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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

[Thursday Challenge] Wired

Saw this concept -Thursday Challenges last week on Uma's blog, but since i was travelling did not have time to put up a post.. Today, thought why not, lets participate

Theme for today is: "TECHNOLOGY" (Machines, Gears, Engines, Mobile Phones, Laptops, Wires, Toy Robots,...)

Then: A camera from yesteryear, stored carefully at home!!! The ultimate! Dying to fix it and use .. 

Now: .. The iPod Touch i use to listen to music

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The yellow smiley

Mom: how do you get that yellow colour smiley face?
I: Cos i put a ":" and then a " )"
Mom: i did the same thing, but dint get the yellow smile face....
I: hmmm ...

Few days later, mom comes over to my desk and says
Mom: was chatting with your uncle today, and during the chat he too put a yellow smiley face.
I: Hmmm.. ya, we all use it
Mom: I still dont know how to put it
I: Ma, told you how to do it..
Mom: No, i dont get it.. next time you show me how you do it.. want to learn
I: ok..

I was done with work, and then showed her the laptop and told her "Go, and try your smiley now" .........

Mom: [patiently logged into her facebook... opened chat, found my sis online  and starts her experiment]
V said i have to put a : and then a - and then the )......
I: Ma, put a colon and then the bracket
Mom: ok.. i did, now what? see it is still :) and not a yellow smiley
I: Clicked enter to show her the yellow smiley
Mom: what did you do? you did something i know!! show show....
I: : ) followed by Enter
Mom: Ahh, okay...
Then y did V say i need to put : - ).??
I: yes, ma, that is also another way of putting the same smiley
Mom: Nice
Sometimes you people put : and D.. what is that? do you type the D?
I: Yep... :D See??
Mom: nice....!! See, you are all smart.. you know all this
[goes on to check her fb and then logs out...]
I: Nothing like that. just look around, experiment and you too will learn....

Phew!! ;-)
wonder when she will ask about the wink faces and hearts we put on chat windows.... lolz!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

No Onions, No Garlic... Thank you!!

What was/is the fuss all about? I kept wondering! Everytime there was/is a menu being planned or when someone mentions eating out or taking away, there was/is a hoo haaa at home!! Instantly there were/are 2 hands that go up saying "nothing for us thank you" and it was much later that i figured out the reason behind this reaction... My grandparents dont eat Onions or garlic... I dint understand why !! 

Since i lived most part of my life in different cities, away from maternal grandparents it dint make too much of a difference to me on their taste preferences...  only since 2000, when i've started living with them, did it nag me wee bit... I have no issues cooking here, and i do so quite often.. and 99.99% of the time it is without Onions and garlic, infact it makes no difference to me, cos its almost like i cook on auto pilot... 

Onions and garlic stay away from my mind and ergo, the kitchen as well..I have had friends gape when i mention this... I am surprised at their reaction...  

"OMG, you cook without Onions and garlic................ how?" 

I chuckle and tell them "yep, and food tastes just as good, if not better"....

They walk away shaking their head in disbelief... :D

We go out to eat, make sure there are some dishes ordered without Onions and garlic, we do take away, same deal.... when we go out for weddings etc, me and mom/uncle are always on lookout for such dishes so grandparents can eat something!! 

The nag in my mind was only because i hadn't found a satisfactory answer to "Why they dont eat Onion or garlic".......... I have NO issues with following this rule, just want to know WHY!! :)

Response 1 when i was about 10-- Gramma says its because after a certain point in life, one needs to stop eating them....
I dont buy it...

Response 2 when i was 12-- Gramma says its cos they grow underground 
ya right...i dont buy it....

Response 3 when i was 20 - Gramma says its cos they grow underground and are forbidden ... cos it was followed by her parents and in laws
Dang... i still dont buy it... 

I start reading, digging on the net and in books around to try and find a solution that i know they know but arent telling.... .

Voila... found it... Check out this website... Why no onions and garlic? 

Onions and garlic are known to be aphrodesiacs and so avoided by many, especially those who wish to move on to the next phase of life, become more religious, closer to God... and so on!! 
Garlic is good for our blood... why then would it be avoided? Am baffled... anyone got any other answers to this, pls do share......

