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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shots - 1!!!

Take a guess?? ;) 
Few shots taken by yours truly over the past couple of days... All courtesy my swanky Nokia N95 8GB phone!! :D

Candles in my bathroom!!

The light shining from above...

Street lights in the middle of the night...whatte sight!!


The Trees at Eden[err, its a restaurant]

Lights through the wooden benches at French loaf
Ahhh, the yummy cake i baked for Friends' 1st Anniversary!!
[The strawberries found their way to the cake later on....:)]
More later...........

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blast from the past….

Past –
According to me, it’s the time before today, before this very minute when am typing this post…. Something I’ve done, said, lived, seen, experienced, bought, enjoyed and so much more….
What I like about the past –
What we were
How our lives were
Good and bad stuff….

What I don’t like about the past [or rather related to the past]
How people dwell in it
Reliving sad moments
Comparing it with today [ time, money, life, lifestyle, entertainment, etc etc….]
Why am I talking about the past now? Well, I have noticed that more than one instance, people around me seem to enjoy talking about sad sorrowful instances, moments from the past….
Gramma keeps talking about how much she has done for her bro inlaw and their kids and how they are not so grateful today
Granpa talks of how things were so cheap back then, and now its beyond expensive
Mom goes on and on about how much she has gone through when she was just married and why we don’t understand the way she is.
Some others advice preach [I use the term preach for a reason….] us on how we are not supposed to be in a room with elders, not talk unless spoken to and all the stories incidents when
-          They used to hide in the bedroom when there were guests at home.. not cos they wanted to, but cos they were not allowed to come and mix with others…
-          They should not talk to men[ other than from their family]
Whats the point of all this I ask… Stop dwelling in your past I tell them, but that comment of mine makes me them mad…
Why bitch about things/people who did you wrong? Why not move on and look at the happy things you have going for you?
I find it difficult… I know, I’ve been thru my share of  “incidents’ too, but I don’t go on and on.. Simply because there is no point… its not going anywhere and all am doing is hurting myself more… Reliving those “not nice” days/moments… !!!
Some things I enjoy about the past were
-          My trip to Chennai during school holidays- We would leave the very day when my exams end and return the morning of school reopening.. Luckily for me, school was hop skip jump away in most places!!! :D
-          The Coca Cola [in can, bought by my uncle from Trichy just for me..] and movie VCRs that would be waiting for me as I landed here
-          Spending time with my cousin, Esh [technically, he is my uncle, but more like a bro cos he was a year younger than me, and we were/are close ]
-          The fun trips we took from school
-      Falling, nearly dying and spending time at home recuperating- a dear friend, J, used to come home every evening, bringing me books, movies to watch…J
-          Going on crazy rides with uncles and cousins [ every time they visited from the USA]
-          My 1st job and the 1st salary [ the freedom I tasted with it…yummy]
-          The TV soaps I used to watch growing up…one of which I recently discovered is being aired once again in Zee CafĂ©.. What joy!! It is “Different Strokes “ ..  
Some others I used to trip on where – A Team, and Cosby Show....

- Most recent ones have to be my getting my tattoos...Both on impulse without  letting the whole world
   know of it... :D... Like this impulsive side of me!!!
- Singing Karaoke with a whole bunch of cool wacko friends, but sad that the cafe shut down!

Generally reminising as you can see!!! hence, the post...

Oh, am also in the process of doing something else, which i've been putting off for sometime now... shall
reveal it once its all ready and done!! :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb 13 - 16...

13th the Friday - be wary all say!!! Dint care much for it... but that morning dint really start off well...saw granpa on the bed sleeping [ it was around 9am], and he's usually busy doing puja around then.. Went upto him to find out if he was ok, when i saw him Shivering... woke up, mumbled something, voice shaking and saw he was running temperature... gave him a crocin and went out on some work...

Thru the day, he kept complaining that he had to pee, and that he was uncomfy... towards end of the day, when i had just left for dinner @ A's house, uncle had taken him to doc, where he was asked to get admitted....Got back home, went to the hospital and from then on till last evening[16th Feb] was busy with cooking, going to Hospital and trying to manage work within all this chaos!!

Granpa is back home now, but has to be restive till Sat, and then we'll know if Surgery is reqd for not...Praying Doc says no need for surgery... Sigh!!!

14th Feb - to me, normally its just another day.. But this time thanks to all this confusion, completely forgot it was Valentines Day till a Dee sent a text wishing me Happy V Day !! Sent out wishes to couple of my friends and well, the day was as usual... same routine- cooking, home, work, hospital et al.... The bright spot of the day was when i got an interesting call... ;)
Me: Hello, A [ she was the friend who had hosted Dinner the prev nite..]
A: Hi Aaarti, how are you? hows thatha...etc etc....
    Oh, someone here wants to talk to you.... he has been asking for it all day..
    Its Aa
Me:[Curious and wondering what it was... lolz] 
     Hi Aa, how are you?
Aa: Aaarti, i put a plant outside my house.. You come home and see okay??!!
Me: Sure thing, i will... 
      Did you water it?
Aa: no , i dint...[ turns back and talks to A asking if he should....]
     Aaarti, you come home okay?!!
Me: yes, i shall come tomorrow ok...
Aa ; no, come today ...
A: Now you mentioned water, he wants to water it right away..
He has planted a dried leaf, made a path around it, put pebbles and all...
Well, that was how the conversation went.... :) and now you all know who Aa is... if you dont, Duh!!!:D

