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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shut it Please

rang de rang de rang de basanti
mohe rang de basanti basanti rang de basanti basanti
mohe rang de basanti rang de basanti rang de basanti yaara

It's my life
It's now or never
I ain't gonna live forever
I just want to live while I'm alive

I know and i like these songs.. but when am listening to them on my computer/ipod/ other music devices... Not when am watching a movie in the theater!!
What is it with our people? they are so connected to their mobiles, they cant put them on silent mode for a couple of hours? 
or dont they know what "silent" is?
or are they just worried shitless that they might miss an IMPORTANT call? actually, so what? if that was the case, they SHOULD not go anywhere where phones cant be used!!!  
I mean, this is something that has been pissing me off for some time now..

Unless you give the person a glare
or a "would you mind going out or shutting that thing" dialogue, they are happily letting it either ring or talking on it, like they are in their living room.. !@Q$@#%%
and at times they might return the glare with " what the f@#$, its my phone, i shall talk"... ufff!!!  

Some people happily have an entire ramayan conversation while in a concert/play/performance..

Dont they realise it disturbs the others
dont they know they are being annoying twits
dont they know they need to respect others in the hall...
its basic manners...

for me, it comes naturally.. i get into a hall/office/client's place/meeting/movie/even a restaurant, i put the phone on silent mode.... 

OR are people just LAZY and DONT care about others?

Sometimes the ladies [no offence here..] will be hunting for their phones [inside their not so small bags] which would be screaming their heads off [yes, i know the latest enrique song is nice, but thnak you very much, would you pls shut that damn thing off] and then once they find it, another couple of mins talking to their partner/friend about who is on the phone and then they MIGHT shut it off!!!

whyyyyyyyyyyyyy ??


Indian Home Maker said...

LOL People can be annoying! I also sometimes fumble for the cell phone in my bag. Hey, but not inside a theatre or any such place.

Vik Rajagopalan said...

LOL so true, cant' do much I think. People come in different package, I had known an acquaintance who would go berserk when there were people coughing and sneezing inside the Theatre, when it happens to him, he would just sit there and cough and sneeze like it is no one's business. So you know we either say something to these people or just take the frustration and put it in the blog :-)

phoenix said...

well said..whats with people and their cells.... everyone is nowdays so loud!

but its a sad thing that we can hardly do a thing about it!

vishesh said...

:P silent :P

skj said...

Hi bosss,

You know..aah, i mean..anything against ladies...naaah..its risky..I dare not to speak against ladies... :) :) :) but my inside says - Ek kheech ke maaro... God, i hope no ladies listening.... :(

well, bosss ur page design is superb..i just lov it.


Dusty Fog said...

can me work towards some kind of legislation to put such souls in jail or ban them from having cell phones for a life time or some such thing....please....!!!!!

niceguy251 said...


It is the way of life now. One has to put up with lot more nonsense than this.

Take care

Rauf said...

towards the end of the movie, the chap sitting on the row before me was on the phone, quite loud
2 chicken fried rice
chilli chicken, some other chicken
noodles and all, long list.
i tapped him on the shoulder and said ' green chili sauce'
hey hey don't forget green chili sause, he was still on the phone.
then he turned towards me and said thank you sir.

Diehard 4 chap sitting next to me kept receiving calls from his wifee, and he kept lyin to her that he is at the office, with all the dhishoom bhishoom in the background.

Gargling Garbage said...

Mob and crying kids! :D :D lethal combo!

Aaarti said...

@IHM- Oh,tell me about it.. people on cell phones all over the freaking city.. while walking, on the move, and some morons die cos they are busy on their phone and dint notice the train/car/bus honking on their ass.... sadd....

Aaarti said...

@Vik - i swear!! but then coughing,sneezing atleast are natural phenomena, unless you are ill[in which case, stay home plsss..:)].
But its just not fair to others to do such annoying things and continue doing so... sigh!!!

well, i do tell people around me to shut it off, and if they dont listen, they get more glares from those around me as well, cos i make sure to spread the word around!!!! :)

Aaarti said...

@Phoenix- i know,sad indeed.. its almost like we've let this gizmo rule our lives... now, dont even get me started on the morons[pardon the expression] who own a Blackberry!!

Aaarti said...

@Vishesh - gracias!!:D

Aaarti said...

@Skj - Ahem... what is ek keench ke marna got to do with ladies?? we women can do it to men as well u know!!! errr!! :)
and am sure there are plenty of ladies reading your comment...:D

Thanks.. well, i kinda created it on my own[used a template from a site, but redid the whole html thingy..:)]

btw, do you have a blog? id?

Aaarti said...

@Dusty - hello, nice to see you around here.. i know, i know, am yet to reply to your mail..will do that rightaway sire!!:) Too busy being mad at human race!!

well, i wish there was some sort of jamming device in public places, which means NO Signal and PHONES wont work... and so people have no choice but to go out and try their luck!!:)

Aaarti said...

@niceguy- I completely understand that.. i too have a cellphone and use it.. but DONT use it when am out, at a movie/concert/speech/play/etc.. very conscious of that... even if al others have their phone out, mine will be inside my bag, on silent mode!!! :)

each of us just needs to make a wee bit of effort and am sure this issue will be resolved

Aaarti said...

@GG- ya di.. sad world we live in.. pathetic is the Human race.... sigh!!

Aaarti said...

@Rauf - so did he finally order the green chilli sauce???? gosh, where on earth do you come up with such stuff.. and know what, i can actually imagine you saying it to the guy on the phone!!:D

ahhh... i hope you said a few nice things in the guy's ear so his wife knew he was at work!!hehehehe....

how u been?? will buzz tomorrow...

niceguy251 said...


Why cell phone only? What about mad driving, honking horns, loud music in cars, obustructive parking, loud talking using all kinds of language just to list a few?

We definitely need to educate society. We can start with children as they are the future of our nation.

Take care

Asif said...

Awesome Post, I've been thinking of Writing about it.

Shaz said...

Really, I ave been bugged by different Ringtones, I heard Snoop Dogg Singing in A Funeral.
Thats Disgusting.

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