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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hope, Faith, love and much more...

If I were to pick one woman who has carved a niche for herself.
If I were to talk about a woman who has grown multifold over the years
if I were to share the story of a woman who has been an inspiration, 
then it has to be Archana Avinash of Strings & Beads.. 

Well, to be honest I have known her only for a short while, but have grown close and seen her journey from nobody to what she  is today sitting in the passenger seat. Living in Doha, she had a good job [at least that is how many would refer to it], but then one day she calls me to request a small write up for an idea she has. And soon, she is off the job, and launching her range of silver jewellery under the label "Strings & Beads". 

She was clear from Day 1, she worked only with pure silver and semi precious stones.
She also knew she would be creating her own designs and changing the way people looked at silver jewellery.

There were earrings, there were neck pieces and there came the bracelets. She knows Tarot and healing, so her pieces are energised, cleansed and made with oodles of love. She believes that we pass on karma when we give away gifts, and it is very important to have good intentions when we do a deed, and this extends to her pieces as well. 

I have asked her numerous times how the entire journey began, if she was always creative or if she always enjoyed jewellery. All she says is "I did love jewellery, my grandmom used to sketch and was also good at embroidery, so is my mom, so maybe that just rubbed off on me". 

There are days when she is filled with worry about a collection, and then there are days when she is floating sky high with the response she received. Love the fact that she is constantly thinking of something new, something different... 

She is passionate, she is driven and she loves what she does! Recently, I got the chance to travel with her, and what a ride it was. We explored every nook and corner in Jaipur, sometimes looking for interesting sights, and other times for jewelers. And then we would spend hours in the store, I staring at everything with goo-goo eyes while she rattled names and details, making a bargain and closing a deal. I could see the twinkle in her eye when she spotted a pendant, I could see an idea, a design form in her head and then there were times when I could see her face go cold and we would leave the store empty handed. They become part of a collection for an exhibition or to be custom made into pieces for an occasion or part of a theme! 

The transition from Doha to Chennai, the journey from corporate slave to entrepreneur must have been crazy and tough, with its share of struggles, but she seems to be handling it all quite well.  She has had people buy and go missing,  she has had people who buy and come back for repeat orders, and then there are those who buy from her and think they can start something on their own. 

Time to stop talking and time to let her pieces speak for themselves.. And this is why I would like to nominate her to be featured of WEII. I submit this post as part of  the Indiblogeshwaris Ladies Independence Special Contest which is done in association with Women Entrepreneurs in India... 

Images courtesy: Strings & Beads 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

On this Teacher's Day...

Our teachers taught us the alphabets
They taught us rhymes
They taught us cursive writing
and then stories came alive
But they forgot to teach us how to control what we thought and spoke

Our teachers taught us maths
They taught us to solve problems
They taught us history, geography and English
and then the grades did the roller coaster
But they left out the concept of dealing with success and failure

Our teachers taught us to deal with pressure
They taught us to differentiate between procedures
They taught us to do better
and then we learnt more than what was in the books
But they skipped out on reactions and reacting to feelings and expressions

Our teachers taught us Science
They taught us how machines work
They taught us what to do when things went wrong
And then we dealt with accident and mishaps
But they ignored the lessons that involved politics and being diplomatic

Our teachers taught us about grades
They taught us to aim high
They taught us to look beyond the books
and then we fell into the pit called competition
But they failed to teach us about anger, sorrow and depression

Our teachers taught us many things
They taught us to grow up
They taught us to hold hands
and then we continued battling with things that life threw upon us
But they knew we would survive, stand up if we fall and stand tall making ourselves proud!!

Not just on this day, I remember and thank each and every person who was a mentor, a teacher, a guide and made a difference in my life every day. Some through the lessons they taught, some through their actions, and some who were just there to guide me, some who took me to hospital when I had an accident and visited me home while I recovered, some who brought me books when my book had been misplaced, and some who gave me confidence to rise after a fall and then there are those who are with me everyday, giving me the support and pep talk I need [without me asking for it] ... Happy Teachers' day to all....

Happy Teachers' Day to all the lovely people out there!!