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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

bsnl .... reliance....

Nope.. this aint a post about diff Telecom companies.. i am talking about why am away from Blogsville and rest of NET world... its all BSNL's fault... the connection died and so me battling with silly useless Reliance netcard...

been calling the cus support guys everyday and all they say is "ma'am, your companint is pending"....

pray for me!!!! sigh....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

[fiction or watever] The love!!!

She walked out onto the porch
He looked up at her and then went back to staring into space...
She sat next to him... put his head on her lap... and started running her hands over his body...
It felt so soft n warm.... she thought to herself.. i could sit like this forever.....
"How u doing today sweetums?, why being so quiet?"
she continued... "You know what i would love, us in a house far away from this crazy world... loads of open space and beautiful mountains around... wouldn't that be perfect?"
no reply... no nothing...

"You mad at me or something? hmmm, i dint do nothing, i know... Cmon now, look at me"
He did... looked up at her,and turned his face away
Rested his chin on her leg and just lay there...
"Are you tired? hungry? Do you want me to get you some hot coffee? or something to eat?", she asked
No reply....
"Oye, mister, tell now....", she pleaded....
Nope, nothing from him...

Just then, there came a voice from inside the house....
"A, can you come help me in the puja room please?" It was her gramma...

Haan, am coming... Not doing anything here.. he wont say anything, just wants to be left alone, i guess.
"Just give him his evening coffee, am sure he would like that", she replied...
"Ok, am coming', saying that she began to get off the step...

NO NO NO.. he began to protest..
just wouldnt let go of her.... held on tight.... clinging to her legs
Cmon now, stop being a baby,sweety, i shall come back and be with you in a bit!! ....

Floppy.. let me go already.... u mangy muttt!!!;)

Was just in a wacko moood... hehehe... he did have his cuppa coffee and lapped it up in seconds!!! :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ants in my .............

Every morning, its become a routine...
i get up, off my bed, and start looking around my room...
Behind the curtains
under the books
near the computer table
underneath my laptop... Oh,yes, i do!!
these red tiny pests just seem to be everywhere,...
Where do they come from????
They have just taken over our house.. red ants... pop out of nowhere and looks like they are hereto stay!!
I keep an unopened packet of biscuits... chappati and in couple of minutes i see a string of ants....  How dare they!!!!
We make rice and keep it in the pressure cooker
By late evening... eeeks... yep, ants all over it..
what is it ?
do they think our home is their home??
is it a case of mistaken identity or are they just dumb??
  • i spray HIT
  • pour hot water
  • Wipe them clean
  • draw cute zig zag lines with Lakshman reka(its like a chalk piece thingy that is supp to work against roaches n ant... wonder if it does!!! they simply find an alt  b%^*&^ #)
and ta da... its almost like they are performing magic... there they are !!!!
wagging their itsy bitsy butt saying "whatcha gonna do now.. we are back.. na ni na ni na ni...."... Hmfph!!!!
At the entrance of our home, you will be greeted not by us, but by a whole clan of red ants, Happily forming a chain or a necklace.. all over the freaking place  and i wonder what they have found now!!!
where is that Hit can???

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh, thank you... thank you!!!

My Blog journey has been quite interesting...

I started blogging about 3yrs back.. but never really bothered much about writing regularly.. it was just a cache to store my poems, and reviews.. but soon the blog bug bit me and i got into writing regularly..

And know what.. since then, my life has become awesome.... it has helped me share, it has helped me reach out to so many people.. i dint know existed!! and today, i have received an award from someone who i find is awesome... mature for his age and writes like nobody i know -Vishesh


Now, i shall honor some more amazing bloggers with this award!!! 
In no particular order ;)
Beautiful words Kalyan
The Train man- Vrij 
Indian Home Maker - am lost for words!!!
Tamizhmagan Cm- chap ;)
Lakshmi the Traveller... :)
Chaks - the sweet buddy!!
Rauf , the 2am friend!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

[Tag] The yesterday... today ... and Tomorrow...

And now, i attack the one sent by Churningthewordmill. The Rules of the tag are,
 " Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set. "
Your oldest memory:

 Ahh, how much i enjoyed the years... the fondest memories have to be where i would finish my exams, and leave to Chennai that very evening... Would get the treatment fit for a Queen here at grandparents house.. Movie videos, Bill cosby show, A Team, and a couple of cans of Coke would wait for me... and would get back to Madurai/Tirunelveli on the day of school reopening.. heading straight to school after hurriedly changing into uniform after landing at the station... :)
What were you doing 10 years ago?
Hmmm... now, when was that??? oh,ya.. 1998... I was just completing my BCom and prepping for our Light music concert(which was organised and done by us 3 stooges, to raise funds for the college.. the contribution from our dept towards that was nearly 3.5lacs.... ) and we were looking forward to the Munnar trip!!

