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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fwd Blackberry Commandments

Received a interesting mail fwd today from a dear friend and thought i must share it with all my readers and fellow BBbuds!! :)

Applies to all blackberry lovers/users.

1. Thou shalt not take the BlackBerry to any table with food on it or family around it. A BlackBerry is not a fruit, nor does it come from a tree.

2. Thou shalt not use the BlackBerry as reading material in the event of insomnia. It will only worsen your situation.

3. Thou shalt not BlackBerry in lieu of responding to a child's request (e.g., "Wait a second, I'm reading something.").

4. Thou shalt not place the BlackBerry within distance of hearing its incessant beeps while at home. It is not a bird.

5. Thou shalt not check BlackBerry as if it were your baby. It will not cry or stop breathing.

6. Thou shalt not confuse number of e-mails with self-worth.

7. Thou shalt do everything possible to misplace your BlackBerry on weekends. "There's No Place Like Home" will never be the tagline for the BlackBerry company.

8. Thou shalt remember that a BlackBerry is not a body appendage. It is a device that belongs in your briefcase or on your desk, and not in social settings.

9. Thou shalt refrain from bringing the BlackBerry to events involving family interaction. Extraneous dialogue with this contraption in lieu of real conversation suggests addiction.

10. Thou shalt never, ever, ever bring the BlackBerry to bed. Do this and you are BlackBuried!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ties and Bonds

Gone are the days when all we relied on was the worn out blue paper that brought notes from our loved ones. Today we have the telephone - the landline at home, or the mobile phone, and then there is the computer - we use it to email, network, chat, tweet, IM and some more with people we know and dont...  I have so many of my family members on Facebook- not that its a bad thing [there are some i don't want on my list, who stay out, as for others- Bah, cant be bothered].. Anyways, what i realized was that with family, we can chat, exchange notes, keep each other abreast of whats been happening, but the face to face catching up makes a world of difference.

My uncle is visiting from USA, its been 3yrs or so since we last saw him.. And in the time, we did keep him updated on all that we had been upto- personally, professionally, academically, travel, hobbies, etc etc and some more... But the few days we spent in each others' company, i noticed is very different! Even though we have grown closer over the years, could be due to my growing older, or just maturing or getting comfortable with each other; the tete a tetes always help bridge the last gap in the bond. Family ties i guess are stronger and take longer to build, unlike our friends, with whom we can chill, be easy and know its super strong, as if based on a can of Fevicol or something even stronger!  Not just him, this holds true for any members of our family that i meet after long [inspite of being in touch with them through the gap]

We have come to understand each other better, - spending time shopping or just doing nothing at home also helps at times! when you see a person in their natural setting, watching them behave or live their life is definitely something that will affect our opinion about them... When on Fb or twitter or chat, we might be randomly talking about things, or at times having serious talks, but the effect is again different when done in person, especially with family...

Anyone noticed this? or is it just me? do share!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Am not talking about a game of cards, or the different classifications in the cards; or for that matter, a spade used in the garden! 

The spade i am referring to is the one i call a SPADE!!  Heard the expression- Calling a spade a spade? well, it firts me to the T, to the very last dot and am sure the person who framed knew i was gonna be born!! I have this habit of being a little too frank at times and that is when i either get appreciated or totally knocked down by those around me! 

 "To speak plainly - to describe something as it really is."
No beating around the bush
No buttering things up or adding some sweet icing to it
if i like something - i blurt it out
and if i dont like something - i blurt that out as well 

And during my little lifetime, i've managed to step/do the tango on quite a few feet, much to the chagrin of family.. Friends know me and are completely alright and know what i mean when i say/comment on something! But for some reason, it doesnt sit well with family... Who would have thought one would have to pussy foot around members of their own clan? Why watch what i say when am around people who are my blood?  but well, thats what the case seems to be!

I cant comment on something without someone reprimanding me- You are being rude!! 
Ahem.. hellow, nothing wrong in saying that a cousin's kid is not supposed to play with my lappy or open draws and cupboards at home while the kids parents are busy yakking away.... 

I shouldnt defend Floppy or my sis when someone passes a not so nice remark!! they are guest, ergo they can say what they want... and they are probably some uncle/aunt/cousin that we are close to!!

I demand to know why we cant speak out heart with those who are "Close" to us? 
With friends, i can fire away and know they will take it in the right sense and they know i will take it in the right sense if they are to criticise/comment/correct/scold...!! 

Any such experiences?? Do share!!!  

Till then, i shall contiue calling a Spade a spade!!

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