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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

All my bags..

are packed
am ready to go
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
But the dawn is breakin
Its early morn
The taxis waitin
He's blowin his horn
I better go now..................... [this will be me on Saturday morning!!!] :)

[am sure John denver wont mind me tweaking his song a bit... :)]
Yep, it is time for me to say BUH BYE, be good, see ya later!!!! :D
Am off on a long awaited trip... and am gonna be gone longggggggggggg time... 3 weeks... phew!!! Saturday morning i zoom into the sky ...

Looking fwd to spending time with friends [ hoping to meet some new ones too... with whom i've been in touch for years now but have yet to meeet!!! ]

Getting away from all this hustle bustle

Taking a break from myself!!! Yipeee!! :D 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I've known her

since college, 1995, and we grew closer with every passing year... and finally the last 2yrs before her[TR] marriage we were soul sisters.. every morning would begin with a call from her to me or vice versa ..
TR: Hi Aaroo, so, whats the POA for the day? [plan of action]
and then we would plan something and have a blast!!! Could be a cooking session[after all the baking classes we took, or gen sit around yapping... we were not too big on movies back then]
Now, she is married with a baby, living in USA... we do keep in touch- phone, mails, chats... but since her daughter's birth it was far and few betweeen... i do miss her loads!!!!

Couple of days back, when i was on FB [facebook for all you blank stare givers...:)]... the chat window popped up with a Hi from her.... this is how our conversation went....
TR: Hi Aaroooooooooooo
Me: Hi di.. wotcha upto? [wish she could see my face, it was lit up with so much excitement...]
TR: How are u doing girl? gosh, i miss u.... How was ur weekend? 

Me: Weekend was ok.. saturday was home, then met up with some friends, and in evening went for a movie..'Barah Aana'
TR: oh,is that hindi? its been ages since i saw a movie.. Sam is up already,hang on, brb
Me: ok...
Wow, she is an early riser.. wonder where she got that from? :)
TR: oh, from M definitely!!:).. but off late i've slowly changed him, he gets up later than normal, but Sam is up early!!
Weekend, we were in P.. had to clear out stuff...
Me: must be a relief that you've finally sold your home there...?
TR: oh yes... !
Me: so, now start looking for a home here is it?
TR: Not now Aaroo, will wait for weather to get better.. 
hey, hows N? spoke to her recently?
Me: Ahh, okay!!!
Yep, been talking to her nearly everyday, now that our trip is happening...
TR: what trip?
Me: woman, dint you read my mail? we are off to B and P ......
TR: oh,wow.. i so envy you...
Aaroo, i gotta go.. Sam's crying... talk to you soon...
Me: bye babes.. take care!!! :)
TR: bye :)
How time flies.... life changes.... she now is married and has a baby.... !!! Sigh!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Attention please!!!

One of those days, when work was easy... and mind was wandering.... Thought i'll chk out the Satyam website to see if any interesting movies are on... and was stumped when i saw this.....

When did Rock n Rolla become a tamil movie? that too renamed as BILLA? really??? hahahaha..... wait till Satyam guys see this post....
[marked it in blue on pic to see it clearly!! ]

Friday, March 20, 2009

Mixed bag!!!

Its weekend already...Wonder where the whole week... 5days went...Whoosh, it passed by, like those damned deadlines!!! :)
Its been one of those weeks that i am happy is over.. Too much work - official and at home!!! Am tired -mental, emotional tiredness is more like it...
Travel plans:
Am tired of booking tickets, only to end up cancelling them.. Not mine, but my grandparents... They were to go to Sringeri last month,but granpa fell ill [ we had booked tickets a week earlier]]... Had to cancel them!!! :( they couldnt go, cos granpa was in the hospital and all that....
Now he is alright, once again it was time to travel, booked their tickets, and alas, will be cancelling them tomorrow... :(( Shucks... Am i jinxed? are they jinxed? whats happening????  This time Granpa's bro in law passed away, suddenly !! Last sunday, granpa's 2 brothers went to Mumbai to visit the ailing uncle[ granpa's last sis's hubby], and before they could go over, he passed away!!! So, now all are prepping to travel to Mumbai/ Blore - wherever the 10day functions will happen....

