Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bookmarks handmade...

So, i was headed out to lunch with 2 Blogger gal pals- Uma and Pallavi [who was visiting from UK].. I decided a few minutes before leaving home to take them something... And true to my new found interest, i made them each a funky Origami Bookmark :-)

It was wonderful watching the surprise and grin on their faces.. Infact, Uma instantly asked if i had a white marker pen so i could sign on them... :-)

How to make the Bookmark Tsuru--


Nisha said...

So now I can also expect one when I meet you. :-)

Really, they are very pretty & different.

I have so many of them that sometimes I feel it is bookmark that fascinates me than the book itself.

Aarti said...

You betcha Nisha :) I love Bookmarks, bring some home everytime i visit the bookstore, library or from wherever i see em :)


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