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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Whooopee doo deee... I did it... Actually managed to survive it this long and make an announcement too!! Yipeee!! :)
I'm at my 250th post..How abt that!! Ha!!

ok, now to a "my kinda" post!! 

Last evening while chatting with a friend with whom i share my name [except hers is a diff spelling], we got around to talking about random things, one of which was about our Bloggers meet that happened yesterday [Saturday]- we a bunch of bloggers who've connected and meet up every once in a while!!! Anyways, about that in another post...

This post is about why i and all of us blog... here is a snippet from the conversation we had last nite!! :)
 me: eeeeeeeks
  yes i do.. have not one but err, 4 :D
 A: :P
 me: is dat a no??? :P
 A: yes i do...
 me: and ???
A: but its nothing great and all oK?..its some dumb abstract u can check me out at
me: dats ok... :) we dont need high fi stuff
A: he he ...and dont read it if you are too happy, i write only when i am in those 'moods"
 me: again, its ok babes.... !!
A: that was a disclaimer !
me: we allwrite for diff reasons...
     diff moods
A: i somehow cant write when i am happy, strange i have tried..but then its only half attempts at   writing
me: i guess like some others i know, u need to vent wen down... thats cool.!
A: when i dont write in my blog, i am actually doing well...too many posts and thats bad !!! LOL
me: hahahah
      Awesome to hear that!!
     so hope ur posts are far n few

People blog for various reasons...
  • Some for Fun [like me, at the drop of an hat, actually for that also there will be a post...!! ]
  • Some for Fame [ urrr.. really ? mind telling me how?]
  • Some to Show off.. [shh, not gonna say anything on this.. ;-) ]
  • Some to vent [get it off their chest kinda venting, rant n rave!! :)]
  • Some to share [keep in touch with people across the globe, friends and others!! sometimes toot toot, sometimes just to keep them posted!! ]
  • Some to make some $$ outta it [ tho am yet to figure out how that works!! now dont reccomend Adsense, those are just plain annoying!! ]
  • and Some for Fun [i said that before? no worries, it can never be said enuf!! ;)] 

I started blogging couple of yrs ago

... Blog lay docile, and then it woke up and has been causing quite a rampage i see , or rather hear [ from those sweet voices inside my head ofcourse!!:)]
Today, i am the proud owner of not just one , but yes 4blogs...!!
How and Why 4 you ask?!!- 
1. For creative writing - Which is where i discovered i too could write!! my 1st ever blog

2. For reviews- Books,music, movies, shows,etc - I used to write on Mouthshut, but then decided to move all to my blog and write here instead!!

3. For travelogues and adventures [ newest baby on the block]- Had mixed up travel, life and everything in my other blog[ref no.4] , but now realised i need one excl for travel...

4. For general writing [this very bloggy]

[Created at, and modified!!]

I absolutely enjoy writing...
words are what i love the most
give me a thot 
and watch me drift away into wordland.... !!!


Bedazzled said...

umm .. its fun just writing without an agenda !!!

vishesh said...

I write because I feel like expressing myself :)

Anu said...

first of all, congrats!!!! 250 posts! wow!
and you know what, even i find it easier to write when i am angry or upset.. when i am happy, the words dont seem to come....... and as to why i write... well, i guess, want to get it all out... and talk to people who like the same things that i do... dont seem to meet many of them in the real world!

Aaarti said...

@Bhar n Vishesh - :))

@Anu- Ahh, interesting!! i shall observe when i write more and when i write less...!!

come to chennai and we shall meet. or do a trip to Blore and we can meet lakshmi too !! :) I've been lucky enuf to find a group of fun bloggers from chennai.. :)

and recently stumbled upon another gang from here...looking fwd to meeting them!!

gils said...

wow..250 huh :) gud gud...naalu blog..250 posts!!! very active blog lief u've :D

Prasad said...

woahhhhhhhh!!!! 250!!! great goin! :D

Srivats said...

//I'm at my 250th post..How abt that!! Ha //

Thats a milestone for sure!
Maintain 4 blogs is not a calk walk :)
Congradulations and keep up the good work!

vimmuuu said...

I blog for the first and the last reason - Fun o Fun !!! :D :D

Anonymous said...

I blog for fun (as you've said) and mainly 'cos I want to record certain memories for later days as I have VERY poor memory.

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