Your first thought today morning:
Oh,i wonder where Floppy is going to be hiding this morning... lol... woke up at 6, sleep walked around and found him in the back yard staring at nothing and barking.... and the sweet yelp he gave when he saw me, made my day!!! :)
If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?
"rubbing hands and smiling in glee like Calvin"... i would build a capsule that has all the thoughts, words, love i have for my friends in it,plus as an afterthought mite put in my ipod and some books, ofcourse all my contacts in it as well... so that when they do discover it in the future they would see all this...

This year ….

Its Aug 2009 already??? where did the time fly... now, i demand you bring back all those other mths i;m, yet to live... there are so many places to explore.. new things to try out....i need more than a few mths in the year!! :))

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?
Excuse me.. 14yrs u said?? are you outta your mind... i have no clues what am doing tomorrow.. hmfph
let me think... thinkin thinkin thinkin hard... ok... ya, maybe... I would have written a book on travelling, the various places i've been to... would be living in a quaint cottage with about 10 dogs, and a zillion butterflies.. :)  and still have my lovely sweet friends around !! [thats it.. am a simple person wit sweeet needs]
Now... its time to Tag some peepals....

I am gonna target Vishesh , Ceedy , Chandni  and Aru
have a lovely day all!!!!

where the weekend took me

Friday Saturday Sunday
keeranur, thuraiyur

forts, temples, caves
was what i had over the weekend...

pictures and stories
coming soon!!! :D

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Word puddle

Was reading the post on Ceedy's blog and got inspired , so here is my very own Word puddle... :D

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

i wanna be PRESS too....

Today morning was coming back home from friend's house and my auto and all other vehicles were halted by cops near Gemini Fly over for a couple of minutes... i was dwiddling my thumbs wondering who is the big shot going out...

[pic clicked by yours truly from inside the auto of the deserted road]

was jolted from my thots by a honk.. honk honk... wondering where it was coming from, i looked around... peeped out the auto to see a girl in the bike on my left, behind a bike guy was the culprit... me and the bike guy looked at her and turned away..

couple of secs passed... honk honk honk...
this was it.. i had had enuf.. who does she think she is..
peeped out again, this time looking straight at her.. and said "why are you honking?"
you know what she replied

"whats your problem?"[ most rude condescending manner]

i lost it.. "lady, there is no point in honking, they've stopped traffic all across, cant you see"... stop honking, it aint gonna help"

"i aint honking for you, its for them"... she replied...
i nearly fell off the auto [laughing in my head]

"well, then you need to go ahead to the front and honk in their face, for they sure dont seem to have heard you"
she zipped up.... sat back and waited the next few secs before we were allowed to go..

Where does she get off behaving like that?
and what did i do that she snaps at me??

1. she aint gutsy enuf to go in front and honk at the cops
2. she has the audacity to tell a stranger whats your problem when in a such situation when she is honking away to glory....

Oh... her bike had "PRESS" on it.. is that her excuse????? the reason behind her lovely attitude????

Weekend, did you say??!!!

These days, my weekdays are more chilled out than weekend

My friends keep saying "chill out and have a relaxed weekend gurl" and my weekends, esp Saturday's are anything but that!!

This saturday, you wanna know what i did... or rather what all i dint do... hmmm... here goes!!

1. Woke up early --- yes, i did... 6.30 was out of bed...grrrr.. and then had a battle with Floppy on why he should come out from under the car, where he was in hiding.. tho i wonder why or who from... and then had another battle getting him into his leash... so much for thinking he would come running the minute he hears my voice [well, he does, but today he was in no mood, guess he wanted to chillax too.. under the car... ]

2. Got ready, wore a saree and went off for an uncle's 80th bday function [Sathabishegam] with grandparents... The best part was got to wear a earring i had bot eons ago, picked out a Blue saree cos it matched the earring and was all smiles... :)

3. Met me friend, who is also related to this uncle, intro'd her to my family, and chit chatted with her a bit.. it was fun to see all my uncles/cousins stare at me wondering if i had dragged a friend along for a function..hehehe... had to sit and clarify that later on in the day

4. We are still on Saturday.. in case you thot otherwise ;)
Hmmmm.. had brunch at the function and went off to uncle's house[ he lives close to the mandap where the dig was]... and their house is HOT, like an oven, you crack an egg and you shall find a sizzling omlette.. he he.. no kidding!! but i like em, so me no complaining...

