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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

S for Six Months

Days flew by
So did Months
And now it has been 6 months since I moved out to live on my own!
[err, for those who did not know about this, read this earlier post N for New Address]

[The bell, the butterfly chime and fishy hanging in the balcony]

I must say it has been a good journey so far. The days have all been good, life has been kind and as always I have enough good souls around me to keep me feeling HIGH. Have learnt the ropes of living alone, comfortable doing housework, managing time and dealing with irate courier guys and postman.

Waking up early, going about my routine, doing different things, enjoying every moment of the day as always... well, except for the waking up early [early was 6.45-7.30 am while now it is 6.10-6.15 daily] 

The chores around the house done feel daunting, nor am I sighing at the pile of laundry or thought of sweeping/mopping. I cook breakfast, lunch/dinner depending on what the plans for the day are. There are people who have been gaping at the mention of "cooking", "mopping" and actually asked me "oh, so you cook? do you cook for a few days together? and I reply "nope, I cook on a day to day basis" their eyes widen like they are going into some kind of weird shock... 

[And finally I have a clock up on the wall.. this was a birthday gift from another dear darling friend]

Was always good at managing money, now I plan out for the expenses, pay bills on time and don't slack [not that I ever did]... Every day I discover new aspects of living on your own, and so far haven't been overwhelmed or shocked [thanks to friends and my sharp observation skills] :) 

Love the space, love the freedom and the fact that I have a place to call "home" above all.  Slowly adding a few personal touches to the space and loving it. 

Have had a few friends over, and then there are others who frequent whenever they pass by this locality... Hosted a surprise birthday bash for a few friends as well.. what a hoot that was!

[put up a string and hung a few postcards I have received via postcrossing and the light was a gift from a dear friend]

I would also like to think this home is lucky, I have done 3 good trips [1 on my own and 2 with friends-yet another 1st since I haven't travelled with these before].. On the professional front, got the opportunity to meet some interesting people and hopefully will explore a few exciting projects with the dawn of 2014... 

Mom & gramma keep asking "are you doing OK? have enough money? happy?" and when I reply in affirmative, they are surprised I guess.. Maybe they thought/think I will come back home with my tail tucked between my legs.. Well, they don't really know me if they are thinking that!! 

Here's to more good times!! 

Come over sometime, but first please do call or message to confirm am home ;o)

Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Monday...make a new start..

For the 1st time, am actually dedicating this to a friend who is going through a tough phase..!! Here's to new beginnings..

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Hope, Faith, love and much more...

If I were to pick one woman who has carved a niche for herself.
If I were to talk about a woman who has grown multifold over the years
if I were to share the story of a woman who has been an inspiration, 
then it has to be Archana Avinash of Strings & Beads.. 

Well, to be honest I have known her only for a short while, but have grown close and seen her journey from nobody to what she  is today sitting in the passenger seat. Living in Doha, she had a good job [at least that is how many would refer to it], but then one day she calls me to request a small write up for an idea she has. And soon, she is off the job, and launching her range of silver jewellery under the label "Strings & Beads". 

She was clear from Day 1, she worked only with pure silver and semi precious stones.
She also knew she would be creating her own designs and changing the way people looked at silver jewellery.

There were earrings, there were neck pieces and there came the bracelets. She knows Tarot and healing, so her pieces are energised, cleansed and made with oodles of love. She believes that we pass on karma when we give away gifts, and it is very important to have good intentions when we do a deed, and this extends to her pieces as well. 

I have asked her numerous times how the entire journey began, if she was always creative or if she always enjoyed jewellery. All she says is "I did love jewellery, my grandmom used to sketch and was also good at embroidery, so is my mom, so maybe that just rubbed off on me". 

There are days when she is filled with worry about a collection, and then there are days when she is floating sky high with the response she received. Love the fact that she is constantly thinking of something new, something different... 

