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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Battle with the body - I

Scene 1
A little girl is tugging at her mom's saree and points to a GIRL afar.
The mother also looks, they share a chuckle, nudge the others in their gang
All stare at the said GIRL for a few minutes and then move on.
The GIRL is left wondering wtf....but she doesn't pay heed and carries on.

Scene 2
A GIRL is walking on the road
Bunch of guys or girls coming in the opposite direction
Stare, snigger, chuckle
Point and laugh
SHE stops for a brief second, contemplates giving them a piece of HER mind, but decides against it and walks on. 

Scene 3
A family gathering or  relative visiting home
First comment they make to the GIRL 
"Have you thought of enrolling with VLCC or tried a gym, you do need to shed those flabs, else who will marry you, how can you make babies, la la laaa?!"
The GIRL grits her teeth, walks off to her room/a different part of the hall and tries to put this out of her mind...

You get the drift, right? Well, the GIRL in these three instances is a regular girl, except she is on the bigger side [in terms of size]... And ergo the Society feels it is its SOLE duty to put her in her place and make her feel like an alien... 

I don't get it.. Never have and never will I guess! Am starting a series on the blog to talk about Body shaming.. how there are millions and millions in this world who are all about mocking others who don't fit into a box, a box that was created by some random people.. This series shall focus on how people shame others, how they are ridiculed and why it is wrong... 

It seems to be all about one's appearance..  We are taught from an early age that one needs to be in a certain shape, size else they will stand out and therefore is bound to be subjected to ridicule. But what surprises me is that small tiny people are not subjected to any of this, it is only when you stand out, stand tall, stand big that you are mocked and ogled at like some museum piece.. why is that? Who set the rules, who created the "norms"??? 

I also want to understand why are people so quick to judge, call names, point and stare endlessly... Just cos someone is big/heavier doesn't mean they are a freak, right? This whole concept of Body shaming is just not done... You [the ones who comment, sneer, chuckle, point & laugh] have no clues about the PERSON and no idea why SHE/HE is the way they are.. What they are going through, their health, their lifestyle etc... 

In case you are one of those good souls who has no idea what Body shaming is, here is what the net defines it as,

Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitutes toward another person's weight or size. It can also reach into the discrimination against individuals who may be overweight.

There is this TV show called My Big Fat Fabulous life on TLC featuring Whitney who is big [mainly cos of PCOS condition]and she talks about how life is difficult, how she enjoys dancing, and how people around her are constantly going on and on about her size.. They do not look at the good stuff she has- positive attitudes, talents, abilities...

Gonna do a series on this... so watch out for more.. If any of you have personal stories you would like to share, please mail them to 

This Monday.. Live for yourself..

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Starbucks Test and Home..

So, yesterday while I was browsing the net looking for some fun videos I came upon this one featuring Sq feet Subbu.  Yes, right! The name had me pausing and then curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on the video titled The StarbucksTest and Home wondering what the video was about.

It opens with two guys sitting behind a desk, not only do they look alike but they sound alike as well. One was Sq feet Subbu while the other introduced himself as Mr Same to Same… that had me cracking and I couldn’t wait to watch the rest of it.. The minute Sq Feet Subbu opened his mouth; I knew he was a Chennai boy all dressed up. And they claim to be on the lookout for the most happening locality in the city to buy an upmarket home. Ah, interesting… I see this video is unlike any other real estate promo and continue watching.

Hahaha.. there is only one thumb rule he says, “Does your locality have a Starbucks” whaaa.. Why? Cos this is one brand that opens their 1st outlet in a city in the most happening locality.. In Chennai, they opened their first one in Phoenix Market City in Velachery of course.  What comes next is what got my attention. Subbu went on to explain that it is not just Starbucks that sets Velachery apart, it is a locality that has everything from Dunkin Donuts to Thalapakattu biryani , apart from 200 odd restaurants , 50 schools , 25 hospitals , 2 big malls and some of the most fanciest colleges in the city as well. Oooh, now that is true!! It is indeed an area that has developed within a short span of time and managed to lure crowds from across the city. It is also well connected to other parts of the city, either towards Adyar or beyond towards Pallavaram or yonder. Subbu goes on with facts slamming them one after the other, as if making a closing statement in an important case in the court. They convince you by the end of the video that Velachery is indeed the area to be in. Even though it was once nothing but farmland, it is today vied as the most enviable to address to have.  And what do you know, we have DRA homes making their entryinto the city with their beautifu property Tuxedo right here in Velachery.

