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Saturday, June 21, 2008

What the #$%^!!!

Yesterday, mom and i were out, and had to fill fuel in the car.. Drove into the TVS petrol bunk on Mount Road and saw there was a long queue... so got in line, and waited... most of the crowd at the bill counter where guys on Bike and auto drivers, getting a token for the amt of fuel they needed.. now since we needed to fill the tank, we dint have to do that..

Sat in the car, melting away - it was damn hot... and then i noticed a white ikon pull over next to ours, and then move around to the other drive way(which was the way OUT)... and then couple of mins later i saw the lady hop outta the car and go towards the counter.. i thot ,"oh,well, she's probably just going to get her bill"... but then the 2cars ahead of us dint budge... wondering why...

And that is when we fig out the lady was going to be served 1st.... her car will get preference and then the 2cars that have been waiting and then us... what the $%^*.. i was fuming... and the lady cool and stylishly walks back, hands over her bill to the attendant , who in turn asks her to reverse her car and then fills gas....

I would have hopped out and given her a piece of my mind... but was stopped n so dint... just sat in the car seethin, smoke coming outta my ears.....

We were all fuming.. seething.... wat crap.. why does she get preference? in fact she should have been asked to drive around and wait in line... behind US,. where she belongs... but the B$^*&% get her way, and preference...... Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

- is it cos she is a woman?
- or cos she had the gall to just cut the queue and let the dimwit attendant be a wuss n serve her first???
-doesnt she have any conscience?
- are we all fools to follow the rules and wait in line???

Damn B#%%^.. i see her again, she is Dead~~~ uff....


Gangsta Markiv said...

Was never ur fault, you are a woman too, so technically she getting serviced before u was not because of that. Just that they know that they can do what they want and get away. That is why all this happens.

I usually get so angry that I would let them know if they do such a thing. Take a chill pill then.

vishesh said...

lol :) you need to know your chennai tamil :) Done the tag :)

Anonymous said...

u did a mistake by just sitting around and let the smoke out of ur ears :P
instead u should have jumped out of the car and instead of catching that women u should have asked the pump manager for an explanation..i am sure he would turn white if someone asks that..
unless , the women is the wife of the pump owner. :P

Indian Home Maker said...

I would have been so annoyed too! I think the advise above is a good idea, though I wonder if I'd have done anything more than smoke through my ears:)

Rauf said...

You could burn my entire neighbourhood. Smoke coming out of your ears at TVS petrol bunk is no good news for me, i am right behind. you can see TVS bunk from my mottai maadi. next time you come for filling give me a holler, i come pick you from there.
98407 68067

Aaarti said...

@ Vik n Arvind -- i did go ask the guy manning the station as to why he let her by, he dint have an answer.. all he kept "muttering was, wait pannunga madam, unga turn varum"[wait madam, your turn will come].. ya,right.. idiot he thinks we all are!!

hahaha.. oh,well, i dont know if she was the manager's wife...;)shall ask her when i see her next time ;)

@Vishesh- looks like i need to take some lessons... care to teach???:P

@IHM- i know dear, its so infuriating to see unjust being done like this..

2weeks back i read abt a couple getting beaten up cos they told a guy who cut the queue in the movie theater(Dasavatharam release day) to get back in line... and look at this... sad na...

Aaarti said...

@Rauf --
hey, good to hear from you!! Whoa, you live so close by there... nice, wish i had known earlier... shall sure buzzz and hop across when i am in the neighborhood.. we come to haunt Satyam theaters quite often..hehe

wowwwwiee- somebody finally got a to the connected all the time world~~

vimmuuu said...

This happens to everyone, especially to the guys. You stand in a huge queue, and then suddenly a woman/ lady/ girl comes up from no where and gets what she wants !!! and to top it all, we speak about equality !!!

Macadamia The Nut said...

OOOOOF! I know EXACTLY what you mean. My grandpa (much as I love him) is like this. He'll get deferential(?) partial treatment wherever he goes. Thinks nothing about being given preference over people who've been waiting for hours. And I'll be the one trailing behind him with a bright red face trying not to notice the dirty stares thrown our way.

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