Some more interesting reading on No onion and no garlic

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ode to Friends...

I know a lot of people
Some i've met multiple times
Some i've never seen and yet we are close
but it is those select few
who i call FRIENDS...
They are there for me
near and far
Day in and day out

we laugh
we cry
we scream
we chide
we reprimand
we travel
we share it all ......

Saw this video today on Facebook that reminded me of how valuable and beautiful FRIENDSHIP is.... Just wanted to share it here!!

Thank you to all my FRIENDS.... I sure have been lucky in finding you !!! Hugsss!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vinayaka Chathurthi is here...

We chant this prayer , receive blessings and then begin any new task- it could be going to school, starting work, a new home, birthday, and just about everything else in life!! The elephant God or Ganesha is the most preferred God by many, including yours truly!   

The Huge Ganesha idol in Halebeedu  

Gajaananam bhoodha ghanaathi sevitham
    kabhitha jamboo palasara pakshitham
    umaasutham sokha vinaasakaranam
    namaami vigneswara paadha pankajam   
    The Meaning of this slokha

    Meaning: He who has the face of an elephant, one who is worshipped by the Bhooda ganam, He who eats the  essence of kabitha and Jumbu fruits, He who is the son of Uma Devi and He who alliuiates the ill fellings in us. O! Lord Vigneshwara who is an embodiment of all the above, we offer our Namaskarams at your Divine feet.

    "The whole cosmos is known to be the belly of Ganesha. Parvati is the primordial energy. The seven realms above, seven realms below and seven oceans, are inside the cosmic belly of Ganesha, held together by the cosmic energy (kundalini ) symbolized as a huge snake which Ganesha ties around Him. The mouse is nothing but our ego. Ganesha, using the mouse as a vehicle, exemplifies the need to control our ego. One who has controlled the ego has Ganesha consciousness or God-consciousness."

We chant this prayer , receive blessings and then begin any new task- it could be going to school, starting work, a new home, birthday, and just about everything else in life!! The elephant God or Ganesha is the most preferred God by many, including yours truly! He is my friend, foe and family... There are times when i am ranting raving, and other times when am cursing him for something that happened.. And ofcourse there is the joy of sharing good news with him as well!! Did i mention i also collect Ganesha? yep!!

"Ganesha is also known as first worshipped God of Hindu. He is the god of wisdom and success. For the fulfillment of desires, the Ganesha’s blessing is very essential. There are numerous stories in Hindu legends are connected with Ganesha, the birth of this elephant-headed god whose vehicle is the Mooshak (rat) and who loves Modaks.

According to one legend, Parvati formed Ganesha from the sandalwood dough which she used for her breathed life into him. When she went to have her bath, he stood as guard at the door. When her husband, Shiva arrived the child who had never seen him stopped him. That time Shiva became angry and severed the head of the child and went in his house. When Parvati knew that her son was dead, distraught, then she asked Shiva to revive him. So, Shiva cut off the head of an elephant and set it on the body of Ganesha."

Every year, we bring home a Ganesha idol made of Clay, perform a small pooja, buy lot of fruits, prepare sweet offerings and celebrate the Birthday of Ganesha or Ganesh Chathurthi as it is called! But this year, we dint celebrate at home, atleast at grandparents place and uncle's place[granpa's bro had passed away recently]..Gramma did do a small pooja and we prayed to the various Ganesha's around our home!!  But mom did, and she brought us yummy Kozhukattais, appam, and vadai.... 
I made the lunch, a simple one at that!!
-Pal payasam
-Tomato and Capsicum Sambar
-Beans curry
-Idly for gramma...

Normally, on this day, we go on a drive in the evening visiting various temples, and trying to catch a glimpse of the various diferent kinds of Ganeshas in the city.. Big tall idols, small idols, decorated ones, and so on...

In the evening, the Ganesha idol from the temple at the corner of our street is brought around on his chariot, making a stop at most homes to offer blessings to residents..Its is a lovely sight

 All these pictures were taken at home.. of idols scattered across the rooms!! There are more, but alas, my camera batt died.. will click and upload rest tonight!!

