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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so,what else?

The dreaded words "So,what else?"

i hear these words and it makes me wonder
what do i have in common with the person i am talking to?

is he/she gonna become a friend or just remain an acquaintance?

A conversation between 2people flowing smoothly
seconds floating by
1...2....3....4....5.............10.........15..................22............"So,what else?"...
.Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkks, pull on the brakes~~

Time for those those pregnant pauses
those sweeet eeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr...ummmmmmmmmmm..
and other fillers
kicking into action in a coversation not going anywhere why am i talking to this person?
or rather am i talking or are they holding on to the line?

i wonder...
sometimes, i can talk, and go on n on with some people
fun, interesting, work and some more feature in the chit-chat
with others silent nothings are also fun
watching a movie in silence

the occasional comment, or smile, or laughter, or sigh
that is good enuf too
but with some time seems to drag on eeks...
wonder what to do
can i make it better?
can this thing between me n the other person get better?
or is this all there is?

ever wondered?

about those awkward silences between two people who are more than acquaintances but not yet in the "Friends" category???? do share~~


david mcmahon said...

Don't be too suspipcious of the phrase, Aarti. It signifies that someone wants to know more and is not terminating a conversation.

It's a good thing ...

Gangsta Markiv said...

Actually, Dave thinks it is a way to talk more, but apparently, the way it is said I just feel sick and feel like hangin up immediately. So boring to hear this "what else cra".

I hear ya when you say this.

Chakoli said...

Hey....I agree with what Dave is saying..... I guess you are just fed up of people using this...that s d reason you thot this way:-)))

Anonymous said...

well...I guess its just how someytimes new people meet and don't even realise how "comnnected" they are, right from the word go!

Similarly, some people are meant to remainin the category of "so, what else".

From my side, I'd just try and be open, listen a lot more and try to keep conversation going, but honestly, after a while, I won't even try too hard!

I think its worst when, people whom you've known fairly well and were close to at one point, fall back in to this category with nothing left in common!

Aaarti said...

Hey all..
thanks for the response..

but what i meant was[kindawhat vik has understood]--> u have a conversation.. and then after a bit, it comes to "so,what else" and there is an awkward silence on both ends.. its like we got nothing to talk abt any more.. we've run out of things to talk of, and got nothing to say, till finally one of us(usually me) gives a repartee- "oh,well, thats abt it.. i better go now, u take care, talk to u later"... :)

Solitaire said...

Heard about the "seven second silence"..? It is a phenomena that occurs in groups too, where people have been giggling, and yelling, and shouting and suddenly no one has anything to say! Pretty normal...

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