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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time noted...

Past couple of weeks i've been noticing this thing i'm doing... unknowingly... Everyday... without missing a single day ... i swear

I look at my phone, or the clock and the time is exactly 14:47.... at 1st i was suprised cos it was your earlier car's number, but then i've been seeing this happen every day... amazed ....

Saturday, March 29, 2008

one more.. Tagged..

Here we go again.... No, am not singing the song, but talking abt yet another tag!

This time Vishesh has passed the baton onto me, and here i go..

A-- List 5-10 things you[aka Me] have in common with the human race and/or nature.

B. List 5-10 things that you[again its Me] may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

Interesting... except i had to scratch my head... think a bit.. and well, come to the conclusion, no use.. just write~~ :D

A. List 5-10 things of commanility that you have in common with the human race and/or nature.

1. All of us have our share of good days and bad says, well, that’s how just life is. its how I deal with them could be diff from how someone else does.

2. Yearning for Love, affection and to be cherished

3. Sorrow- have learnt to deal with it, and move on..

4. At the end of the day, we are all the same.. Colour, size, personalities are what sets us apart.. That’s it!

5. Birth – we all come into this world the same way… thru a seed.. ;)

6. Experiences – what I learn from the past goes on to become lessons for the future..

7. Family tree- I really don’t know how far along our family trees goes.. or who all are connected to me.

8. Useful – how useful

9. Bonding – living in sync with nature, with people around us I’ve realised makes a world of difference.. Makes one live in peace and happy.

10. What goes around comes around… So TRUE~~

B. List 5-10 things that you may have in common with the human race and/or nature.

1. Just like many others, I too want to travel the world and explore all the rich culture, and whats in store in other parts of the world

2.Want to learn, and acquire more knowledge- could be in my line of work, or otherwise as well.

4.Wish to make a difference in this earth we live in. help the eco system, make it a better place [ do what little I can, but contribute nevertheless]

5. Explore the creative side in me some more [ how far can I go]

6. Help those who are less fortunate.. either financially, or physically, and by being there for them..not shunning them.

7.Would love to own a house near the beach or a lake, and settle there

8. Want to take risks, do bungee jumping, or go back packing.

9. Learn to forgive and forget

9. Always be remembered for the person who made others smile.. who made a difference in their lives.. be cherished…

Bump Bump.. Do i know you??? :)

Was reading this post on Chakoli's blog and brought on the idea for this post of mine... :)

I've had more than my share of bumping into people i know, and ofcourse some others where i dint know the person, tho they seemed to know me.. or atleast had seen me somewhere, and i had even spoken to them..eeeks.... here are some ... :) [random picks from my brain]

Scene 1
[walk into the neighborhood N Supermarket, looking around at veggies, and i see a lady with a baby, was looking at the baby, thinking how cute, n then noticed the sexy scorpion tattoo on lady's forearm, headed towards the bill counter, and then saw the lady again there, behind me in line.. she looked n gave me a BIG BROAD SMILE, like we've known each other forever]
Me: Hi, that tattoo is awesome. where did you get it?
She: Oh, thanks. got it abt a year ago, here only, in chennai at X's place
Me: ok.. nice.. me been thinking of getting one...
She; Ah, cool
btw, hows ur dog?
Me:[time for the startled how on earth do u know look].. Errr, he is good.. But,ummm, errr, how do you know i have a god?
She: oh, we met the other day at Dr P's place, you had brought your dogggie, remember?
Me: [walking along as billing was done] Sorry, dont seem to remember.. but thanks for asking
She: No worries... u take care.. bye.
Me: Phew..

Scene 2
[at the nearby grovery store,]
Me: [waiting impatiently for the guy to give me the stuff i asked for, when the lady standing ahead of me is busy giving her list out]
She:[She then turns n ] Hello, beta... how are u doing?
Me: errr, am doing good thank you
She: Hows mama papa doing? tell them i said hello
And is the construction work in your house over?
Me[ big time puzzled look on my face, look around to see if she is indeed talking to me or someone else]
What construction work? nothing going on in our house
She: No, its going on na. i saw.. the watchman told me you were renovating the entire house..
Me: Oh,no, thats not our house. thats our neighbor Dr V's place. we live next door to them.
She: oh, okay.. thought you were his daughter.. anyways, sorry abt that beta..
me: ok, aunty, bye [ beating a hasty retreat..] how wierd~!!

Scene 3
[we are back to the N supermarket, and am in the shampoo section, near the entrance, looking at the new Dove shampoos]
She: Hullo beta, how are u doing?
Me:[ what, do a sudden 360 turn and almost trip over her trolly] oh,hellow aunty, am doing good, how are u? How's S aunty? and P?
She: all are good, how come i dont see you these days in the morning?
me: that is cos there is too much school traffic, so i walk on the other side, aunty.
She: do you know of any young girls, who can come work in our store [ they run a medical supplies store, btw]
Me: not really aunty, but shall look around and keep you posted if i find any
She: [not ready to let go] we need someone who knows basic computer, we can train em further
Me: ok, aunty..
She: You know our shop na, its there only, so we are looking for someone for there only
Me:[ready to go invisible just abt now]... yes aunty, i know.. will let you know.
[flip my phone to pretend like i got a call] excuse me aunty, i better go.
She: ok, beta.. see you..say hello to all at home.. come home sometime..
Me: yes, aunty. you too. bye..

