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Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Tall and Short of it..

"Woah, so how tall are you?" is a question am quite used to these days.. Earlier it used to have me stumped, but now I just reply "5ft 10"..

The reaction - "Damn, that is tall"

There is a running joke between a friend and I, she keeps saying "I am going to bring a stool whenever you get married so I don't look too short next to you".. There are times when I feel like Melman from Madagascar.. :D 

My height is something I  have always been proud off and not really something I have thought of. But there are times when I end up wondering why people stare at me like am a freak. You know, like one of those circus creatures standing on stilts or all dressed up like a clown. Oh and don't get me started about the places I explore when I travel... Most spaces and heritage buildings have me feeling like a giant, cos the ceiling is so low and rooms so tiny.. :/ There have been times when I have shied away from a trip cos I know the spaces are tiny and I wouldn't wanna be left out/or feel like a giant..

Recently a guy I met on an online channel asked me "it is very intimidating when the girl is so tall"... for which I replied "really, doesnt really bother me that you are shorter than me".. he stared at me and smiled... Well I haven't heard from him since that day.. Speaks for itself right?

And then there are others who are chill with it.. Yes they did comment the first time about how I was tall, but that was it.. Never came up again..

Being tall has its advantages and disadvantages..The advantages I can rattle off in a flash;

  • I love being tall
  • I love standing out
  • I enjoy the attention and how heads turn when I walk into a room.
  • I can reach shelves none else can.. Buhahaha
  • I can pick up things off the top rack with ease..Without waiting for any staff to come pick out the ladder and help..
  • Above all, when in a crowded space I get to breathe cleaner air than all others.. booooyah..
  • I don't need Heels, infact in my flats am taller than my friends wearing a mini stool on their feet. goes;

  • Not too many guys are as tall as I am or taller
  • I get asked to get things off high shelves all the time
  • I was made to stand last in line in school
  • I also had to sit in last row in school
  • I was chosen for basketball but wasn't too good at it and all commented how being tall = playing BB.. D'oh!
  • I hate the side berth in the train, cos I gotta curl up to fit (even though side berth is most private/comfortable)
  • When standing for photographs I invariably move to the sides of back.. am vertically challenged.. ;o)
  • I find airline/theater seats uncomfortable.. Need extra leg room..also the person sitting in front of me want to lie down, they end up literally lying on my lap... grrr..hate it!
  • I have big feet and so, don't get shoes/footwear my size easily..
  • Most places the mirror in restroom is not on eye level, heck it is somewhere below my neck.. ;-))
  • Ready made clothes are always short.. Not the 'it's Ok, looks good' kinda short but 'dang that looks weird' short. 
  • Forget clothes, they don't make trial rooms that fit us.. I gotta literally kneel down else my hands are all over the place.. Hehe..
  • In auditoriums I get asked to move and sit in a corner seat [sometimes] cos am blocking the view for the person seated behind me...
  • I have long hands and limbs, so they feel like they are all over the place..
  • I invariably feel conscious and move to the side when in a crowded space, temples, exhibitions etc... 

Well If someone were to ask me 'do you wanna be shorter?'.. My answer would be' no way.. I love me too much '..


gils said...

rotfl :D:D:D:D chaancela..i never felt u wer "Tall" tall..felt you were "normal" after reading this post you resemble adiyaathi (lady version of goliath) hehehee..
P.S: y do i've to sign off saying i am not a robot to post this comment? i am not sure..yet :)

Aarti said...

hahaha nanny Gilsss :))

ahem nanne seeing this only now.. it is asking me also to say "I am not a robot".. enthu shaniyan :P

Padhma said...

I am short and in love with my tall husband. Being short has it own set of advantages and disadvantages but then like you ended your post, I love myself too much as well :D

dEEpz said...

Hahaha... Nice post. Dont worry about what people think. And if it makes you feel better, your height never stood out when I first met you. You are tall, but not the towering kind of tall and I dont feel conscious standing next to you :)

Aarti said...


Yes, as long as we are ok, the rest of the world can go fly a kite :D

Aarti said...

@deepti- hugs :))

Deepa Iyer said...

LOL! Good one aaroo. I used to crib about being short. I was kind of one of the shortest in class but now, I see that I am kinda above average. And I take pride in my height now, and am comfortable with it. We all learn as we go. Just like you said, I could also list advantages and disadvantages but am glad for who I am. Huggs di!

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