Only place they are going now is Blore for the functions!!!! Sigh................. life's little mysteries!!!
Was ok.. not so crazy... Took on only  few projects and taking it easy..Working on content for a friend's website!! its fun, but at times i wonder if the expectations are higher [ cos he is a friend!!! ] and am stuck for words at times...!! But , its fun!!!
Highlight of the week was the job hunt spree me and my friend,S[she did most of the work] went on.. After a fun movie and dinner, we went our way only to meet online in a few minutes... She was on a rampage.. sending me links by the second.... One of which has been on my mind, and so i sent out a mail.. had a meeting and waiting for their final update !!! [its just down to logistics... when, where, what..etc... ;)] .. Happy to see my writing skills are good, stuff i've written is appreciated and i am capable of landing a good job with it!!! :)
Fun :
As always, this is a major part of my life these days [ much to the chagrin of many of my friends.. hehehe..]... Been tripping on movies [ not like thud.. but eyes going in circles kind!!! ]...
Bought more dvds, now looking for a place to store them all...
Got back to reading like a maniac- hooked on Lee child [Thanks to A and A] and Sara Gruen [Thanks to my uncle] .. and have also begun reading Kalki's Ponniyin Selvan[ Thanks to my uncle's friend A.... very interesting, but yes, complicated- try remembering so many times, infact wanna read it in Tamil, but for now, will settle for English!!]
Going out with girl friends, getting mehndi done on hand from guys sitting on the pavement [ in Anna Nagar- Bluestar]... he he... [ one of the guys had come for my friend Dee's wedding and he remembered us from there...]...!!! And then doing absolute time pass while waiting for the car ..

Wonder whats in store over the weekend .....
I have so many posts running in my head... wish i had a mind reader!!!! will get down to them one by one soon... maybe tomorrow!! if am vetti :o

Ahem......... on a closing note --

Monday, March 16, 2009

Aa'art'i[s] life...

The weekend [actually it was Friday and Saturday], was quite a musical one.... Filled with Jazz and Latino moves!!!
Saturday was Karadayan Nonbu for us... Ladies tie a yellow thread and pray for the well being of the men in their lives [ ya right, do i see any men doing something like this for their girl?? hmfph!!! talk about one sided...;)]
Karadayan Nonbu is observed on th day of the conjunction of the Tamil months Masi and Panguni. It is to remember the great battle won by Savithri - a mythological character - over the God of Death - Yama, not by arms or ammunitions but by her clever arguments to regain her husband's life. Married women observe fast till the auspicious time arrives, whether it is late evening or mid afternoon.
We had to finish making lunch, and the nombu adai [ a steam cooked sweet made using rice flour,jaggery, black eyed beans/Karamani and a bit of coconut... absolutely yummilicioussssssssssssss]
Still remember how when we were in Tirunelveli, mom would get one of our neighbors[my school mate] to come sit with me for the function... :)
Sunday was a lazy day.. But yes, did go on a movie marathon of sorts with my uncle [aunt goes out of town,uncle come to stay over here and its fun fun fun all the way thru...lolz] , right here at home!!! We started with Valkyrie, moving on to Defiance and then finally Silambattam[ this dvd refused to play on the DVD player, but played so smooth on my Lappy]
A friend was to come from Bombay, and i was to go to the airport, but no news ... did try reaching him on phone, but no luck.. wonder why... :(  [ Thinking maybe his trip got cancelled, why else would he have not called ]
Another art related event that has hit chennai is the Israeli Film Festival... Starting today, 16th March, there will be Israeli movies screened every evening [ sometimes 2 in a day] at the South india Film Chamber, near Rani Seetha Hall!!! :)
I am loving Chennai more and more with every passing day...
Concerts.. Plays... performances... art exhibitions and more are happening through the year ! Yipeeee!!!!!! :) 

To burn or not...