She is passionate, she is driven and she loves what she does! Recently, I got the chance to travel with her, and what a ride it was. We explored every nook and corner in Jaipur, sometimes looking for interesting sights, and other times for jewelers. And then we would spend hours in the store, I staring at everything with goo-goo eyes while she rattled names and details, making a bargain and closing a deal. I could see the twinkle in her eye when she spotted a pendant, I could see an idea, a design form in her head and then there were times when I could see her face go cold and we would leave the store empty handed. They become part of a collection for an exhibition or to be custom made into pieces for an occasion or part of a theme! 

The transition from Doha to Chennai, the journey from corporate slave to entrepreneur must have been crazy and tough, with its share of struggles, but she seems to be handling it all quite well.  She has had people buy and go missing,  she has had people who buy and come back for repeat orders, and then there are those who buy from her and think they can start something on their own. 

Time to stop talking and time to let her pieces speak for themselves.. And this is why I would like to nominate her to be featured of WEII. I submit this post as part of  the Indiblogeshwaris Ladies Independence Special Contest which is done in association with Women Entrepreneurs in India... 

Images courtesy: Strings & Beads 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On this Teacher's Day...

Our teachers taught us the alphabets
They taught us rhymes
They taught us cursive writing
and then stories came alive
But they forgot to teach us how to control what we thought and spoke

Our teachers taught us maths
They taught us to solve problems
They taught us history, geography and English
and then the grades did the roller coaster
But they left out the concept of dealing with success and failure

Our teachers taught us to deal with pressure
They taught us to differentiate between procedures
They taught us to do better
and then we learnt more than what was in the books
But they skipped out on reactions and reacting to feelings and expressions

Our teachers taught us Science
They taught us how machines work
They taught us what to do when things went wrong
And then we dealt with accident and mishaps
But they ignored the lessons that involved politics and being diplomatic

Our teachers taught us about grades
They taught us to aim high
They taught us to look beyond the books
and then we fell into the pit called competition
But they failed to teach us about anger, sorrow and depression

Our teachers taught us many things
They taught us to grow up
They taught us to hold hands
and then we continued battling with things that life threw upon us
But they knew we would survive, stand up if we fall and stand tall making ourselves proud!!

Not just on this day, I remember and thank each and every person who was a mentor, a teacher, a guide and made a difference in my life every day. Some through the lessons they taught, some through their actions, and some who were just there to guide me, some who took me to hospital when I had an accident and visited me home while I recovered, some who brought me books when my book had been misplaced, and some who gave me confidence to rise after a fall and then there are those who are with me everyday, giving me the support and pep talk I need [without me asking for it] ... Happy Teachers' day to all....

Happy Teachers' Day to all the lovely people out there!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

S for Strangers..

This post is not about strangers strangers, it is about familiar faces who are strangers! 
No, I am not referring to friends who have become strangers, am talking about faces we have seen or met, but who are strangers.
We know them, but dont really know them
We see them 1st time, but the 2nd time we have no clues who they are

Experienced this? If your answer is NO, then just pretend am not looney and read on... 

On Sunday, was at a book store with friends when I was browsing through a shelf of books when I look up and see this short woman staring at me [no am not judging her for being short, but mentioned her height to make a point]. She was staring at me intently and the minute I looked up, she shuffled and then said "Aarti right? hi, how are you doing? Remember, we met outside H&G?".. The only reason I would have gone to H &G would be to pick up friend's son. So, I instantly asked her if she was my friend's friend. She nodded awkwardly and then mentioned another mutual friend who she knows and with that walked away. 

I was left standing there lost. I had no clues who this lady was. I don't even remember seeing her before. Or had I conveniently forgotten? Pushing this moment aside, I wandered around the store checking out some of the deals posted. 

