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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009


What CAPTION would you give for these pictures???? Let your creativity flow..

Cmon, dont be shy.....:-)


Swaram said...

Oh wow! Interesting! Wil be back ;)

Gargling Garbage said...

Lol ... Same here :D ...

Vidya said...

okay: This is my caption for the first picture:

In one drop of water, you find the simple delights of life!

Second Caption:
My heart melts like chocolate when I see you and a rainbow together!

Third Caption:
Aah, what would we do if not for the diversity in people, thoughts and colors

vishesh said...

1) last one standing..

2)waiting to be eaten :)

3)Not enough to burn my candles.. :P

rauf said...

first picture : PLOONK !

Second picture : Aiyoo !

Third picture : Why ?

Aaarti said...

Swaram n GG - ahem, enough sleeping, now come back and out with it!!! escapistssss... :P

Aaarti said...

Vid- fascinating....

Aaarti said...

Vishesh- haha.. good ones

Aaarti said...

Rauf- hrmpfh....

Anonymous said...

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