"For far too long, residences in Chennai have remained the same. Either you get a plain vanilla 2BHK and 3BHK in the city or a suburban gated community where you are one more resident among hundreds vying for the same facilities. With Tuxedo, we've offered the best of both worlds. A stylish living experience in a plush locality in the city with an exclusive community experience thrown in, all for an irresistible price," explained Ranjeeth Rathod, CEO, DRA Group.

[Images courtesy: DRA Homes Facebook]

Towering over nine floors, Tuxedo offers 2 bedroom apartments in three different sizes and 3 bedroom apartments in 4 sizes where you can have your own office cubicle or a video conferencing room.  
If you wanna know what you get by living in this plush property, here is a sneak peek,

·                Homes covered against natural disasters for 5 years from TATA AIG
·                Concierge services for laundry, bill payment, travel booking etc
·                Triangular inner courtyard for community living and lung space.
·                RO system in all kitchens for safe drinking water
·                Double glazed windows for noise-free ambience, 4-sided ventilation and excellent lighting
·                Wooden flooring in master bedroom for sophistication and durability
·                Super premium bathroom fittings, granite flooring in common areas, double putty walls
·                Fitness zone, video games and interactive activities
·                Video door phone
·                Wi-Fi enabled campus

As I look at the cool pictures of the apartments coming up, am still chuckling at the funny PJ Sq feet Subbu cracked at the end of the video…. lol... 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Art of Fitting in..

“Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” 
― Ian Wallace

Other person: “Why are you like this, why aren’t you like x or y”?
Me: Cos I am Me.
Other person: But then do this this that and be You
Me: If I do those things, I wont be happy
Other person: Doesn’t matter, atleast you wont stand out like a sore thumb.. I won't have to hear words from others.. 
Me: *Speechless, angry, upset, hurt…*

This has been the story of my life..  There are so many things I haven’t done , rather things that conform to the norms of the so called society which has led to arguments and disagreements, heck everyday is difficult. There are days when I wish I were living in a planet with not a single soul around.  I am so fed up of people and their constant judgments, questions, finger pointing and smirking..

All cos I choose to live life my way.. All cos I don’t fit in the box they are living in.

Day before was chatting with a friend when he mentioned he has issues in life cos he doesn’t fit in.  It struck me that I am not alone in this zone, there are quite a few who feel the same way.

Oh you are 35+, and still single – Good gosh, why are you still alive?
Oh you are gay, and are happy- Good lord, don’t come anywhere near me..
Oh you are independent and confident girl who doesn't need a guy to run her life- Good God, wtf  is wrong with you.
Oh you speak your mind – Goodness me, I don’t want anything to do with you.
Oh you are plus size but you want to wear a Tshirt/blouse and palazzo pants - Oh my, would you go change into something decent , esp if you are coming out with me.. 

NO, I did not make these up! Have had/heard these very reactions and it pisses me to no end.

And then there are those who aspire to live like me, but will not.. They are the pseudo piss offs.. They will all that their family demands and be miserable, yet will point a finger at me and shake their head disapproving..

Only question I have for these “sorted” souls in the world
What is it that stops you from doing what you desire?
It is most likely fear… lack of confidence…

Why do you want to control everyone around you?
Just so you don’t feel left out?

And the biggest question of it all “Why do you care what I do with my life?”.. am an adult who is living life the way she/he deems right.. I might regret my decisions [yet to regret a single thing I have done], but it is her/his life.. If you cant be supportive, atleast don’t be a pricklypear…

I am happy living my life my way.. There may be times when I rely on friends for support, but I do need someone telling me how to live my life..  

I choose to do what I do cos it makes me happy. Heck, even if it doesn't, its my decision.

The society is what we make of it, we are part of it, so if you want to do something different, something against the so called "norms", go for it~ And show the finger to anyone who dares pass judgement...