5. 1.45... eeks, i gotta change and get ready... NO, was not going for a happening Saturday nite party, but was headed to a meeting.. Oh,yes, you read it right!! Left home at 2, reached Madras Club at 2.15 and was there till about 6.30.. two meetings, back to back.. fun and interesting, but was tired!! and the day was not half over yet...Mind u!!

[Pic courtesy:]

6.... Oh,yes, got back to uncle's house, luckily dint have to change clothes cos i had worn the salwar i had intended for the night dinner... ;) [smart me....] lazed about a bit, and off we went to another uncle's house for their mom's 80th bday dinner.. [how awesome is that, nt one but 2 80th bdays.. and they say its GOOD to get the blessings of someone who has turned 80 and i got it twice...yayyy]

7. Remember, the clarifying part i had mentioned earlier[duh, refer to point 3].. well, here i was bombarded with que's from uncle's cousins n all others as to who my friend was.. Told em she was my friend S, who was also related to the uncle who celebrated 80th bday... then they were like "ah, ok.... ".but was fun catching up with them all, we meet once in a while.. and when we do, its talk talk talk non stop!! :)

Then what happened.. Oh,yes sunday dawned.. was an utterly lazy day!! did nothing, read a book, surfed channels on TV... went for a walk with Floppy in tow(when all he wanted to do was sniff at the neighbor's plants] ... went out for coffee [to meet a "guy";)].. and then back home just as the skies opened... Rainsssssss.. how sweet they were.. :D

Now, am i looking fwd to the coming weekend??? .. dont know.... lets see where the week goes!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sneak peek into me

Doodle dum... doodle dee... :)

What Your Workspace Says About You

You are an organized and detail oriented person. You have your life in order.

You are hardworking and driven. You have an excellent work ethic.

You feel like you neglect your family and friends when you're working. You may work a bit too much.

You don't switch careers often, and you intend to stay at your current job for a long time.

At work, you tend to be an extrovert. You enjoy working with other people and drawing people into your work space.

You Are Mexican Food

Spicy yet dependable.

You pull punches, but people still love you. ;)

What Your Flip Flops Say About You

You are an outdoorsy person. You feel most comfortable in nature.

Beautiful scenery and good weather always brighten up your day.

Being outside allows you to feel calm and connected to the world.

Problems don't seem so big when you realize how small you are in the scheme of things.

Your ideal warm weather place: Costa Rica 

[oh,yayyy, yipee, doo deee]

Monday, August 4, 2008

What the !@$%

Your damn right am hopping mad... Just read this ad in the classifieds of a useless magazine (i call it useless cos if they publish stuff like this, and they have trashy articles filling their pages, they are USELESS..hmfph) .. anyways, here is what i read.... Decide for yourself after reading if!!
" Wanted fair, good looking hindu vegetarian girl, between 6yrs and below 12 years of age, who studies well for foster care or adoption. Please contact..... "bla bla[.... cos i lost it about there and did not proceed to read further....].

Ok.... Now that is one interesting AD wouldnt you say?

This couple wants to care for a child
and are so f@#%% specific about it, they might as well bring home a stuffed doll and take care of it..

I mean... Good looking... Good at studies.... ya,right!!! i cant think of any 6-12yr old who would want to go to such a home where they are so stuck up...
here's a scene:

What if the girl they bring home is smart, and even a genius, but later on becomes a duh, dence character? does she get thrown out?

And what if the girl is not so smart now, but learns and catches on later... doesnt she deserve a chance as well???

Dont even get me started on the looks aspect....

i do understand someone wanting a girl between certain age group, or even Hindu vegetarian (to a certain extent) , but what are you trying to do??? how can you do this to kids who are homeless and just longing for some love and affection?? why do you take your class and distinction there as well??? Sigh!!

Ok, enuf ranting for one nite.. time to zzz now.. if i can!!!

have also written about it here

F.R.I.E.N.D.S..... My World!!

Yesterday was Friendship Day...  

Do we really need a day to honor a beautiful bond between Friends?  

Do we need fancy cards and mushy mushy words to express our feelings for our friends?