Some of you have been privileged enough to know of the trauma I've been going through with this and others- well, worry not, you are about to be enlightened/entertained....
Today marks 12th day in my saga to burn a DVD of a few videos i have on my hard drive...yes, you read it right..burn ONE DVD...
"Why the problem you may wonder..?" I am UNABLE to burn DVDs....Sigh!!! [Dont ask me why, or dont give me that "what the heck " look.. I might WILL scream]
Here's an intro to my laptop ... Say hello to the Sony Vaio VGN NR17G model !!!  Flaunting the sleek silver lines, and cute butterfly stickers, she sits there grinning away!!!! ;)
here is what all i have tried... [i tried using DVD R]
 -ROXIO - its a software that came with the lappy... Go to make Data Disc, choose the folder i want but the final output says "Document... bla bla.. image file".... [what shit.. stop messing with me i say!!!]
- Windows DVD Maker -- the minute i choose the videos , and click on burn, it will SHUTDOWN..[Oh crap!!!!not again.... ]
 - Windows Media player - just LOST it with this one....nothing happens, absolutely nothing !!![Hmfph]
- Plain old Copy paste from folder to the blank DVD... "Insert writeable DVD in F: " is all it throws up [ what naansense i say!!!]

- Called Sony Vaio helpdesk.... 
1st call --- Exec 1 : "Madam, type REGEDIT in the run box... bla bla bla...[she ran with her instructions until i asked her to slow down..phew... ] and then said restart, it should work just fine!!"
I  deleted something she asked me too... Restarted the lappy, and tried again [ all excited] , but alas, NOTHING happened!!!!  [am i jinxed???]
2nd call--- Exec 2 : "Madam, am afraid the softwares given in the lappy are good when you want to make a DVD from your camcorder or an external device. we dot have any that will burn from hard drive to dvd, you will have to download nero or other softwares for this.. Thank you" 
Me: But the lady i spoke to earlier said otherwise 
Exec 2: Sorry ma'am,but it is not possible he replied and hung up!!!! 
Me: Oh well, atleast now i know my silly lappy aint gonna do any magic tricks for me!!!!
Now, i am pretty frustrated and ready to scream.... !!! shucks, how difficult can it be to burn a dvd... I got on the net, downloaded latest version of NERO [ thanks to advice from a friend... looking for him now... lolz]
And today morning, bot 2 DVD RW just in case and got down to trying my hand one more time....

NOPE, it is not working!!!! :((
Comp guy came home to fix our desktop computer, got him to check out this issue....
Softly he said
He:Madam, with Sony vaio, Nero will not work... you have to use ROXIO only 
He: Fidgit fidgit for a while with ROXIO
Madam, your ROXIO is corrupted, let me ask around and get you a good one or shall bring an alternative.. But uninstall Nero, its of no use.. 
[he left....]
Am still lost.... so tired of trying this silly thing with no luck.........................So, if any of you have an answer, out with it ... now would be a good time to talk....:) you better tell me how to solve this issue!!!!  

Saturday, March 14, 2009

i dont wanna cook....

Phase 1
We had a part time cook at home.. he would come in the morning, make lunch, and dinner and scoot by 4ish... and then came a day when his attitude got the better of him..had a tiff with granpa and huffed & puffed away screaming wat nots...!!
Phase II
This is when gramma and me got stuck with cooking..Now, i am not complaining, but there are days when i wanna scream..
Am open to experimenting a bit with cooking.. so, wanna try out new stuff..But gramma and others at home are so used to same old same old Sambar/vetha kuzhambu/Vendiya kuzhambu/Avial/Poruchakuzhambu whatever that it bugs me....
Granpa seems to relish our cooking more than that of the cook, but i dont know why they are all stuck in a box
-with more kuzhambu, my mom used to make keerai
-when you make avial,there should be sambar or rasam to eat it with
-there should be some veggie in the sambar....
and some more!!!! ............................... 
I get in the mood to make Lime rice and some veggie curry, but gramma is like " no, not really, i thought we'll make sambar and chow chow koottu or some curry".. and that is when i get a bit pissed off... !!! i dont wanna cook... but i do, cos i know gramma aint upto it these days.. she has her puja to finish [which takes like 2-3hrs ]...
And they have these rules on what can be made on what days.... certain days- no greens, certain other days- only sambar and on special days- payasam is a must!!! hmfph... i'll never get the hang of this!!! :)
Again am not complaining for the cooking part, but what we cook.... !!!

