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Saturday, March 14, 2009

i dont wanna cook....

Phase 1
We had a part time cook at home.. he would come in the morning, make lunch, and dinner and scoot by 4ish... and then came a day when his attitude got the better of him..had a tiff with granpa and huffed & puffed away screaming wat nots...!!
Phase II
This is when gramma and me got stuck with cooking..Now, i am not complaining, but there are days when i wanna scream..
Am open to experimenting a bit with cooking.. so, wanna try out new stuff..But gramma and others at home are so used to same old same old Sambar/vetha kuzhambu/Vendiya kuzhambu/Avial/Poruchakuzhambu whatever that it bugs me....
Granpa seems to relish our cooking more than that of the cook, but i dont know why they are all stuck in a box
-with more kuzhambu, my mom used to make keerai
-when you make avial,there should be sambar or rasam to eat it with
-there should be some veggie in the sambar....
and some more!!!! ............................... 
I get in the mood to make Lime rice and some veggie curry, but gramma is like " no, not really, i thought we'll make sambar and chow chow koottu or some curry".. and that is when i get a bit pissed off... !!! i dont wanna cook... but i do, cos i know gramma aint upto it these days.. she has her puja to finish [which takes like 2-3hrs ]...
And they have these rules on what can be made on what days.... certain days- no greens, certain other days- only sambar and on special days- payasam is a must!!! hmfph... i'll never get the hang of this!!! :)
Again am not complaining for the cooking part, but what we cook.... !!!

Phase III 
Mostly happens at dinners, when all at home are more than happy to let me make something interesting.. they like it, actually they love it.... and i enjoy cooking it ....:)
But yesterday was a rare exception, when i got to alter the menu and make Peas Pulao and a veg side dish using pumpkin gravy -- it was yummilicious [ not just my words, but that of all at home- gramma, granpa and uncle]
Today was a not so great day.. cos i ended up having to make that sambar and brinjal curry[ i dont like this veggie, esp since it gets all gooey and wierd with seeds bulging out..lolz]... anyways, i did make the lunch, tho it dint turn out so great and gramma was like " innikku Aaarti standard varala [ its not upto Aaarti's std today!!]
Wonder whats in store tomorrow!!! Need to go veggie shopping in the morning :-)


Anonymous said...

Better go look for a cook instead...

But lemon rice is the only thing I know off (and like) and yes Sambhar! Have never heard any of the other things...

But I'd prefer non-veg anyday :)

rauf said...

whatoo OTEEDEE, you have given us the joy of your experiments in da kitcken many times, wid pictures
Now what ??

What is plaappy sayin ?

vishesh said...


Anonymous said...

I can understand the frustration!! Though, I have really come to like the traditional combis - vethakuzhambu with masicha keerai& chutta appalam and the likes... They do have a charm :D

Solilo said...

In India One can still get a cook. Tired and home, you have a hot meal ready. Here you come home and make one. No luck.

pushpa said...

must u make traditional dises everyday? abt chinese for a change.....?
nice blog

Bedazzled said...

Appy cooking !!!

Raaga said...

I know where you're coming from :) Its like when my in laws are here, even with Pizza, we need to have rice and sambar... :)

change the fint colour or the background colour please... tough to read.

Prasad said...

yebba!!! i dont hav to do this! :P

and yes i lik brinjals :DD

Rumjhum said...

Hey Aarti! Didn't know you blogged! Cool blog! Glad to connect with you here as well! What's with the looong face 'bout cookin'? You can jazz up the same ol' stuff for your granparents and watch them eat delightly. Heh! It's them little drops that add up to the big changes! Hugs, Rumjhum (yup, that's a single 'h'my name!)

Sara said...

Cooking is always about experimenting and for me the results are never consistent-its a hit/miss always!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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