[he is Aa, friend A's son, all of 4yrs of age !!! :)
The other day, a friend, Praddy had put up a Valentines' day post where i left a comment saying someone sweet called to speak to me and me only.... He got crazy curious and bugged me on sms asking who it was till i finally told him... we all had a good laugh!!! :D
Told him that i shall put up a post on my page just to bug others in our gang, who i heard were getting curious!!! :P

moving on....
Feb 15th -busy sunday... woke up bright and early, hospital duty and rest of the day went by in a blur..... Did enjoy reading the book A had lent, Lee Child's Bad Luck and Trouble.. [alomst finished it..]

Feb 16th -- finally, it was monday... I had a meeting in the morning and so mom did hospital duty.. i helped out gramma make lunch, scooted off to the meeting and went to hospital post lunch... and was there till grampa was discharged and came home!! :D
Quite an eventful couple of days!!
Wonder whats in store this week!! :D

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mistaken identity?

Couple of days back, when i was at the bank, got a call...
Me: Hello
She: hello ma'am, Am calling from Mr.AA's office, can i get your email id pls?
Me: Sure, @#$)@#%( ...
       May i ask for what reason?
She: Dont know ma'am, Mr AA wanted it, guess he wants to send you a mail\
Me: Ok. bye!
The conversation was forgotten, until one evening, about 2days later, around 6pm my phone rang [ displaying a Delhi based mobile number]
Me: hello.
He: Am i speaking to Aaarti from ABC? I am AA, from XYZ company, and we met during the ABC event in Dec, remember?
Me: Yes, Sir.. How are you doing? how can i help you?
MrAA: I saw your results in the paper today and wanted to discuss something about that!!
[Completely lost and confused]
Me:Errr, sir, what is this you are talking about? 
MrAA[getting a little annoyed]: Am AA from XYZ Co, and want to talk about the results you have projected for your company.  
Me: Sir, am afraid there is some confusion here. i am not with any company.
MrAA: Arent you Aarthi K....?  of ABC?
[Ding ding ding, bells went off in my head... i knew who he wanted to speak to now...:) Phew!!] 
Me: Sir, i am Aaarti Krishankumar and not Aarthi K.......
MrAA: Ohhh, am so sorrry then.. you must be the one who was coordinating the event.. Sorry,dear!!
            Would you happen to have Aarthi K...'s number?
Me: Thats ok Sir.. Would you like me to send the number to you?
MrAA: could you text that and her email id, please. Thank you!!
Me: Sure thing Sir.. bye!
MrAA: Bye, and am so sorry about this !!
Hmmmm.. talk about mistaken identity... Not only did this other person have the same 1st name as me, but half of her second name was same as mine too.... !!!! 
Anything of this sort happened to you? Do share!!! :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009

I won.... i reallly did!!!

Its been a while... but i sure seem to not have lost my LUCK factor!!! :D
Last week sometime,when i was going out somewhere, i heard a contest on Radio Mirchi.. something to do with The Week and the question was related to Indian Army or Military.. dont really remember!!! i thot i knew the answer and on a whim sent an sms to the narrated number....
few days later, got a call from The Week's office asking for my name....
Days passed, i forgot about it till last evening when Granpa's friend came home and gave a bunch of The Week Magazine [ he makes those wallets given out with subscriptions....],..
and Lo Behold, today morning got a call from Malayalam Manorama [ The week office] saying i've won the prize for the sms contest and to come collectthe same at their office in Mount Road.....
Was elated
and so kicked.....:D
Here is the beauty that is all Mine now... its a watch..and i love watchess!!!! :)
[new brand, but hey, its a watch!!! ]  
When i was showing it to gramma, aunt was there and she was like " wow, not bad, you still seem to be on that winning streak.. you were always lucky in such things, werent you?"
Yes, i've won quite a few stuff on tv, radio and magazine based contests... just my LUCK!! :D
Oh, and a special dear darling friend of mine [ non blogger] sent a msg[upon reading my post ]with this in it...
 Thanks a ton N... love you sweets!!! 
Today has been A good day i tell you!!! :)

I can see clearly now!!! :D

I can see clearly now, the old frame is gone,
I can see everything around me
[ actually i could always see!!;)]
Gone are the dark clouds that had me lost
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day....
I got new glasses....
yipee doo deee
and they are soo cooool.... :D
Chk it out!!! ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Long and short of it.....

Disclaimer - This is gonna be a long one!!! :)

Why is that the people are ever ready to give advice? esp when it is not their place to!!!

This post might sound familiar to many who are in their mid 20s and not yet married and for some who are on the other side of the fence as well!!!

Ever since my cousin got married in Nov, i've had people telling me " its about time i got married too".. am the eldest and still single... they give my mom and dad sympathetic looks and advice on what temple to go to, or what pariharam [ remedial measures] to undertake that might help speed up things...

