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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Feast.... !!!

Yayy!! Am back!!! My life is back, heart beats with smile in every Thud... Oh,yes, you got it right... BSNL is back!!! mwahhh!!! :)

Why this title? Cos i have a feast for you all... For those who dont know, i have a thing for Butterflies.. fascination, love, passion, well, am crazy about them... have stickers all over my laptop, phone and even work notebook... and there is a pretty Chime in my room, and some odd stuff with Butterflies on em... and well, i just wanted to title it different!!! :)
[loookie here, my bday cake also had a butterfly on it, Thanks A] :)

Couple of days back, when a lightening bolt hit me, i got onto Google (what would i do without you, my dear dahling...).. and typed in Butterfly... and this pic popped up... fell in love with it... have fun oggling at it.... while i plan my next post... :D [rubbing hands in glee...]

Isnt it a beauty?? I havent been able to take my eyes off the pic....

I probably love Butterflies cos
They are so free
So pretty
and just flutter about,doing something or the other all the time... they never sit still [errr, like me ;)]

Quick Update:

Last week was awesomeee.. what wit my Bday and all :)  
Have got one more project to work on [its raining work for Aaarti ... and she is struggling trying to keep on the various hats]
Uncle and cousin have come over from Delhi to spend a week with us.. And must say am sneaking off to play with L at every chance i get... she is an angel, adorable, so loving and caring!!!  

This week :
Its only Tuesday.. and i can already see whats in store ... Meeting.. work... calls... and more meetings... :)
Also have a Valakappu [Vul- a- kaa-ppoo]  to go of my good, dear friend, A is the chief guest.. expecting their 1st baby in Dec.... :)

here is a wee bit of note about the function :)
In TamBrams families , Valakappu is performed at the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy at the mother's house.. and the other function, Seemantham in the mother-in-laws house during the seventh month of pregnancy. However, my friend is only gonna have Valakappu.. during this, all ladies in the family, and friends alike are invited over.. and its kinda like removing any evil eye on the pregnant babes...

She wears Black saree/suit.. and bangles are loaded on her hands, which she isnt to remove till she gets into delivery.. All the women in the home are also given bangles to wear and take back to others in their homes!!! a fun function where everyone gets to put bangles on the gorgeous babes and wish her all the best.....
Have fun.. and yes,
keep away from Mosquitoes.... pests.... ants.... and everything else that annoys!! ;)


Anonymous said...


Chakoli said...

Happy Bday dear :)))

many many wishes :DDD

Rauf said...

oweee ! When sweet ORTEEE is happy i am happy, the whole world is happy. Your post is bursting with joy ORTEE. Wish every depressed soul gets to read your post
i am having valakkappoos too ORTEE
come and puttees bangles on me
love ya
i am smiling

phoenix said...

belated happy birthday....r u a virgo too?

CM-Chap said...

Glad to see you back in action. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. So you turned 18 yet again?

Ah butterflies.. you know what? All the guys (sply bachelor's) too like butterflies. Only difference is.. Butterfly is a code word for sometg else. (Ha ha wait till you chat to know it)

BTW..that butterfly pic is too awesome. Simply superb

Lakshmi said...

love calvin .You have quite a hectic social life :)just finished my 100th post and Im quite overwhelmed read when free

vishesh said...

lovely cake ;) happy birthday ;) hmm...did i wish u before?? :P lol butterfly ;) wrote a poem about it long my only outright love i think ;)

Anonymous said...

ahh aaahha...that cake and that drink look yummilicious.. so u did njoi the day and the days after that!!

good good!!


Take care!

Sathish said...

Did you see a butterfly today?

niceguy251 said...


Belated Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. Mine was just 3 days later but I am much ahead of you. If you visit my blogs you will know.

Take care

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