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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 21 - Friends

 A person we know for 2days - a friend?
A person we've known for over 1 week- a friend?
A person we've known for over 1 month - a friend?
A person we've known for over few months- a friend?
A person we've known for nearly a year- a friend?
A person we've known for over 1 year- a friend?
A person who's in our age group- a friend?
A person we've connected with instantly-a friend
A person who's with you through thick and thin- a friend
A person with whom you've developed a bond- a friend
A person who you know will be there to help you no matter what- a friend
A person who's 100s of kilometers away,and yet close to your heart- a friend
A person you might not have spoken to for months and yet you catch up right where you left off - a friend
A person with whom you can be yourself- a friend.....................

A big Hi Hello to all my friends, and just wanted to say, Thank you for not just passing through my life, but being  part of it!!


UmaS said...

Thanks, then I come in some category - I am ur friend !!! :)

BTW, how was ur Trip to Madurai ???

Anu said...

Nice one, Aarti... so many types of friends... one normally wouldnt think so..... but as i have been realising of late, i have more friends online than in the real world! so yes, we are friends too, and thanks for being there!

Swaram said...

He he he friends r the best :D :D :D

Lakshmi said...

interesting thought..

rauf said...

over 50-55 years of friendship, we meet regularly, they come and i go over.
Facebook, chats with friends i have never met hasn't diminished my socialising ORTEEDEE. Some friends have moved away to different places, some became difficult but i keep the years gone by in my mind and ignore the unpleasantness. i have been watching my nephew and niece's friends, friendship means nothing more than movies and eating out to them, perhaps the bond gets stronger as the time passes or grows weaker, both ways. Some friends are an embarrassment or i am an embarrassment to them. But this is India, we are not very frank, we keep things to ourselves just to carry on the friendship.
But having 500 friends on Facebook is riddicoolass. You have 266, i juss chekkedu Orteedee, how many have you actually metted ? Actually my old friends are not on FB, they haven't touched a keyboard in their lives.

rauf said...

btw Orteedee, out of 68 i have on FB, i have not meeted 5 of dem. Buttoo those 5 know more about me than my real life friends
How strange is that ?
i want to keep it low but 4 are knocking the door, have to add them.

Pushpee said...

A big hello my friend...blogging everyday keeps us alert,,,what fun!!!! keep writing..I will lurk along hugz

Aaarti said...

Uma - oh yes, u are in the FRIENDS category ofcourse!!
Trip was awesome.. amazing..good fun...enjoyed and glad i went :)

Aaarti said...

Anu - i know.. there are times when some online friends are there for me, and at times most of them i'm yet to meet.. like u... :)) and for me, friends are my Support system!! :D

Aaarti said...

Swaram... Pushpee -- :D

Lakshmi- :) interesting and something to ponder abt

Aaarti said...

Rauf-i know wot u mean... infact in this post, i realised i've not incl one imp aspect.. there are friends who we have not met, but who are there for us...

Off the 200+ on my fb, am sure there are over 50 that i've not met, but known for over 2yrs and good friends with!! we might be miles apart,but we know we can depend on each other at a time of need... :)) that is the beauty of friendship accarding to me!! :D

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