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Friday, August 19, 2016

Battle with the body - IV

From the minute you wake up in the morning till you call it a night, there are people telling you what to do, what to eat, what to wear, what to buy, what not to do, what not to eat, what not to wear, what not to buy and well, the list is endless.. But why? What is their problem in life or is it that they don't have a life? 

I do agree some of them have good intentions, but for many it is about "Am being seeing with you outside, or you are a reflection of me[parents esp] and so you need to look a certain way for it to be ok with the world and its grandmother/grandfather/uncle/and whoever else...." That is so unfair right? What do they know about our lives, what do they know about our body.... Who died and made them king/queen of the world?

OK, ok, lemme not get carried away... Its jus that have been receiving quite a few emails/comments/ messages on this topic that it makes me sad we live in a world where so much is defined by one's appearance... 

While I process all the mails and messages I have got, I came upon this image that sums up pretty much all that we go through in life, courtesy #Bodyshaming... 

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Stay tuned for more....