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Monday, April 25, 2016

G for gratification? -Part II

Disclaimer: Reader discretion advised...

Few months ago I had done a post on how most people who are online [be it on Social networking sites or on dating apps] were there mostly for some kind of instant /self gratification...  Incase you haven't read it, here it is.

G for gratification? -Part I 

Since that post, I have come upon quite a few interesting characters.. I take the liberty of calling them "characters" because each one is a specimen piece on its own, enough to be locked away in a box and thrown into the Atlantic ocean or maybe something in another planet even. Cos they don't have an ounce of patience and are all about instant gratification, instant this and instant that.. Almost like the instant noodles we get in a box [even that takes a few minutes to be ready to eat, add hot water, shut and wait for a few minutes, right?] 

I don't get it... As said in the earlier post, while a lot of them fall in the category of "oh my, you think am good looking, you think am hot, you think am worth chatting with", there is the entire other section who are all about,
  • I am here to make friends, but with benefits only... 
  • I am here looking for someone to complete me, but I want to have sex all the time.. 
  • I am here for someone to make me happy but then all i wanna do is talk about how big my junk is and how i have been told this and that about it, how i have slept with lebanese women, african women, british women, but not with a tamil woman yet..
  • I am separated from my wife, I love my son, I meet them both often & trying to make the marriage work but will you have sex with me anyways, no strings attached..
  • I am separated from my wife, live in a different country, sleep with anything that moves, I want to get to know you, can we go on a holiday to Goa.. 
  • I have been told am like an african and I take good 10 mins to cum... 
I am not exaggerating... I am effing serious.. Maybe I am a prude, someone who is not open to hook ups and one night flings, but men seriously think life is just about "sex".. 

Heck, one guy I was chatting with would constantly say he is turned on, wants a blow job etc etc and when I asked him if sex was the only thing on his mind, he actually replied "that is what God made us men for..enjoy us"... I told him if that was all he wanted then we shall part ways here, he then said give me a chance, get to know me blah blah and went on to talk about it on and on and on and on.. Well,I went on to blocked him... :O 

Have we become so impatient that we don't want to get to know someone before jumping in the sack? Or is it just me... Have I been living under a rock, missed the memo about the world becoming sex driven, men wanting to be told how awesome they are in bed[am sure there are enough women looking for same compliment] ?

When did life become so boring? yes, I say "boring" cos to me it is always fascinating meeting new people and I look forward to getting to know them before taking a call on anything. If I cannot hold a decent conversation, have a few laughs with someone, I definitely am not gonna consider a relationship with them. And then yes there are a few who are good for conversations and laughs but nothing more and the few who cross over and become good friends... 

I don't care what you think of me, honestly am not gonna change me for you, ever~ 
I am happy with me the way I am... and your comments and opinions while sound good/interesting are just that.. 
I am not looking for people to gush over my pictures, or send lovey dovey comments.. I have a close circle of friends who are there for me, whose opinions matter... 

So, to all those out there seeking "gratification" for all that they do, get a life and remember others are too busy with their own.. And if you do someone leaving comments that drip with honey and sugar, they might be just doing it on auto pilot... click like, leave a heart, post a mushy comment.. la la la. you get the drift right?

Google "self gratification" and click on images, it shows various ways of jerking off.. 


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