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Monday, April 2, 2012

The Oracle Cards

Few years ago, when in Pondy, i met a friend V, and as we wandered the floors of Casablanca, she mentioned "Oracle Cards"- how they were very nice, each card had an image and a message that you read into with the book that came along with them. I was truly fascinated [ever since i had my Tarot reading done] and i probed further. That evening when we met again for coffee, she had a wrapped parcel in her hand, that held a box of Oracle Cards.. I was so touched and overwhelmed! 

Welll, it has been 3years since and i hadnt even opened the stack of cards, blame it on work, blame it on "time hadnt come".. But last evening, when i met 2 other friends, one of who is a Tarot reader, we got around to talking about these cards, and she asked me what my deck was.. First thing today morning I pulled out the box and texted her "Healing with fairies". I then opened the box, took out the book and saw much to my surprise, the cards had butterfly on them... :-) 
 The cards with the pretty butterfly on them

 A random card pulled out to show the message & image

I did fan out the cards, pick one and see what it said for me... And then, glanced through the book till i landed on the page with the message to understand the same. Quite fascinating indeed... Infact, a friend said "its quite addictive..." hmmm....


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