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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Age with grace

Age is just a number- I agree to this statement whole heartedly, but i also believe you need to accept your age and help your body cope with the changes...

I see so many people around me who are fighting the battle of "Growing old"... I wonder why? 
I see quite a few who are trying to do what they did when they were 20 even when they are kicking 70... Why?

At home, granpa who is 75+ wants to climb stairs like he did 10yrs ago, he wants to bend, sit on the floor, and be as active as he was 10yrs ago.. Alas, he still does these things, but then slumps on the sofa or bed and complains of knee pain... When i ask him to take it easy, i get a earful about how "all you want is for me to sit and not do anything is it? i feel useless as it is...." ... Why doesnt he understand that though in his head he feels good, healthy, and young, his body has aged and refuses to cooperate? I see this not just with him, but with so many others as well... 

Whenever i visit the airport, or attend a public function, i see some people being brought in a wheelchair...I think to myself "good, atleast they have help and have taken it up", but when i talk to them, i hear a whole different story ... "I hate being in a wheelchair, makes me feel like an invalid... I wish these knees would cooperate and let me walk... cant take a step today, inspite of knee replacement, etc" ... I feel sad on hearing this...  

There are people i know who are less than 30 and have diabetes, or osteoporosis, and what this group, there are a few who wallow in misery, while others just do what they have to do and go about life... Its all about Attitude as well :)

Mom keeps joking about  how her generation and next will probably have more health issues even before hitting 60... A friend of mine who's been married 11+yrs and has 2kids keeps chiding me "woman, i am jealous, you are leading a chilled out life while i am growing old, slaving over a family, kids and a dog" :D

I have also realised that all the abuse we put our body through at younger age, comes back to bite us in the ass as we grow old... 

Am not preaching about exercise, or eating right- heck, i got no right to do so!! :D 
Just sharing what i observe around me... that kinda jolts me to reality and that one day i too could become like them...!! sigh...

Take care of your body today...
More than that... 
Accept that you are growing old.... and listen to your body! 


Anu said...

this is true for everyone! samhith is 8 and wants to be 18, my father in law is 72 and thinks he is still 27! he still wants to work just the way he used to in his twenties....

shail said...

I have thought on similar lines too. Once my husband held out his hand to help his aged Uncle to stand up. I offered mine to him on the other side. After a stroke he finds it difficult to walk. But oh my, he was so offended. He said accepting my husband's help itself was causing him shame and accepting my help would be going too far. I found such pride ridiculous to say the least. Why go to extremes? One tries to be independent as long as one can. When you don't why make a fuss about accepting help? I certainly hope I won't grow old to be unreasonable in my pride :)
Not enough emphasis is given to health when we are younger. Even when we try those around belittle our effort or make fun (I am talking of aam junta). They say things like, 'You are slim, why do you need to diet, or excercise' or things like that. Looking good and staying healthy is understood only by a really small number. I have always faced surprised or mocking responses to exercising, going for walks etc just because I had already been slim. Somehow somewhere it got to me eventually and I got careless. Now I regret not having stuck to my own ideas. Oh well... I can't blame anyone but myself! ;)
Ooops, a long comment :)

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