Oh,well....According to me-- This day is just one more day for us to share our life with our dear special Friends....


Wishing all my Friends a very HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY.. [i know, your probably looking at the date, and day and wondering which part of the world am, or if i have flipped.

Naah!!!, nothing of that sort.. just thot i'll give you all this post as a surprise and bring it out today... to me, everyday is FRIENDSHIP day.... :)]

You're still in bed at ten, the work began at eight.
You've burned your breakfast, so far, things are going great.
Your mother warned you there'd be days like these,

But she didn't tell you when the world

has brought you down to your knees.
That, I'll be there for you, when the rain starts to pour.
I'll be there for you, like I've been there before.
I'll be there for you, cause you're there for me too.....

A song that we all probably know by heart, thanks to F.R.I.E.N.D.S is all about how strong, unconditional the love between friends is and how it keeps us alive, keeping us going every single day!

Gosh... there are so many people i know, who mean the world to me.. without whom i wouldnt be where i am today..

  • Friends i made in Junior school - what fun we had, small town, close group of friends... :)

  • From high School - wacko bunch of girls we were.. back benchers who were also good at studies.. we are still very much in touch.. meeting up quite often...

  • College - hmmm, this is where my life changed... for the better!! these girls i got close to helped me open up and become a more confident person....

  • Work - here is where i learnt to be brash(not rude) and just get going....

  • Networking websites - oh,some amazing friends... absolutely wonderful bunch of goof balls

  • Blog n people i meet on a daily basis....-- sweet , friendly and crazy! some i've met , some i havent., but they they are all dear!! :)


Remember, with every passing day, you are making a difference in someone's life.... :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The sunday!!

Wow, today was a day when i actually dint do anything... Yep, am just chilling out today!!!
All i did was -- 
- call up a friend who's Birthday it is today... spoke to him n his wife [both are me friendssss :)]
- wrote out review for last evening's play and sent it for the contest [you can also read about the plays here]
- Sms'd/emailed and got sms's from loads of friends for Friendship day!! Gosh, love my friends!!! happy Friendship day to all!!
- chatted with another friend for a couple of mins about life in general... 
- made Vazhathandu [banana plant's stem] raita for lunch - its yummy, all you need to do is cut it into long pieces,soak em in water for a bit, add wee bit of salt n curd.. delicious and healthy
-   wrote out that post on my Reeltreat blog about the plays
- had a nice long conversation with Floppy in the afternoon as he had his lunch [oh, and today morning he so totally lapped up my tea... he likes it... lol]
- now gonna take him for a walk and then ta da.. shower him down with a hose... he hates it when i spray water, but when am gently pouring it an talking to him he is quite a good boy!! 
- might just pull out one of the dvd's i have stashed away and catch up on a movie [ bot some foreign language stuff couple of weeks back, yet to open the packet]
have a fun sunday!! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun with pictures...

One of those things i do when i have a bit of spare time or when am on the bed unable to sleep.... play around with my phone camera~!

Tell me what you see.... :D

would love to know what you think ... or not... ;)

[Recipe] Pad Thai noodles a la Box...

Couple of days back when i was scrounging about at Nilgiris (the supermarket near home), i came upon these boxes with cute noodle pics on them... 
Upon closer inspection, i discovered it was a box of Pad Thai Noodles, with noodles, sauces, Thai curry paste and all that... So, brought one home and must say i am in love with it.. Earlier i have made curries using Thai Green curry paste and red Curry paste, but this was yummmy... 

Gimme noodles.. gimme pasta .. gimme even a few rotis.... just dont give me rice.. thats my slogan!!  :)

Anyways, all i had to do was take out the lovely flat rice noodles from the box, put them in boiling water for a couple of mins (3-5tops), drain them out and set aside.
In a wok(hang on, isnt that a chinese word? i wonder what it is for kadai in thai..anyways, cant be bothered...), add a bit of oil (me use olive oil..use any kind but gingely, that has a strong pungent smell) and put in the veggies i had chopped and kept ready..
Mushroom (yummmmmmmmilicious)
and ooodles of Spring onion - the green portion [add some towards the end, so they remain crunchy and fresh]
To this, add the sauce/paste given in the packet.. add a bit of salt, and maybe a pinch of sugar as the Thai curry paste can get HOT.... 
Toss in the noodles, mix em up and voila.. Pad thai noodles that looks and tastes just like it does in hotels.!!!