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Monday, August 16, 2010


Everytime i hear the words "Wassup" am tempted to say "the fan, the ceiling, my chimes, few mosquitoes randomly stuck upside down"..[and mind you, i have said one of these, all of these at different points of time] .. but nowadays, i've realised people use the word "Wassup" just as a ice breaker!! 

  • Awkward silences are filled with "Wassup"
  • Across social networking sites, micro blogging sites, its become a routine to exchange atleast a handful of "Wassup[s]" with people you've been interacting with... 
  • While on chat, if you've reached a point where there is nothing more to talk about [oh,yes,that happens with a few souls], in comes the infamous "Wassup"
  • Not to forget , text messages... especially from people who you've not been in touch with for a while.. out of the blue, bursting in your face .. there it is, the unmistakeable -- "Wassup"... 
It is nice to hear the word at times... atleast lets you know the other person remembers you!! :D

No more How are you doing? or Whats happening at your end?  be it a normal meeting;a do or die situation.. its always................yep, you guessed it..... "Wassup"

So, Wassup people? been long since i was here..!! all going good at your end i hope... Am sure you've all had your share of --
--Few mishaps every now and then
--Headaches and painful bosses on your ass
--Wondering if life is going the way you planned it or not
--Felt the need to show the middle finger  a few times every day... 

he he... 

"Wassup" i say!!! :D

Disclaimer: I opened the New post box, and stared at it.. and then , my hands and keyboard took over and the post happened...!! :o)
And if you know me, you'll know i am a good & sweet gurl... lolz!!


Swaram said...

Am gud. Hope u r too :)
Painful bosses :grrrrrr I so wanna send them away from this planet :P

Avni Iyer said... gonna share this post wid nits.. as all he asks me is wassup :p

rauf said...

oye' Wassup ?

vishesh said...

wassup? :P You know my answer- the roff, the sky and the universe and whatever is beyond that :D

Anonymous said...

Till now I have not discovered a proper reply for the "Wassup" question. It works wonders as ice breaker

Lakshmi said...

painful bosses eh ! i know where thats coming from..also lethargic partner you would want to add :)

Vidya said...

'Sup Aarti! I was smiling all along at this post! :D

pallavi said...

Ha ha!!! Fitting reply to 'wassup'. The next time someone asks me, I'll know what to say :-) Just that we don't have any ceiling fans here,but I can still say 'Bulb' ;-)

Janani said...

The only time I don't mind a wassup or hey, how's it going is when u meet someone on the stairs. They're past you before you can gather yourself and you just have to turn around the bend.

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