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Monday, December 26, 2016

Living next to schools

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For as long as I can remember, we have always lived closed to a school, either across the road from one or right next door to one. In Madurai, we lived across the road from the school, the one I went to. And then came Tirunelveli, where we two streets away from one and then moved right next door to it.

Oh and guess what, now that we are in Chennai, my folks live in a street with not one but 5 schools on it and I live in a house that is bang opposite one,went to a school that was within walking distance as well.. hahah.. what are the odds of that right? 
Now, why am I writing this post? Well, I just felt like sharing my experience about living in a home so close to a school. So, here goes... 

The Frills and fancies- Advantages
  • Walking distance– When I was in school, it was so cool. The school was just a hop skip jump away. I could leave home with 5 minutes to the 1st bell and still make it with few seconds left. There were times when we would be away for the holidays, and land back in town the morning of school reopening. It was courtesy this lack of distance that I could get ready in a jiffy and make it to school.  
  • Safe neighbourhood—Now in Chennai, since we live opp a school, there is always movement during the day, and there is a police van parked right outside day and night.  
  • Access to park, walking track and play area- These days, it is good to have some space to walk or run in, I just strap on my shoes and hit the area. Similarly, I have had times when I ended up playing basketball or volleyball with school kids [works cos the security guard/school nuns know me].
Shouts and Rants- Disadvantages
  • Too close for comfort- During school days, everyone knew where I lived and so it became easy for people to just hop in home [back when I was in school, you had to pass by my house to get to anywhere].. have had teachers hop across to speak to mom or friends drop by for snacks at odd hours..
  • Parking drama - We now have cars, autos and bikes blocking our gates constantly.. twice a day for a few hours every time. No matter how many times we tell them, they just don't care... 
  • Traffic woes - Noise and air pollution from traffic, come 7.45am I run inside home and stay put for an hour till things settle down and similarly in afternoon around 3-4pm..
  • Loitering–I know that during my school days, we would all loiter about near home, sitting around on platforms, or playing in the streets. well, it is no different now. we still have students loitering around our house while waiting to be picked up.
  • School buses and vans parked forever outside our gate... 
  • Noise from school events– Oh gosh, don't get me started.. Republic day, school day, sports day, etc etc.... the march pasts, the dance recitals.. whatever it is, there is constant sound and yes i call it sound cos it is loud...  I work from home and so it i get quite painful trying to concentrate..  
  • School/teen romance- Oh read it right... there are always the girl or boy lurking about waiting for their boyfriend/girlfriend to come over so they can have a rendezvous behind a bus or van... And then there are a few who lurk about sneaking in a smoke.  
And now all I can do is grit and plug in my headphones to drown out the noise... Well, do you have any such experiences? Do share em... 


rads said...

LOL@the last one. I remember a friend of mine complain similarly as she lived right across our school, but she lived in a high rise, so not some immediate problems you have. I cant imagine the noise factor, that must be hard! Maybe put some music on - earplugs during those times. I cant recommend Bose white noise enough :)


Deepa Iyer said...

hehe never lived near school, except for LKG UKG. Once when we were on a holiday sometime in June, there was a school opposite the hotel we stayed in. This was in Kothagiri. Was cute to see all kids in sweaters going off to school but then after a while, the noise started when the kids had PT. Whew!

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