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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love is in the Air.. and everywhere else too.. :)

Feb 13th...
just another regular boring day
You wake up... have breakfast.. go to college/work/or jus loaf about
Day goes by... talk to ur love or maybe exchange a few sms's, nothing major...
Night falls, u go to sleep and well, day is over...

Feb 14th... the DAY... Valentines Day... :)
Wake up with a flutter in your heart
smile creeps into your lips
ur all excited
heart beating faster
Flick your phone...send out a sweet mushy mushy sms... then call your love
chit chat with him/her for a couple of mins
all the while ur blushing... or giggling away... :)
hang up and go Sigh... i love "...."so much.....

Thats the beauty of Valentines day.. even if everyday is filled with love, this one day gives you OPTIONs in buying gifts, cards, and what nots..

Gift stores are brimming with red, heart shapped goodies
Restaurants offering Couple treats
Pubs giving out some interesting romantic cocktails n drinks..

Heck, you walk into any store.. and evrything is red and in heart shape




And what not... what transformation overnight... but they do mint money, n business during this season... :D

For those who are yet to find that PERFECT ONE, show your love to your Family.. friends and other loved ones... its a day to express your love for them as well...

So enjoy the day
let the love flow.....
Happy Valentines day all... :)


Rauf said...

is it to late to buy a mobile ?
perhaps by next bhallantine day i can afford to buy a cheap mobile and send a SMS to Silk Smitha, i knows she is dead but i'd be dead too by the time i get myself a mobile.

heart shaped or lung shaped, any chocolate is fine for me.
Happy Bhallantine day to you Aaarti

Known Stranger said...


Anonymous said...

Beautifully post....lovely pics & the romantic...Hope you had a wonderful V-day!

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