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Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Jinx

It is almost like April is not my month...

Travels- all plans fell flat- Even a trip to Blore seems to not happen!! 
Technology- almost all the gizmos i use have conked or is being cranky... 

If things go wrong, don't go with them.  ~Roger Babson
But then, am not worried.. I know this is a phase, and this too shall pass [it had better] :)

A friend asked me today - your Bb conked and you are ok with that? not bought a new one?
Me: Yep, something is wrong , looks like i need to reformat, bla bla... But know what this basic Nokia phone is all that i need.. i have the numbers of those close to me, who i am in touch with regularly and that is enough
Friend: what about others? 
Me: Well, i am using my number and they can still call or sms .. I might not know instantly who they are , but i will figure it out
Friend: [pregnant pause] How can you go from BB to Nokia? Dont you miss Twitter, Fb and BBM?
Me: umm, ya, i miss them, but then its cool... Nothing lost... not like i got no life without a BB!!
Friend: [Gives up and hangs up]

I dont get hassled or upset, technology and everything else in life is bound to mess up, and go wrong... So what? 
They will get alright eventually... Else, we figure out a way out... :)
C'est la vie!!

Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.  ~Glenn Turner


Prats said...

I agree with you, its who are the masters of the gadget not the other way round. It should be our choice to prioritize what we need in life and it should not depend on a gadget.

UmaS said...

Oh dear !!! But I am glad that u still hv the old and gold Nokia. We are the masters of our gadgets.

Wish u were there yday, for the meet.

gils said...

use and throw kelvi patruken..throw and use panna ipdi thaan agum

Anonymous said...

:-) Nokia has all the mobile basics. So y not? Switching to that from a BB would not be easier, but it is sure to save a lotta time...Go ahead!!

Me said...

This is a healthy attitude towards technology! I don't have data plan on my BB in India and it forces me to stay off the blackberry nearly 24/7!


chandni said...

that's exactly like me. I couldn't care less :)

gave up the job recently and th BB went with it. Back to my trusted old nokia phone with no plans of buying another!

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