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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

L for Love

There are so many different kinds of love, i am not even going to get into that... Wanted to write about something that moved me today, something i saw, something i couldnt believe, and something that is for real... 

While surfing channels, i halted at Animal Planet as always, and paused a minute when i saw a Lioness taking care of a baby Oryx.. Put down my cup of tea, and stayed glued to the TV for about half hour and by the time the show was over, i was fighting back tears. 

This is something that happened in 2002 in Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya. The host of the show was in her jeep, a few feet from the Lioness and the calf, with the lioness protecting the calf. It wouldn't let the calf out of its sight. Apparently, the calf was a month or so old and was separated from its mommy , and somehow the Lioness had adopted the little one as its baby. Even though the lioness had no milk, it shadowed the calf every step it took. The hostess showed how there were quite a few groups of lions in various parts of the  Reserve, and this lioness, named  Kaumnyak was a loner. She dint have a family, no gang of girls, and no babies of her own either. The narrator guessed she must have been separated from her family and clan and was a loner, which made it difficult for her to survive in the wild. This went on for about 2weeks, Kaumnyak hadn't eaten a thing, and all that the calf had was some grass he could nibble on.. They were both growing weak, and the narrator was talking about how they were all worried for the animals. 

As summer wore on, the Lioness took the calf to the pond for a drink of cool water, and within a few days, the calf become a meal to a Lion with Kaumnyak standing by helpless.... Apparently, the lioness has adopted quite a few Oryx calves after this one, but none survived as long as this baby did... Talk about strange love... Who would have thought a lioness and a deer calf would bond...  

A video of the Lioness and the calf

There are times in our life, we get attached to people who are not related to us, not blood relative, and all we feel is some strange connection and Boom, we are close friends, thicker than thieves and look out for each other at all times..
And it pains us when they go through rough patch, we feel helpless and lost.... All we can offer is love, care and a shoulder to lean on... its beautiful, and i have realised to not ask any questions, but to simply go with my gut and intuition.. And again, there are some with whom we connect, who dont reciprocate, and worse, they bite us leaving us high and dry..!! C'est la vie i guess.. 


The Pseudonym said...

Lion can show so much love to a deer calf? I am totally surprised. Just wondering what it wod have gone through while another lion ate it.

Man with his 6 senses cannot respect his fellow human beings.

What love!

Also read ur dhyanalingam piece. Such a lovely place, no. I was there for a while it is so peaceful. Sometimes my disturbed mind could not bear the silence.

gils said...

whoa senti peiece...l for love irukatum...v for voicea t for take care

UmaS said...

Thats so touching....

Me said...

I love this post! Beings are beings everywhere I guess! I am slowly learning that even in times of "betrayal" there is something there for me to learn!

Wonderful post!


Chakoli said...

amzingpost :))

love has no boundaries no breed....

reaaly wonderful :)

Helene said...

Wow that was a surprise. Cute video

Anonymous said...

what a lovely post!

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