Phase III 
Mostly happens at dinners, when all at home are more than happy to let me make something interesting.. they like it, actually they love it.... and i enjoy cooking it ....:)
But yesterday was a rare exception, when i got to alter the menu and make Peas Pulao and a veg side dish using pumpkin gravy -- it was yummilicious [ not just my words, but that of all at home- gramma, granpa and uncle]
Today was a not so great day.. cos i ended up having to make that sambar and brinjal curry[ i dont like this veggie, esp since it gets all gooey and wierd with seeds bulging out..lolz]... anyways, i did make the lunch, tho it dint turn out so great and gramma was like " innikku Aaarti standard varala [ its not upto Aaarti's std today!!]
Wonder whats in store tomorrow!!! Need to go veggie shopping in the morning :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's 74 and she's 19.....

March comes and we get all excited and chirpy chirp..... 
1st was Gramma's Bday, on March 5th.... Normally for her bday she will be in Sringeri, but since granpa was unwell, they dint go... so,we got a chance to get her a cake and celebrate here!! :)

[Aarthimma is how i call her...:)] 

and Today[March 12th] is my Sis-P's bday... she turns 19... this little baby who came into the world in 1990 has today grown up [wee bit] and is so super cool and chic[not like the la di da kind...]!!! :)
Went out partying with friends last nite and is off somewhere today as well... was talking to my friend and we were reminiscing the days when P was a baby and the drama that would unfold at home .. and how she is now in college, about to graduate and start her life!!!! 

Dint get her a cake or anything specific... just letting her indulge in her own way....
[Pic Courtesy:photobucket ]
 Next up is Dad's bday on 15th March!!! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Shards of glass-II

Here's what happened.... and here is how it must have happened...

I know its been a couple of days... But i kept at it with granpa on what he was upto and how the tubelight fell.. [the fixture was nailed into the cupboard and now its just sitting on top, cos we have put in place a new holder and tube!!! ]
Every morning granpa comes to the room, keeps flowers for various Gods n Goddess[s] out here[ pictures, photos, idols spread across the room... :( ]
Me: But thatha u've been doing this forever.. why did the tube fall that morning?
He:  I dont know.... i kept flowers and took off my hand and then thud, all was falling..
[not really believing him.. cos he is known to try some antics at times..hehehe.. plus the tube light is above our height.. ]
Me: hmm... did u try moving the picture or something?
He:[with a bit of hesitation] no, dint try moving it, but thot i'll clean the place of all dried flowers and so moved my hand around.... 
Me: Aah, i see
Uncle: But dad, how did you even reach there?
He: just stretched and tried.... that is when the tube moved and came down like that... wonder how the nail came off[his way of deflecting ....;)]
Me: ok ok.... forget it now.. lets find an electrician and get him to put the light on the wall!!!! 
He: its ok now,no.. leave it....
Me and uncle: Hmfph!!! [ no point, lets just go ahead do it.... ]

Oh,well.. the adventures of life in grandparents house.. continues!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shards of glass...

is what i saw when i woke up today morning... Startled, scared, disoriented, i awoke to the noise of glasss shattering.. half groggy, i could make out granpa standing near the entrance of my room looking lost.... The tube light siting on top of the cupboard was in bits and pieces across the room, wires hanging all over, the photos standing behind the tube lying on the floor ..[ the thud i heard was the photos falling down...]...

Half awake... all i did was ask granpa to get out of the room... and the poor soul, i guess he was stumped, he walked all the way across the room, over the tube shattered floor to the other end of the room... i was going mad... "pls get away thatha, and go out of the room", i said as i tried to find my glasses, my phone and get out of the bed[ i sleep on a mattress on the floor]..and then noticing pieces of glass on my bed, started slowly getting away from it all ....

Took me a few minutes before i was awake[you know aware of surroundings, that the sun has risen, day has begun, etc etc....]... that is when it hit me that i better clear up the room a bit, not that gramma or uncle walk right into it.. before i could do anything, granpa had brought the broom and was already at it.. Uff, let it be thatha, i pleaded and took the broom from him and began sweeping across the room, my bed, found pieces of glass in a chair near the air conditioner [ all the way at the other end of the room...]... Jeez, wonder where else the pieces are .... started pulling out all the stuff sitting on the shelf in the corner, dusted books on my table.... bags and everything else in the room...

Whatte way to start my day i thought!!!! Through the day, granpa kept saying, move the light from the hall to your room, you will need it.. and i kept saying  "no, i dont need a light.. leave it be..."... tug of war went on till about 7pm when uncle and i got into our lets get the tube light fixed mode... started fidgeting around with the current fixture, picked up a new tube, put it in place, but dint a backup, got dad to send across a lampshade that i had at home[ it was one that gramma had bot for someone else and like most other times it was never given and ended up with me...sigh!!]

