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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time noted...

Past couple of weeks i've been noticing this thing i'm doing... unknowingly... Everyday... without missing a single day ... i swear

I look at my phone, or the clock and the time is exactly 14:47.... at 1st i was suprised cos it was your earlier car's number, but then i've been seeing this happen every day... amazed ....


Vrijilesh said...

Oh thats nothing... I've subconsciously turned myself towards the clock umpteen number of times its been showing 4.20 !! And its not just the afternoon.. it happened quie a few times in the night too!

vishesh said... happens to me too...but various know suddenly whats the time...boom a no comes to me and when i check my watch it is the same time :) guess we are all masters of time :)

Chakoli said...


It happens with me too...everytime I watch cell and time is usally 420....

no idea....or no clue...hw to relate it:-))

chandni said...


Aneesha said...

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priya said...

Lovely picture.

Aaarti said...

Wow, thot i was the only one who used to do this.. good to see so many others sharing this wackoness.. :D

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