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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I know, its been 2months since my B'day flew by but there is one gift which is is yet to be opened... Its from my dear friend Anita, who I've known over 14yrs 16yrs and running [touch wood]...

Time to unwrap the gift[ err for those who've not understood, its a holiday package] and enjoy the adventures....!!!

The road beckons...
Tickets booked
Bags are nowhere in sight...
The packing list lies untouched

Beach, the sun, the streets
  Am sure there is more in store....
Excitement mounting within me
        Looking forward to new adventures............

Been long since i wandered
On my own,
Just me for company
Armed with nothing
but wishes, and advice
friends and family...
[the few souls who know where am headed...lolz]

Toodle dooo... ;o)

[before u ask, yes, i wrote that little verse...]

Off tomorrow noon and should be back next friday morning!!! Woohoooooo~!!!


vimmuuu said...

what was the gift??did i miss anything??? and where are u going now??? Im all go for vacations all the time !!

and btw, I comment here with my new URL and now whats your excuse ??? :D :D :D :D

G3 said...

Ennamo solla vareengannu puriyudhu aana ennanu dhaan theriyala :)) Anyways have a happy vacation :D

Aaarti said...

@Vimmuuu- the holiday is the gift, and am off somewhere exotic.. see that pic and try guessing... :D

Oye, what excuse u talking abt? i come religiously, read ur stuff and post comments no.. hmfph.. very bad u r... :D

Aaarti said...

@G3- aiyo enna achchu?? ungalukkum puriyaliya??naan veliyoorukku poreinnu solrein, avalavu thaan matter... abbada...!:D

Aaarti said...

sari, in lieu of 2 lost souls, have edited the post so others can understand and wont have to think too much..!! :D

gils said...


Chakoli said...

Wow...njoy :))))))))))))))

just be back soon... and have fun!!!!Cook some stories for us :DD

ms firefly said...

thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog!

have fun on your holiday, and be safe!

Vidya said...

Have a fun time! And there better be pictures! :D

Srivats said...

Have a lovely time with yourself, waiting to hear about the beaches sunsets and more :)

Ur friend was very thoughtful to gift u that.

Ok anyone my bday is coming up I am ok to travel ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it Port Blair?

Or Goa?

Have a great holiday, reading your lively, cheerful, bubbly verse I also feel like going on a vacation - alone with a camera and a cell phone :)
Bring loads of pictures!! This is an absolutely awesome gift!!!

wandering soul said...

I am guessing it must be Goa..
Have fun! :)

Swaram said...

Oh ho.. thatz awesome .. the gift and the verse :)
Nw, I am more than excited to read the travel tales :P

Beach, sun, adventures - pls pls post it soon :P

Aaarti said...

Gils - Sufera irundudu.... :D

Chaks-- Thanks babes!! sure had a blast

Aaarti said...

ms firefly - Your blog truly is beautiful!!! Had a lovely holiday... and the place i must say was far safer than wot i heard from those around..

Aaarti said...

Vidya-- link anupichena? illaina, will send rightaway.... :)

Aaarti said...

Sri - Thankees.. its always fun spending time with me and enjoying the personal space.. i tho surely need that every now and then..

well, my friends are damn sweet..hehe.. no doubts!!! was to go with a friend n her son, but then they dropped out, and so decided to just up and go on my own..

errr. wen is ur bday??? ;o)

Aaarti said...

IHM.. voila, you got it right in 2nd guess.. yep, that is where i went... Oh, its amazing fun.. spending time with me, exploring the place, clicking zillion pics... :))

Aaarti said...

Neelima - HI there.. yep, it was Goa indeed!! :)

Aaarti said...

Swaram- welcome here...:) Have just begun writing abt the prev trip i took, Coorg.. hopefully shd be done with that and start on this in a couple of days... :))
So many pics to choose from.. gosh.. i sure seem to have gone berserk with the camera!! :P

Swaram said...

Been here before too :) Yippee! So, I got a warm welcome here for the second time :D

Anonymous said...

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