No sooner did I go around the corner did I hear a voice "Mommy, this is so awesome, I would have buyed it, isnt it pretty mommy". I turned to see a little girl in a cute girl salwar talking animatedly about a doll set. Her mom smartly took her hand, distracted her and was ready to walk away when she saw me and gushed. Hi Aarti, how are you doing? I smiled and said Hi hello. I chit chatted with the kid about her love for Barbies and the lady said "she likes them, but I dont" and said bye and walked away... This face I knew, except for the life of me, I couldnt remember her name :( I dint know where I had seen her, or how I know her, or how she knows my name.. sigh... 

These are not just stray incidents, such moments happen to me oh so often that I have given up self- analyzing  or wondering beyond the moment. Friends make fun saying I know way too many people, or that I am being stalked everywhere I go. Infact, it has become a joke if we go out "so, let us wait and see how long it takes before someone comes over to say hi to you".... 

any such instances? do share. please put me out of the misery of feeling like a looney bin.. lol.. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

N for New Address

After years of yearning
After months of searching
After hours of deliberating
I have finally done it.

I now have a new address.
I have moved
And now can proudly say "I live on my own"

So what if I don't own the place, for as long as I live here, this 1000 sq ft is all mine and mine only! 

For those who know me, they know the entire story, the why the when and the what... But for the others, here is a quick glimpse into the plot. I had been living with my grandparents since 2000, since the time I completed my MBA and while I have no complaints about living there with them, the nagging need to have a space of my own set in a few years ago. I wanted a place where I could host friends, I can cook what I want when I want, I can have sleepovers, I can put away all the things I own neatly and not have to lock them up in suitcases.

It has now been a month and I am loving it. I have had friends over for coffee, I have managed to decorate it to my liking and am also hoping to do up a small balcony garden and one in the kitchen as well [a herb garden of sorts] 

It does feel different, waking up to silence, nobody asking me if I want coffee or not having to put away the laptop to answer the doorbell all the time.

It has been a learning experience and continues to be one every day. I am figuring out shopping for one person, watching how much I spend, watching the amount of things I am adding to the house, being conscious of what I buy and where I store it. I am a virgoan, so no impulse shopping. I think a 100 times before purchasing anything, this extends from groceries to cutlery to art pieces. I am yet to pick up a clock for the house...

The biggest investment I have made for this house is the TV.. After deliberating over this for few weeks, I went ahead and did it.

It feels good to be on my own! No, I don't feel lonely or alone.. I do miss Floppy, but then as I tell friends, I cant bring him here and leave him cooped up in a small apartment when he is used to being in a large house and open space. plus he is also the security at grandparents house .. Heck, I am only 5 -6 kms away :-)

A quick tip for those of you keen on moving to your own space
1. Make a list of expenses you are likely to incur
2. Make a list of things you need and then go shopping
3. Have a budget and try sticking to it
4. Indulge but only if you are sure you can afford the added unexpected expenditure
5. Above all, have fun!! 

Off I go to enjoy the rains from the balcony....  

Wish me luck~!! :-) 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Save as you shop with

This year promises to bring about some big changes in my life. The 1st of which has been my moving to a place of my own. Yes, I finally took the leap and have now moved to an apartment that is all mine! This is also when it hit me that I need to start watching my finances bit more deeply. I cannot afford to be careless and thus came the need to cut corners and cut down on certain aspects of my life. 

But the one thing I shall not stop is reading, borrowing or buying books. I do visit the local library, but there are some books that I love to devour, take my own time reading. And i have collected quite a few books over the years. Did manage to give away some of them, but all others are moving with me to the new place. The book shelf has bit of empty space that shall soon get filled. While looking for new interesting books, I normally tend to browse through them in the book store and then make the purchase through one of the online stores. There are a few books that I have now placed in my wishlist in Flipkart, time to get them into the shopping cart and onto my hands soon.. 

