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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 20 - Soaps and Life

There was once a time when i used to enjoy watching TV and the various Sitcoms - esp on Star World- Everybody Loves Raymond
Whose line is it anyway
Will & Grace
Different Strokes
Three's Company
and ofcourse my all time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

And now it has come to a point, where i barely watch any TV, but am hooked on watching the shows from my Hard drive....
Two and a Half Men
How i Met your Mother
House MD
and ofcourse my all time favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S 

A phenomenon i see happening around me is during conversations we have started relating to certain instances with an episode or a character from one of these shows...!! And for people in the gang who have not seen any, am sure it is frustrating and they want to rip us all apart... But then, being the sweet souls that we are, w proceed to explain the show, and give reference to the instance we are talking about as well .. Not just me, but i see quite a few around me do the same... Its fun, but at times makes me/us wonder "Are we watching too much of these shows or becoming like them?"... and then we shrug it off, laugh and move on untill it pops up again.... 

The same i see with those who watch Tamil soaps too... From mom to aunts to friend's parents, whenever they are together you can be sure they will talk about a person at a function/home/place and connect them with a character from a show...!! 

Amazing how the idiot box seems to have taken over our minds to a point where we dont think beyond what we see on it...Scary!!

Btw, You should watch all the shows i've mentioned... they are absolutely amazing!! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I absolutely dont watch any tv almost... but for cricket and some soccer these days... !!!

I havent watched any of the soaps.. and have a generic hatred towards them as my wife, mom, sis in law.. all get hooked by them... !!!

Anu said...

There was a time when we used to eagerly look forward to TV, esp in the days before so many channels turned up, but today, i hardly watch any TV...thankfully, no one at home is a serial addict, so that is avoided...its only samhith who watches tv at home today, and i wish i could divert him from that!!!

Prats said...

Thats a good compilation...Haven't seen some of them...Would watch them as soon as I get chance :-)

I don't watch TV except for matches or news....All the sitcoms are viewed on the HDD without advertisements :-D

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