for a min before adding some tomatoes to this.
Now add the poha, salt, and if you like coriander
ready to eat..

Soak a cup of poha in water (for abt 5mins )
Take a kadai, add some oil- mustard seeds, urad daal,wee bit of haldi and some hing.
Add poha to this, let it cook for a minute
remove into a vessel
squeeze the juice of 1lime and mix well[lime added after removing from gas only]

Soak a cup of poha in water (for abt 5mins )
Take a kadai, add some oil- mustard seeds, urad daal, and chopped up 1 onion, couple of pods of garlic
Let this cook for 2mins
To this you can add chopped up potatoes(1) and cook till potatoes become tender
Now add the poha,salt and voila, breakfast ready.. :)

You can make variations in this depending on what veggies or masala you are fond off. i also make one with tomatoes and onions, sautee em well, and then add poha +masala+salt... experiment, you cant go wrong with this :)


Chakoli said...

wow thats quick and easy:-)))

and that too for someone who is calorie consius cud have it......:-)))

Anonymous said...

hmmmm....looks yummy...we call it the 'cheera' in Bengali & its one of my favourite dishes too...We make so many different variants of dishes out of it, especially I like the sweetened one with yogurt and really tastes delicious. Will be trying your recipes too...nice one!

Vik said...

LOL - chef aarti.

You won hearts there .. put up something that you can make with chappati LOL. That is all I like and no rice .. But I would make my mother read this part, may be she would under stand this better.

For me every sentence looked the same. LOL

Hey, updated the blog with a reply to your comment tooo

Rauf said...

oh endless dishes, have you tried jaggery kheer ? You have to add some dhaal into it. i don know how to make it but i know how to eat it.
been on a discovery trip
Kalvaran hills near kallukuruchi
Villipuram-kallukuruchi-kalvaran hills. Tribals, cattle fair and all.
There are such lovely places in TN itself. You don have to go far.

Vidya said...

Very cool. I am going to use this post of yours to try something for breakfast! I won't be traveling this week and I will use that opportunity to try out some culinary disaster! :D


Chakoli said...


I tried posting commntes in your other blog but it says restricted to team mebers...anywayz...poem is just too good:_))))

too true:-)))

Aaarti said...

hey Kalyan- not had it sweet, shall try that.. tho am not too fond of sweet stuff.. but dont mind experimenting...:)

hey Vidya- good to hear from u girl. take care... n hope this place gives u all u want..:)

Aaarti said...

hi Rauf....
:)that is makes payasam with daal n jaggerym, that i like more than sugar payasam... now, u go learn how to make it n tell me..:P

nice... kallakuruchi or kallukuruchi???was there for a friends wedding couple of mths back... interesting experiencee...:)

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