The two sites I frequent are Flipkart and Amazon. Have discovered they are the best when it comes to availability, price and delivery!  And all these sites I found on CouponDunia. All I do now is spend a few minutes browsing through Flipkart Coupons and Amazon Coupons and order the products that I need from the same. I have discovered this is the one sure shot way of saving money and time. Now, if you are someone who is not into books, but are into clothes or gadget or furniture, there are websites that are reliable, provide high quality products which are connected to CouponDunia. I found the best deals via SnapDeal Coupons. Not only are you getting just what you desire, but for a steal price. Since I have moved into this house, the past few weeks have been busy. I have done quite a bit of shopping thanks to this site and am glad that I did not have to cut too many corners!! Off I go to browse through the latest deals. 

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Teach them while young

In continuation with my CSAAM post, here is an image that every parent, adult should see to teach their young ones..

PS: If you have a story to share, please do blog about it and share the same with , and if not, tweet little tips, points that will help[ make sure to include #CSAAM at the end of your tweet].... 

Thanks for reading~!! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tread gently... C for children

It is April and that means only one thing to me... it is time for .. What is that? Well, it refers to Child Sexual Abuse & Awareness. A campaign started by one, where many others joined in is now working towards making a difference to the lives of children across the country. 

You can read more on #CSAAM through their twitter account - CSAwareness

Follow them on Facebook: Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month 

I recall watching this one episode of Satyameva Jayate where the chosen topic was Child sexual abuse. A few who had been abused during their younger years participated, shared their stories and also spoke about how the family and then the society just did not embrace them, or help them. I have friends, single and married ones, some with kids and some yet to get there. I am so happy to see the ones with kid talk to their children about "good touch" "bad touch", who can touch who where and what to do if someone does something wrong. I am also thankful that these kids have such caring parents, family and friends who educate them, protect them and make sure they know what is right and wrong. [watch the episode here]

What was awesome about the show was 1) that people came out to talk about their experiences and 2) the show had organised a mini session to educate kids about their body and touch.  [The workshop]

don'tthink my parents or many of our parents even knew of child sexual abuse, and even if they did, I don't think they did anything about it.. In most homes it is a taboo to talk about such issues, I cant understand why! These are aspects that one needs to focus on, teach their child about and share knowledge, spreading awareness.

Today, when i read about all the rapes, and abuses that little girls go through, my heart goes out to them. At the same time, i am angry at the parents who have not taught their child self protection. I remember reading about the case in Kerala where the father had been abusing his own daughters, and the older one had committed suicide and the 2nd one refused to go home from school and when probed, shared the truth at school . but yet, her mom does nothing.. what the hell is wrong with the world? [read the article here]

Am not gonna preach or say do this or that. I just want all of us to join hands and help children stay safe... Help our siblings, friends, and any little one we see around stay safe.. Childhood is all they have, once they grow up the responsibilities & expectations will take over, even if these don't, their hormones will... :-) 

So, spread the word, spread awareness.. don't wait for anyone to give you the green signal~~!! 

PS: If you have a story to share, please do blog about it and share the same with , and if not, tweet little tips, points that will help[ make sure to include #CSAAM at the end of your tweet].... 

Thanks for reading~!! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

This Monday... Break out

Yep, I completely agree with this poster. Only when you break away, only when you take a risk, only when you step outside your comfort zone will you really LIVE life. There will be uncertainty  there will be chaos, it will be crazy, scary and some more.. but you will do what you love and that will make a difference to your life!!

Go for it!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Monday... Live life to the fullest

It is Sunday evening, but as many of you know am already looking forward to tomorrow.. yes, yes, I know it is Monday! Tomorrow I hope the day is packed, the meetings are fruitful, and I remain sane.. ;-)) 

Have a great [Manic] monday all. 

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

This Monday.......... Look beyond

Yes, I know. It is Monday. Even though I am saying it with a straight face, 
you cant see the smile in my eyes. That is how much I love Mondays. 
My day is going to be filled with work, work related calls, a quick hello to friends, 
errands, maybe a meeting or two,  chasing clients for payment, 
maybe searching for my sanity as well. 

What is on your plate today? 