Scene 4
[outside Satyam Theater, after watching a movie with sis n cousin, walking out, looking for our car]
She: hieeee, A, how are u doing?
Me:[ who,what where..splutter,stutter]. Oh,hi, am doing good. how about you[ all the while brain is churning trying to come up with her name]
She: am doing good, in C only, working with I company
Me: Ah, nice. lovely.
She: so, you in touch with N or A or anyone else from our class?
Me:[ ah, okay.. she n i did PG together, now i remember..cant forget this make up clad face] Not really, just B, R, and R.. others dont really know..
She: i dont have ur number, give na.
Me : [errrrr] sure, here it is.. give me a missed call [still cant remember her name..darn it]
She: ok, got it... now store my number n be in touch
Me:[ brain wave] Tell me ur full name na, will store it..
She: Duh, its just P, u know... :)
Me: phew... that was wacko...

makes me think --

how many people do i know?

or are these people all acquaintances that just pass by n are forgotten? :0

have a fun weekend..

[photo courtesy- google]

[text courtesy- my brain cells] :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Worms on a platter?

Like caterpillars? Those tiny green wriggley crawlies??? You must have played with one of them when you were small, as a toy.. and am sure you've seen some wriggling around amidst veggies or in your garden... But am talking about caterpillar on a platter..

No, we dint order a plate of these green squishies.. my cousin found one while enjoying lunch today.. can you imagine that? these little guys used to travel only in Cauliflowers n other green leafy veggies, but now they have become smart, and started hiding in Rice sacks n flour \packets .. Smart alecs i must say..

Was at cousin's house, and they were enjoying lunch... midst our banter, my cousin let out a tiny shriek n squeal... kept pointing to her plate, saying "its a worm"... we all started inspecting the little guy, asked her if he was moving or dead.. hehehe.. she gave us a glare, pushed him away, without really touching and continued eating... i did tell her to wash her plate, and take fresh rice.. But she retorted "thats ok"...

Couple of seconds later, an aunt walked by.. we pointed to the plate and showed the guy to her. she then called the cook(yes, they have a cook.. so what?:P). and said " maami, chapadula puzhu irundudam -cookie, there was worm in food".. The cook looked at us, and in a matter of fact voice said -"appadiya, arisila irundirukkum, pazhaiya arisi- really? must have been in the rice, its old stock" and walked away...

We were flumoxed...

What was that?

she just blamed it on old rice and went away...

Was that excuse acceptable?

Shouldnt the rice have been washed well?
Makes you wonder how many crawlies and bugs we put in our mouth everyday... scary thought i know.. eeeks... jeepers... dont even wanna think abt it... :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

[fun] What's your inner color..... i have an inner color???;)

Your Inner Color is Yellow

Your Personality: Life's too short not to have fun. Your bright energy brings joy and laughter to those around you.

You in Love: A total flirt, you need a lot of freedom to play. But you'll be loyal to that one person who makes you feel safe.

Your Career: You love variety in a job, and you probably won't stick with one career. You would make a great professor, writer, or actor.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy birthday daddy...

Its the month of Birthdays.... Today is my dad's birthday.... He turns 60... :D

A person from
i have learnt
about life
love and caring

a person
who has done things

that no one else shall ever

a person with whom
i shall always
share a special bond
no matter how old i become

So many wonderful moments
So many wonderful years
In all kinds of weather

Thinking of you
Brings memories to mind
Memories that are wonderful
And very hard to find

Wonderful moments
I will always treasure
These you gave me sincerely
That is why

I love you so dearly


Thursday, March 13, 2008

yikesss... one more Tag...10 years from now!

This time i got tagged by another blog buddy,
Vishesh.Quite an interesting one and made me think (something you all know i dont do very often)

10 years from now.. what/where/how will i be. for someone who doesn't think beyond the next 5mins, this is quite a task i tell u.. thinking this far ahead, is quite scary... :D anyways, let me give it my best shot... :)

1. Bunjee jump (yes, i want to do this.. very very seriously.. hang upside down n look at the world from the monkey's point of view ) ;)

2. Continue to be the way i am...

3. Backpack trip in Karnataka ( have heard there are loads of places to explore there..wilderness)

4. Get a name for myself in the Writing world..

5. Make a trip to visit all my friends across the country/world [not that many, but they are scattered]

6. Play the guitar [ bryan adams my inspiration]

7. Keep writing letters[ oh,yes, i love writing letters and sending greeting cards]

Be myself, not change one bit..

