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Sunday, May 4, 2014

What is the difference..

The mother: This is my oldest daughter.. you must have met my 2nd one

 Stranger: Yes. So, what does this one do?

The mother: She works out of the house. 

Stranger: Oh… *walks away after throwing a “avlo thaana” kinda glance*

The mother: That is so and so, I have met her before at the temple and again at that one’s wedding. 

The girl: okay. *grits teeth and prays she can control herself till they get back to the hotel*

Few hours pass by.. They are finally back in the hotel, and out of the saree and all the finery. 

The girl: Sits on the cot, flipping channels aimlessly while the mind is racing and she is seething within. The 
only thing in her mind “How do i broach the topic and get it out of my system”

The mother: We shall have to head out again at 5, so be ready in time, don’t delay. Wear that saree, do you have bangles, bla bla bla…. 

The girl: Ma, why did you say what you did to that aunty?

The mother: huh, what are you talking about?

The girl: You know, that aunty who came and spoke to you while we were waiting in queue… I do not just work from home you know. I run a business..

The mother: Same thing no * walks away to the loo* 

The girl: *sits seething and upset wondering if the mother will ever understand what she does, why she does and acknowledge all that she has accomplished. 

*Mother comes out of the loo*

The girl: tell people I run a small business on my own please. 

The mother: seri seri… ithukku than unnai velaikku poga sonnein.. [This is why I told you to go work somewhere”!] *plops on the bed and proceeds to zzzz* 

The girl : :'_( :'-( *it has been 7yrs and still the parents don’t seem to get it, acknowledge or accept…*
*gets off the bed and goes for a walk to fight off anger/tears* … 


mahesh said...


Don't know what to say Aarti :( be strong! Cliched as it may seem - good things will happen soon :)

Take care :)

Sathish said...

Well... its the attitude most of us carry... we'll evolve... evolve out of it....

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FastFifa14 said...

I feel like I'm falling and shattered into little pieces.. I hate being fragile and vulnerable like this.. So, I'm gonna hold my head up high.. And gonna say FTW wtf。

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