Submitting this for Manic Monday, even though I aint got no Manic... :)

[Image courtesy: ]

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Getting INKed

I have no clues how it all began, but all I remember is one day suddenly keen on getting INKed. And now it has been 4yrs since my 1st tattoo. 6th Sep 2008, 2 days after my birthday, I went to the Tattoo parlor, showed the design I had picked off Google and got inked.

1st tattoo- Butterfly 
[left shoulder]

For guys, sporting a tattoo on their forearm is a way of showing off their muscles. For me, it was about showing off the sign that I felt drawn towards..

And then, I came upon this other artist- Tarun Kumar, who ran a small studio at the back of his mom's store in Fountain Plaza.. When 2 of my blogger friends wanted to get INKed, took them here, and in the process, I got one more. Yep! This was 24th Jan  2009. A friend got his fiance's name tattooed while another got one of the Sun. Pretty soon I was guiding many others to Tarun... And they were all mighty pleased with what they got. A friend got the Aries sign tattooed, it also resembled V, the alphabet his name began with.

Tarun has now gone beyond his mom's store, he now has his own studio- INK- The Tattoo Studio in Fountain Plaza, few doors down from the main gates. A small studio, it is quite welcoming, very like Tarun himself. The very 1st time I met him, I remember striking a conversation with ease, like we have known each other long. We yapped about all sorts of things and that connection continues. I went back to him recently to get the 2nd one altered, but by the end of the visit, I had gotted INKed once again, my 3rd... No, I am not mad. Nor am I into inflicting pain on my body. Tattoos are a way of expressing what I feel... This time the tattoo is in Mandarin and it means "Never give up". Took him about 20mins to complete the whole thing and it was such a breeze for me as well. Barely any pain, plus we kept chatting through the process, which is what sets him apart from others. He makes you feel at ease, gets you comfortable, talks to you about the process, and then gets started.

Infact, while I was getting tattooed, a mother and daughter walked in. The girl was just entering college or in 2nd year and wanted a tattoo, and her mom was cool with it. I envied her. She said "Butterfly", but unlike others who would be happy to kick it off by showing designs and getting started, Tarun spoke to her to dig deep to find out why she wanted to get that design tattooed, asked her to take her time and decide. Why does he do it? Because a tattoo is a lifelong mark on your body. So, you cannot afford to rush in and get something just for the heck of it. You have to live with it.

So, if you are ever curious about tattoos or if you have been tossing the idea around, I suggest you visit Tarun at INK- The Tattoo Studio. He not only tattoos, he is also into piercings, and has now begun offering design services. If you have a tattoo idea, he will draw up the design for you. You can either get it tattooed by him or go to an artist of your choice.

3rd Tattoo- "Never give up" in Mandarin by Tarun 
[left hand, inside, between elbow and wrist]

And for all of you wondering "Does it hurt? does it bleed?" Well, haven't you heard of "no pain no gain?" Yes, it does hurt, for the initial 10-20seconds, after that you just need to sit still and be patient. Some people bleed.

How do you take care off your tattoo? You let it heal, apply an ointment [soframycin], it takes about 1-2 weeks. Stay off gym, heavy duty workouts during this period and then you are good to go. If you go out in the sun, apply sunscreen, else it is bound to fade over time.

Yes, I know I haven't shared the 2nd tattoo's pic. Shall share once it is complete :)

All set to get INKed?

INK- The Tattoo Studio
104 Fountain Plaza, Pantheon Road, Egmore  Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600008
098 40 837097

Facebook: INK- The Tattoo Studio
His work:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tender Tuesday... Innocence

It was a saturday, and we[me+friends] were at Edge design house for the CinC event.  That evening we had done a tree walk in Kotturpuram [you can read about it here], and my friend's son P was quite pooped by the time we reached Edge. The band was introduced and they began performing. He wanted me to sit with him on the other side of the hall, where there was a soft mat on the floor. He lay down, rolled around, did a few acrobatics, put his head on my lap and played with my phone for a few minutes. But soon gave up and dozed off to sleep. I was sitting right next to him and couldnt help but capture his baby feet. 

