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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Why do dogs leave the earth first

I read this on Facebook, and thought it was well worth sharing....

At my grandparents' house, they've always had a dog- it could be a German Shepherd or a Boxer, but we have always had one... The very 1st pup that came home [of which i remember] was a little girl called Sheeba, our neighbor's dog had a litter and we bought one from them, she was this tiny labrador pup, off white in colour and was the angel of our eyes. I recall being in Chennai for summer holidays when she came home..

Mom would put her in a large tub with a towel on the bottom in the bathroom we dint use, but she would squeal to no end.. until we opened the room and brought her out. She was so tiny she couldnt jump over the tub yet.. And then there were the days when she would be running around the living room with my grampa screaming his head off "no dog on the sofa, it is pissing here, doing that , going there, etc" .. And so time went by, and one morning i woke up to silence.. Saw mom and aunt sitting quietly on the sofa... As i went to the balcony to say good morning to Sheeba, granpa took me aside and told me "Sheeba died last night, am so sorry, something must have bit her"... That was the 1st time i felt that piercing pain that is indescribable and one that took eons to get over...It was time for me to head back to Tirunelveli for school beckoned and i guess with time i kinda came to terms with Sheeba's demise... 

And after that, for a few years there was no dog at home.. We moved to Chennai in 1990, and within a year or 2, my uncle brought home a cute little Boxer pup- Boss we kids named her... she was the quietest dog i have ever seen... Such an adorable darling she was... Gramma used to sit in the room near the kitchen and make dosas for dinner [has a bad knee and cant stand too long], the minute the skillet hits the stove, we would hear her trot and scratch on the door... She loved em dosas and would gobble them straight from the tawa.. her meals were milk, boiled veggies and curd rice... She lived a long healthy life for 10yrs before a bad uterus and  Tumor brought her down... December 31st 2005 she died in my arms, breathing her last.... Sigh..... 

It took me and my sis quite a while to get over her loss... she was our baby, and we had seen her go from healthy to fragile.... 

Time does not heal, it only numbs until something else takes over the spot [i believe] In 2007, on Jan 14th while walking to a nearby grocery store i heard this little whine coming from under the water lorry. Spotted a pup, but was sure his momma was around... But when  i was walking back home, i saw him once again, timid and tiny, hidden under the wheel.. Looked around, saw nobody, and brought him home... And Floppy's now 5years old and a spoilt brat... He is not one of those hi-fi breeds, but he is a handsome fella and the 1st boy dog at home....He eats Pedigree, and will not Touch rice or veggies unless it is in pasta, will not touch bread, but eat only rusk or biscuits, loves an ice cream every now and then....I love him to bits, actually am sure everyone at home loves him. He whines when i leave him for hours together, cries when i travel, and well is always there for me!! 

Wow, all i wanted to do was share the image of  "why do dogs leave the earth first" and ended up writing a full length post... I do love dogs~


gils said...

padikarapo etho maralee and me movie script mathiri irukku. Still..if u ever feel like ur dog is going dull..jus whisper my name in its ears..athoda bp wl rise from 0 to 100 in no time :) dogs hate me. Period.

Aarti said...

Hahah we should test that theory of yours once atleast.. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh you love dogs too!!!! I could not live without them. We have 4 right now.

Greetings from you postcrossing friend Hanne from Finland.

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