Have a Lovely Chathurthi and weekend all!!

Flash backs..Deja vu.[s]

Last evening Lakshmi called to tell me about a song she heard as she walked into a restaurant... and we knew that the same thing/instance/person was running in both our heads at the same time!! 

Similarly, there are days when i am watching a scene from a movie, or walk by a particular store, or pick out a certain dress! I know most of us go through these moments of Deja vu, but i keep wondering if there is a way of deleting/erasing the not so good ones and just retaining the good ones!! 

While in Bangalore, in April, i remember being out on a drive with a friend and we had a particular conversation at a traffic signal, and every time we would pass by that particular the exact words we exchanged kept cropping into my head!! No matter how many other conversations we had had,i remembered this... infact told him about it and we had a good laugh... 


Today is Vinayaka Chathurthi, and probably the 1st one my sister is missing[ for those who dont know, or dont remember, She is now in Hydie working] :D.. When she was about 2-3yrs old, she would go around telling mom she wanted " that thing that is white on the outside with that brown and sweet thing inside".. Mom was puzzled, and just had no clues what it was.. My sis went around asking others for the same, but no one knew what she wanted!!  Took a while, and on a day when mom made Kozhukatai, she came screaming excitedly saying "This is that white on the outside, brown and sweet on the inside that i wanted"..yipeee!! hahah.. Imagine our reaction when we saw this puzzle get solved!! :D we were all baffled and ready to go bang our heads for not having figured it out... 

The other day my friend called from Amsterdam to invite me to his daughter's 1st Bday.... I've known him since 3rd std!! Mentioned this call to mom, and for the next hour it was all Flashbacks!!  The days me and my friend would sit around talking, how he came home everyday with some little trinket when i was hurt and recuperating and the bike ride he took me on the day of my cousins' wedding in Blore!

Another instance was the conversation i had with gramma few days ago when she was making Dosas for dinner... we were randomly talking about things, and the topic of my aunt popped in... Gramma's Sis... she is ailing from breast cancer, we thought it was over and she was on path to recovery, but then somethin gor the other kept happening, a boil here, pain there... Anyways, we got to talking about how long she'd been ill, when she finally confessed it to her hubby and then to us[ she'd hidden it for a whole year from all] and how twisted life is.... Remembered another aunt passing away cos of cancer, gramma's bro passing away all of which happening just before this aunt's illness came to light.... gramma got quite upset and was quiet for a while, till i changed the topic and distracted them... Am sure the sleepless nights she spends are cos of all these worries! Sigh!!!

Strange how life takes us around..Almost like we are on a Merry go round that never ends, but some people who get on it leave behind an impression- good and bad!.... Looking forward to more such rides...... 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bring out the butter

Its time for some celebrations once again.. Today is Lord Krishna's Birthday- we call it Krishna Jayanthi/Gokulashtami, while some others Janmashtami..  Lord Sri Krishna was born on the 'Rohini' nakshatram (star) on Ashtami day.  

The entire house takes on a festive look and feel...People are either busy making something, or out shopping for fruits or cleaning up the house!

1st on agenda is making some of the sweets and savories that Krishna's supposed to love--
Vella Cheedai
Uppu Cheedai   

Then comes the bowls filled with fruits
Nagappazham [Jambool]

But the best of it all are the tiny feet we draw from the entrance to the puja room, and to every room in the house. I am the designated person who creates these at home... 

Rice flour mixed with water and a small piece of cloth is all that is used to make the little feet...

 [Pic Courtesy:]

The other offerings are ofcourse,
A bowl of butter
A small dollop of Dried ginger mixed with jaggery
Small cup of Aval with sugar soaked in milk

Around 6pm, we do a small puja and then  dig into the bakshanams [sweets& savories]... It is said that Lord Krishna was born at Midnight, and so gramma says we need to leave the Puja room open and some of the eats made intact so he can come enjoy them!! 

A few days ahead of the day, you will find Krishna idols all over the city,  looking so beautiful and colorful.... 

We dont buy an idol, but do puja for the Krishna's at home... All pictures shared above are from our Pooja room and the last one hangs beautifully on a wall as you enter home!!