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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The drama around emergency contraception....

About a fortnight ago, a friend [someone I have met a couple of times] messaged me in the morning asking if I could get a “morning after” pill. I have never really bought any nor was I aware of the kinds available in the market, and so went over to the nearest pharmacy and asked him for one. He stared at me for a minute and said they are all banned ma, you wont find them here any more. I was stumped, dint give up, went to the nearest Apollo pharmacy where I was told the exact same thing.

I dint know what to do. I wanted to help her and so messaged a friend who is a doc asking about this. He in turn told me that most places do moral policing and will judge which is why they wont give me the pill. He also gave me a term [an ingredient] to ask for at the nearest Apollo. I called and checked but they dint have any and told no stock, some such or it wasnt not available. While I was  not franctic or panicky, I did not know what to do and was quite puzzled about this whole thing.

I thought to myself “a girl should have a choice right.. she needs to know there is some protection available in case she has unprotected sex. Yes I agree that having unprotected sex is a stupid thing but then we all do such things in life and  by banning the “emergency contraceptive” the government was almost punishing the woman for doing something that isn’t really wrong.. Heck, atleast she is sensible enough to know she can prevent unwanted pregnancies.

As a last resort, I took to the platform that I thought would be able to help me- Twitter. I put up a post asking where I could get my hands on this pill and what was the alternative. I was amazed at the kind of responses I got.

Surprisingly not a single person gave lectures or waved their finger disapprovingly. Almost all suggested pills such as iPill, Unwanted 72 and Clr-72.. I in turn would reply saying none of them are available and I was told they are all banned here. Infact one guy even suggested going to Blore or Pondy to pick up one in that case. A friend messaged in private suggesting the girl go meet the gynaec at Apollo, who was very nice, would give consultation and a prescription for something that would work.   Oh and one friend shared this link as well [an old article but a good one]

I was very grateful to all these suggestions and friends who came forward to share my post and offer inputs. Some went on to recommend medical stores that they were sure would have a pill, while another told me to contact her next time I needed something.  During the twitter conversations, I also approached our usual pharmacy and he came to my rescue. Managed to find a company that made a pill and got me one- Postpone 72 was the name of the pill. I picked up two of them and gave them to the friend and also told her to go meet the doc, which she did with her boyfriend the very next day~

Why are the Government/governing bodies making life so difficult for a girl? As it is we have enough issues to deal with without them throwing us off the loop like this.

So what if the girl wants to have sex and not have a baby?
So what if she gives in and does something stupid..
Do we brand her a slut?
Why does the society judge a girl but a guy is not questioned?
Why does the girl made to feel shame if she has sex with a guy [someone she loves/cares abt/is dating/engaged to/etc]

Sad that we live in a country that is so closed… Girls are constantly told what to do, what to wear, what not to do… pah, the list is endless..