About a week after the wedding and again recently, i recd an email from a relative, X [no his name doesnt start with X, its just an alphabet] saying ---
  • - i should not sport short hair style.. i should have long hair, plait it like a "Good girl"
  • - i should not go out with friends too much
  • - i should not go out in the evenings/ stay out late
  • - i MUST respect my parents and family members
  • - i should think about Family's happiness above all else....
  • [an advice given orally] i should wear outfits with longer sleeves [ not because i dont look good in short sleeves, but because long sleeves means covering up the tattoo i have on my left forearm]

X's words ---If i were to follow all this, i will GET MARRIED!! [ i kid u not....]

This mail angered me... One other thing that struck me was that would this person have sent the mail if i were married?
I dont understand who made these silly rules?
Who the F gave everyone around me the right to talk to me like i dont have a care in the world and am the most selfish of the lot?
I mean.. read thru the sentences mentioned above... am now gonna break em down and do a bit of venting out on each of them... bear with me plss!!!

Hairstyle -- 

Who said girls should have long hair only?
I had long hair, its only off late,the past 3-4 yurs that i've had short hair... and anyways, what difference does it make?
Do i become a different person cos i have shorter hair?
Does it mean am a rebel? [ i read somewhere on the net that girls with short hair are looked upon as rebels. is that true?]
What is wrong if i wanna do something to alter my appearance? do i need the permission of the entire goddamn society for that??? My body, my wish!! :)

2interesting articles i read on the net.... do read when you get time...


I realised awhile ago that my parents and others around me kept harping on "i dont understand why you are with these people so much"... they dont have friends.. or atleast dont have any with whom they've shared a special bond with...

For a lot of people in our prev generation, they had a large family, had zillion cousins to keep them company...
To me, friends mean the world.. yes, they are important.... and not because i dont care about my family!!!

I dont make friends easy,but when i do, i stick with them for life..
and i know, when am with them, i am safe, they will take care of me... some are even very protective of me!!

Another thing i realised was that my parents and close family dont ACTUALLY have a problem with friends, but its just the fear that someone somewhere might see their girl out and come complain or gossip about it..
Inspite of me telling them - dont care about others... they are so not able to come out of that Fortress built in their heads....

RESPECT my family --

What do i have to do? bow down and have my arms locked everytime i see them?
Call them neenga , vango , pongo [ tamil words denoting high level of respect, typically used in my homes with strangers or relatives who arent very close and people who are in high position, related to temples,etc...]
I dont get it... just because me and my sis are cool with our family members, and have a good relation, where no niceties are required to prove our respect, we are rude???
I can sit and have a conversation with my granpa across topics... Does that mean i am not giving him respect??
[one dialogue my grandparents also give is that - "when they were small, they would be scared to come talk to their uncles, aunts and grandparents".. what does it mean?where they scared or was that their way of showing respect back then?

Family's Happiness--

Right!!!! Put mine in the backburner where no one can see it, or even get a glimpse of it and put that of my family's in the fore front.... interesting isnt it!!!

Ever since i reached mid 20s, people around me started talking about marriage and one common statement they would make is -Its your happiness that matters!! but when i did reject guys[the 1 or 2 that i saw], they would turn around and oppose my decision.....!! Strange world we live in....!!!

Gosh, dint realise i've written so much...Blogsville sure must be wondering if i am losing it or lost it.. As for my friends and cousins... well, pardon me peepals!! :) .. ok, moving on................


i got my 1st tattoo last Sep, right after my birthday... Not because i wanted to prove anything, but only because i wanted one...
I got a butterfly, which to me signifies freedom, free spirit... I dint tell anyone at home about it cos i knew they would throw a fit and just wont understand [ i know, some of you might say - have you tried talking to them about it, bla bla... yes, been there, done it and i know what i am saying :)]... when i finally showed it to mom, she said -dint it hurt? and then- you should have gotten a smaller one, up above near the shoulder and an aunt said - you should have gotten a bigger one, or futher down on your arm[ your cousin ABC has a big one... ]

Its only now they have gotten used to it or have decided not to say anything, cos i cant make it go away [ not that i want to]... but they keep asking me every now and then - what if you dont want it one day? ..[ i know that day wont ever come... i am confident of that!!! ]

Again are tattoos symbol or rebellious nature??? Not for me.. its an expression  of something i beleive it!!
Are people the way they are 
Cos am single?
or are they always like this, but have just found an easy target in me???
Cos am single?

Let me tell all that am happy being Single!!!! :)
Am not against marriage, but am in no hurry... so peepal, stop playing nosey parker..... and get a life and learn to appreciate what i do, or if you cant, then Zip it!!!

What does it mean? My life is worthless cos am single?Na, i dont care about others., i love life and am living it up!!! :)

This month, i had decided not to work cos i really did need a break after the 6mth wacko project i was on... and so i had a bit of time to introspect and observe all around me!!! :)

 Phew.... been meaning to write this post for a while, but i guess it was meant to happen today!!
{ for some strange reason, the time on the post says 10:30AM.. when infact the time is 00:01Am 5th Feb}