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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The road stretches on......

 Back from one awesome trip and gearing up for another.... Been in town for less than 24hrs and the travel bug bite drags me away.... !!!
What a weekend this was... From Saturday morning till Sunday night, the fun , learning, bonding, networking, excitment and some more had us all gripped and glued to the sights and scenes...
What we did  ---
Exploring the Hoysala Dynasty
Intro into how much fun and how addictive Bird watching is
Just letting go, getting lost in the surroundings....
Here is a little something before i wander off into the horizon... will be back with more!!! :)


Prasad said...

wowow!!! cooollll!!!!

btw wot kida bird watchin are u referin to here :P :DDD

vimmuuu said...

Yea what kinda bird watching??? those regular tweet tweet kinds??? :D

Vidya said...

Is this different from the pictures that you had sent? Woman, you are roaming more than I do and I am just a tad jealous! :D


Aaarti said...

@Prasad and Vimmmuuu - u guys need a bottle of Harpic..!!heheh

yes, am talking abt the tweet tweet feathered birds ONLY !! :D

@Visya- nope, these are part of the album girl...
hahaha, finally, a chance for me to make u travel bugs Jealous...:) went on another trip, shall send u those pics once i upload em. landed in today morning 8am :D

Lakshmi said...

awesome more abt the trip :)

somebody said...


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