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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

The day after i left for my holiday, mom and friends msgd saying its POURING in Chennai.. All i could do was kick myself and say Damn, what timing!! But heck, i wasnt gonna mope about it, i was in the land of beaches having a whale of a time!!

I got back and rains continued.. Infact they've been at it non stop till yesterday, when Rain Gods took a pause, maybe they needed a breather!! or they have a tie up with the Govt [ for those wondering what am talking about - the Govt declares schools shut cos of heavy rains, and voila, not a drop of rain to be seen] :)

Front porch @ home

Its not that i dont like rains, i love it.. Love going out, getting wet in the rain, Love the cool breeze that comes with it.. Love it love it.. Just dont like the Dampness and Gloominess it brings along!!

Sitting in my room, i can hear the drops of rain hitting the ground quite well
Makes me wanna take a cup of coffee or tea,sit by the window and stare outside all day....
Or just lie back, and watch a movie, or maybe 2 [like i did.. :)]
The one thing i would love to do is get out and do something fun

Which we did do on Saturday!!! What fun it was... Tho rains did threaten to dampen our plans!! :)

Went out in the morning a bit...

Somewhere on Usman road...

Again in the evening, went to K's house and then from there we swam over to Apar's place...
Chomping on hot Milagai bhajji [ Chilli bhajji] n sipping hot hot coffee-- Sheer blisss
Also had a bite of yummy Pongal, made by Apar's dad...n tried to get A jr to give us some of his fav Moong daal...

Reflection on walkway @ home

What is it about rain that has us all in different moods?
Was chatting with my cousin who said such a climate makes her wanna curl up and stay in bed...
Another said she just hates the rain cos it keeps her locked up inside all the time
One more was worried about how she was gonna make it to her class and work...
but the one thing we all agreed upon was that - We need rain.. Could use with as much as the Man upstairs wants to bestow upon us...
[this is where i said - i love rain, just wish it rained when it was ok with us..hehe... it was met with angry glares and curt scoldings.. tsk tsk, what friends i have!! :P]

Just as they were... backyard @home

I did what i do the best, take pictures of various places around home during and post rain.... :-)
[Psst., all pics were clicked by me!!]


Vidya said...

Ohh these pictures look great! I too heard my family complain a lot about rains in Madras! :D

I used to keep my balcony doors open and cook rava pakodas in the kitchen! :D Aahh, sheer bliss!!

G3 said...

Wow.. U still went out on saturday !!! Great.. We cancelled our plans :(( But daily on my trip to office and back home I get wet by default. Morning while going to office i would be like fully protected with raincoat, helmet etc.. but while returning back I never wear raincoat just to get wet in the rain :)))

And the best part is watching mountroad heavy rains from our office windows :))))) [Should I say it window / glass walls ;)]

G3 said...

//and cook rava pakodas//

Avvvv.. Something I am hearing for the first time.. Vidya 1 plate parcel plz :)

Srivats said...

//the Govt declares schools shut cos of heavy rains, and voila, not a drop of rain to be seen//

haha i know what you mean :) in my collage days I wake up looking to the corner of front door, where I can see whether the shade is dripping, if it is then its surely raining and I can take an off LOL

I love to sit around at home watching rain just as you do , now would love to sit with my love in that climate ;) hopeless hehe

I like the after rain, calm and beauty, the washed up buildings,raods and trees are quite interesting :) isnt ?

Oh this post takes my mood somewhere I better get back to working.

gils said...

chennaiyil oru mazhaikaalamnu title vachirukalam intha postuku :D nice post..padikarachay over pheel aguthu..i the missing chennai very much :(

Anu said...

hey, we are enjoying the rain here in bombay too.... its been steadily pouring since yesterday!!!! had to hunt out my umbrellas and rainy shoes.....

Swaram said...

superb pics! Loved loved the last one :) A pat on ur bk for sure :)

I loveee the rains too, only wish I hv monsoon vacations @ work :P

Am nw drooling over mirchi bhajjis and coffee ;) Y no pic of the bhajjis :P

vimmuuu said...

I hate rains ! I hate rains ! I hate rains ! I hate rains ! I hate rains !

CM-Chap said...

Someone cribbed to me tht..its HOT in Chennai :)

Nice pictures

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