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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Q for Quick

How quick we are to judge a person
based on their looks/clothes they wear/the way they talk/vehicle they drive

How quick we are to jump to conclusions
without hearing what they have to say [in full]

How quick we are to shrug off an idea
because it simply dint sound right

How quick we are to smile/frown
with nothing but a peek of that "person"

How quick we are in putting off doing a task
just because it is boring or seems impossible

How quick we are to reject an offer
without exploring it further

How quick we are in making certain purchases
without thinking too much about cost or value

How quick we are in criticising movie makers
with little thought to the effort they must have put in [even for the terribly made movies]

How quick we are in walking out on a relationship
letting our fears take over, or our ego drive our heart away 

How quick we are in spilling a word
without blinking our eye to think of the repercussions

How quick we are in making/breaking plans
simply because we felt like it

How quick we are to pack
especially when we are looking fwd to the destination

How quick we are to criticize a person
without thinking about them/their thoughts/situation

How quick we are to write/wrap
when it is meant for someone we love 

How quick we are to complain
without a thought of what happened

How quick we are to advice
because we feel we know it all or we are better judges/more mature [without thinking about them/their situation/past]

How quick we are to waste [food/time/energy]
simply because we think we have enough of it

How quick we are in cooking a dish
only because we know "the person" loves them

How quick we are to neglect
we think they dont care/dont deserve 

How quick we are to love
Without wondering about the future...

How quick we are...................... 
How quick....


Vijayganesh said...

Aaha.... superb.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. quite a list there....

Prats said...

Sooperb!!! Things well said :-)

Kachra said...

Q ... is being Quick good or bad???

Chakoli said...

Q uick to put a comment ;)

Aarti said...

Q for quick- sometimes good, sometimes bad.... :)

Thanks for all your comments...

Suneel Gudipati said...

Your posts have been really interesting, and helpful.

Suneel Gudipati said...

Your posts have been really interesting, and helpful.

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