He is 4yrs old, but nevertheless a baby.. The innocence... I smile wondering what his reaction would be if I were to show him this picture few years down the road.. ;-)

There is something about children that draws me to them. We seem to connect instantly and I become their play mate... They are such bliss to be around...

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Monday.......... Pick em wisely

I love Mondays- there I said it. Actually, those who know me, know this about me. Some are surprised, some curse me and some just envy me for feeling the way I do about this so called dreaded day. My Mondays are always relaxed, fun, easy and good... [fingers crossed]

No manic, no panic
Just smooth sailing with the flow
that's my Monday wish for you :D

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Meant to be

This is a chain love story as a part of CBC (Chennai Bloggers Club) chain story relay. In this we write a love story as this month is for love. 17 Bloggers will write one chapter of a love story to make a beautiful love story. How do you know it will be a beautiful story? Bah, who cares.. Don't we all love a good love story.. so just shhh, and read on.............. 
-------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

The story begins here .... 

As he walked down the road, he was lost in thoughts  Every time he heard an auto, he would pause and turn.  Dammit, how could a girl, a glance affect him so much... Like the heroes in the movies, he was love struck.. All he could think of was "Would she come back?" "Would theirs be the kind of love story you see in movies?" That evening, he got home, dumped the gifts on his bed and sat on the bed blank. Minutes later, he sprung off the bed and began looking high and low. He was searching for something, but what? His mom was rapping at the door asking if he wanted coffee. He dint answer, instead he just said "No ma, she was wearing a red kurti and blue denims".. "Ennamo po, I think this work is getting to you" guffawed his mom slamming the door shut.

All he did was continue with his search for a good half hour before a smile broke out on his face. Ah, there it was. He knew he had kept it safe somewhere, just forgot where. The sketch pad sat under his favorite jacket in his cupboard. 

He pulled it out, hunted around for the box where he kept the pieces of charcoal. After a few minutes he gave up searching and went to the kitchen. He began rummaging in the shelves, while his mom went on asking him questions. He found a small piece hidden near the gas cylinder. His mom used charcoal to put sambarni around the house on fridays. 

Raced back to his bed, sat on it, put a pillow on his lap and began to sketch. It was as if he was possessed. All he could think of where her eyes, those beautiful lashes and eyebrows. Within minutes, he felt the same stare, the same look. Wow,  she sure was pretty. He could hear the TV blaring in the living room, some sob serial as always. 

He managed to have dinner and get some sleep. But awoke in the middle of the night. "Oh no, what if I never see her again?" he thought. He decided to head back to the same store near his office and see if she comes back. He was secretly hoping she missed him, thought of him and would be curious to meet the guy who was so taken in by her. His phone rang blinking his colleague's name

You are my pumpkin pumpkin
Hello honey bunny
I am your dumpling dumpling
Hello honey bunny
Feeling something something

jolting him out of his reverie, it was time to get ready for work............But 1st, he had to change that ringtone, gah, this tune was meant for his special someone :-)

I am hoping  Rajiv Nagarajan will add more jazz or give it a bit of a twist...  He is a random Blogger, Bachelors in Political Science , Network Engineer at CSS Corp, Carnatic Musician (Mridangist) Passionate to join the Army ,tamBrahm , greenhorn photographer, chennai trekker,
volunteer with EFI,cricket buff .

Monday, January 14, 2013

Photo Post- 55er- Empty

The sun was blazing above and the bags were all gone. Damn, we were late by a few minutes and the market has shut already. Our stomachs would be empty and so would our pockets. “Let us ride on, for we have nothing to look forward to here anymore” said the boy holding the reigns.  

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Get to the point please....

Everyday someone or the other is busy putting their foot in their mouth and the entire Online world is busy shunning them.