Finally, we gave in and sent the driver to pick up a new unit, and finally voila, it works... light is bright in my room once again....  :)
{pics shall happen once my broadband is restored, right now cant fight with Reliance in getting them up ever so slowly....:)}

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brad Pitt and Gatte ke Sabji...

What a lethal combo evening that was.... 
Me and S,a friend of mine decided to watch the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button [Based on the short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald],  and then check out the Rajasthani Food Festival at Olives, in Deccan Plaza on Monday!! Two other friends of ours had said they will join us for dinner... Happily we said - meet you at the hotel at 8pm , but alas the evening had other plans in store!!! :)

Here's my review of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.....We savoured every minute of it, enjoyed watching Brad pitt transform with the role and walked out of the theater smiling, reminiscing each and every scene in the movie as we made our way to Deccan Plaza, Royapettah!!! It was 9.30 and were just on our way to Dinner...!!! 
Olives, the restaurant looked nice, had a Rajasthani decor, pictures on the walls, waiters dressed in traditional attire.... The dinner was Buffet style, Rs350 per head [incl taxes] and had quite a spread.... We waited a few mins before our friends joined us and started digging into the yummy food laid out for us.. Surprisingly the restaurant was near empty... I had an ex colleague, who was a Rajasthani, and since i had sampled some of the dishes earlier, i was looking forward to the dinner... :)
Dinner started with Tomato Dhania Shorba[ kinda like our rasam], and  crossed over salads, Dahi vada[ it was called something else, but basically was dahi vada] and  a stream of rotis, rice, biryani, and side dishes... not to forget some interested Desserts!!!   
Trying out the variety of  papads... the  Gatte ki Biryani with  Tinda curry, Shahi Methi, Bhindi Sabzi,  the Bajra Roti with  Mixed veg  dish [forgot the name...], Gatte ke sabji,Ker shangiri... ohh ohh, the Daal Baati Churma [ I tried it 1st time in Jaipur, not too fond of the Churma though!!]... With every bite, we could taste the Ghee and richnesss.... 
After a brief break, hopped across to the Dessert counter... it had --- 

Mawa Kachori with a golden syrup - Yummilicous
Moong daal halwa - dint try
Kheer- dint try
Jilebi- guys said it was ok
Ice cream with chocolate/Strawberry sauce and nuts ...  - oh yes, was nice ....
The food fest is on till 8th march... so do give it a try if you like Rajasthani foood... :D 
Burp!! Done with dinner, we headed our seperate ways... One friend went to work, another offered us a ride home [ S stayed over...] :) 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

1st Photowalk...

This post is longggggggg due... Since Feb 22nd!! Wow, its nearly a week later and am just about getting ready to write about it..!!! :)
22nd Feb is was when i went for my 1st photowalk..Thanks to Chandrachoodan, i came to know of this Photowalk thingy and got all excited, convincing myself it will be fun.. I love clicking pictures, tho am not a pro or something, but what the heck, right!!!
Plus the locality chosen was not too far off from home, and it was something i had wanted to try for a while!
                                                 A look at the Egmore station [entrance in Vepery]
Sent out a msg to couple of friends, and to my cousin Lakshmi asking if she wanted to come along.... :) and she did.. was i glad to have her company...!! She acted as my tour guide, since her family lived around that area!!
A vagabond - was fascinated with her appearance and clothes 
We walked from Dasaprakash Hotel to Rippon Building, starting around 9.30 or so and concluding the walk close to 11.45am!!! We should have started earlier, as the Sun was beginning to scorch us down with its sharp rays.... But it was a wonderful experience and am already looking fwd to my next one...
There were nearly 20 odd people, across age groups and it was FUN.. it was more like, we all needed an excuse and some kind of motivation to get our cameras out and shoot around the city where we live, work, drive past and enjoy !!! After the initial wanders, we all split into our own little clusters and started exploring the nooks and corners, engaging in interesting conversations[esp with Traffic cops, who were curious to know if we were from the press] :)

Here is the link for more pictures from the sojourn!!! 
Photwalk 22nd Feb