9 same as 2 & 8

10.Continue Blogging n reading

Not gonna tag nobody... but if any of you wanna do it, go right ahead~~~ :D
Let me come back here 2018 and see how far i've gone... :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

[sharing] my baby sister turns 18 today... :)

Wow, feels like yesterday
that i held her in my arms,
a little baby girl
wriggly and cute...

years seem to have flown by
she is is almost all grown up

Happpy 18th birthday to you P,
From the bottom of my heart.
And may your good times multiply,
Till they’re flying off the chart!

happy b'day sweets.....
from me n Flops...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so,what else?

The dreaded words "So,what else?"

i hear these words and it makes me wonder
what do i have in common with the person i am talking to?

is he/she gonna become a friend or just remain an acquaintance?

A conversation between 2people flowing smoothly
seconds floating by
1...2....3....4....5.............10.........15..................22............"So,what else?"...
.Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkks, pull on the brakes~~

Time for those those pregnant pauses
those sweeet eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr...ummmmmmmmmmm..
and other fillers
kicking into action in a coversation not going anywhere why am i talking to this person?
or rather am i talking or are they holding on to the line?

i wonder...
sometimes, i can talk, and go on n on with some people
fun, interesting, work and some more feature in the chit-chat
with others silent nothings are also fun
watching a movie in silence

the occasional comment, or smile, or laughter, or sigh
that is good enuf too
but with some time seems to drag on eeks...
wonder what to do
can i make it better?
can this thing between me n the other person get better?
or is this all there is?

ever wondered?

about those awkward silences between two people who are more than acquaintances but not yet in the "Friends" category???? do share~~

Friday, March 7, 2008

Yikes... Tagged.... :)

A friend of mine, Vik has tagged me... i wonder why, but hey some of them are fun.. so me gonna

take my turn to do the tag and pass the baton to more friends... :) [stop groaning, its fun...i

swear...i promise... ;)]

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:
now there are way too many songs i love and listen to , but let me try narrowing the list down..
Clarity -- John Mayer

She's everything - Brad Paisely

Take me to your heart - MLTR

I hope you dance - Ronan Keating

Seasons of love- RENT (musical movie)

Katrin Mozhi - Mozhi (Tamil movie)

Jashna- e - bahara - Jodhaa Akbar (Hindi movie)

Pehli Nazar mein- RACE(Hindi movie)

Eight things I want to do before I die (In no particular order):
- Bunjee Jump (yes, i reallly wanna)

- Get a Butterfly tattoo (have a feeling this will happen soon);)

- Travel to places i've always dreamt off ( yes, i do love travelling n exploring places)

- Languages - i know wee bit of French, little more of Spanish.. would love to learn these two to
master it and be able to converse freely... i love and have a flair for languages(or so i've been told)

- Buy a house and fill it with stuff i'v always wanted to have in my home (candles, posters, trinkets from my friends, photos from my childhood till now)..

- Dogs, dogs, and more dogs... right now i have one, wish i could bring home one or two more.. dont mind bringing them off the street, i just love em....

- Write a book (ya, i wanna write - it mite be filled with my poems, or short stories, but i shall get this done...)

- Adopt a baby.... (yes, i realllly wannna.... a baby girl... yessiriee)

Eight things I say often:
- Oh Shucks

- Shoot

- What a bunch of BS

- Take care

- Love you

- Sweet

- it doesnt matter/forget it

- cool/kewl

Eight books I’ve read recently:
-Leadership and self deception- Arbinger institute

- The Kite runner

- Memoirs of a Geisha

- One more day - Mitch Albom

- Body language

- Games Indians play (actually 1/4 way thru it)

- Chennai latte

- The World is flat

- Talent for Training

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:

- Simple: I am quite down to earth.. wit friends there are no major expectations, and we all have a good time when catching up.. sit around at someone's house yapping away, or jus wandering about with no words exchanged.... special moments.

-Dependable - they know they can depend on me for anything... jus to be there, money, or otherwise.. :)

- Fun: i am the kind of person who can smile even when seething/upset... always have a smile on my face, and try cheering people around me as well.. love laughing, having a good time and making sure with friends around, there is not a dull moment...

- flexibile, n adjusting

- Loyal n trust -trust me with their lives, secrets and some more.. once a friend, always a friend.. thats me..

- Helpful - if i can, i will do my best to help a friend out... getting them a job, financial aid, being there for them, travelling to spend time with them even if i am beyond busy....

- care n affection...

- independent and self confident....

Eight things I am passionate about:

- Writing

- Books

- Music

- People

- Dogs

- Travelling

- My space(alone time)

- Work

Eight people i am gonna pass the tag onto are








have a lovely day y'all.. happeeee women's day.... :)

ChEcK tHiS oUt .....Ammm Populahhhh... ;)

Was killing some spare time on Orkut, actually i've got work to do, but one of those times when i dont feel like working.. so killing time....

Saw this on a friend's page and got curious.. quite fun.. play around, and get yourself a fame mag cover... ;o)

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

what a break it was...

No, i dint break anything.. i swear.. :)

Just talking abt the break i had in Blore ... which happened over abt 5days and ended on 5th march.... got back that nite.. and since then been reminising about the time i had there.. friends i met, places i went to,.. shopping i did and well, the fun time i had....