There was  Abhijeet Mukherjee call women 'dainted painted", Followed by some song/lyrics by Honey Singh is. And yesterday it was all about Asaram Bapu and his talk about how women should call men, specifically rapists Bhaiya and that will cure the world. I don't have a clue who any of them are and they seem to be hogging the limelight in media for all the wrong reasons, but what is the real issue here? Why are we not talking about it or doing something about it?  How can i forget the tongue wagging on India vs Bharat vs Hindustan a few days ago.. 

The only thing all these guys have in common is Politics and that is one arena i steer clear off. I follow enough to know my rights and Vote, that is it! But ever since the Delhi Gangrape instance, media- print, television, online and just about every other kind have been plastering the words all over and sharing their opinions and what they think is the solution to the issue. It makes me sad that media is having a blast out of this sad state of affairs. There are girls and am sure even boys who are going through trauma and struggling to wake up every morning, but the media is busy raving and ranting, raking in the moolah.... 

Can we get to the point please? Can we stop harping on and on about how the poor girl was raped, or how long it took for the cops to take them to the hospital or about how brutal she was treated by the rapists? Can we also stop and take a look around us and within us, just stop everything we are doing for a minute and do this? I get the feeling that like every other issue, this too will die a happy death and people will get on to talking about the next HOT thing.. I fear this will happen, Soon.... 

Let me share with you an instance a friend told me-- Couple of months ago, one night when  she was getting back home after a dinner with friends, a car stalked her. Well, she was in an auto and just as they crossed Taj Coromandel, she looked up and out to see a Red SUV next to the auto. The Guy driving it was staring right at her. She apparently looked and the next instant looked away, made a call, and so on. But a few yards down, near Sanjeevanam she noticed the same SUV parked on the side, but a minute later engine revved up and he followed suit. [It could be that her mind was playing games or she was just being paranoid, but nonetheless, read on]... 

The auto turned and headed down the road, and stopped at the signal. The SUV pulled up on her left  side and out of the corner of my eye she could see the guy was staring at her. She said she then gave the auto driver directions and they had to go 2 more signals before making a turn. At the next signal, she noticed  the SUV turn left and heaved a sigh of relief. But the stupid auto driver forgot that he had to go straight and turned left. Wham, the Red SUV stood there parked on the left. She said she was freaking out inside and dint know what to do.... 

She gave the guy directions to get out of the road, took him on a bit of a roundabout, but the SUV continued following them. She dint have friends in this area, nor were her parents home, and I wasnt in town either, so she had no choice but to head home. All she did was pray the SUV was just coincidentally going to the same area,even though her mind was telling her otherwise. They got off the bridge, made a few turns and entered her street. She said could see the headlights of the SUV through the auto rear view mirror. She took out the money, counted it out  and even before the auto drew to a full halt, was jumping out, entered the gate and got to the main door. She was shaking all over when she called me. She said she had spotted the SUV go straight past her gate, do a U turn, pause near the gate for a minute or so before driving away....  

[PS: She hasnt shared this with her family for fear they might warn her of going out alone and constantly going on about this incident..]

Even though luckily nothing happened, it is still scary to think of "what if"... Couple of us decided then that we need to either learn some self defense or pick up pepper sprays and other such items to protect ourselves.

Agreed, rapes and murders have been going on in our country and elsewhere for decades now. But this one instance has jolted the country.. It took this brave girl and her friend to get people to sit up and notice. I fear that with the media playing games people might lose focus and it might once again be hidden under the thick carpets.  I want girls to start taking action into their hands and stop MEN from misbehaving- it could be their family, colleagues, friends, or strangers. 

 And I also want every one of us to start RESPECTING each other and to STOP acting like morons. To think that a 17yr old showed such brutality towards a 23yr old girl, it makes me wanna go beat them up and every other lech around... 

Teach your kids to be aware, teach them to respect others and not to misbehave! 
Teach them to stop others if they cross the line, teach them what is the right touch and what is not.... 

Can we not lose focus please... will the media please GET to the point and stay there please!!