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Friday, May 17, 2019

Battle with the body - XVI -- Compliments and reactions...

Incident 1

You are waiting for your friends, walking up & down the mall....
They message saying 5mins...
And then you see them walking towards you, you  proceed to walk towards them with a big smile, excited to be meeting them after the gap..

You get a quick Hi in... one of them bursts out "Oh wow, you have lost a lot of weight di", the other nods her head and smile and say "Oh please, nothing of that sort" followed by Hugs and hi hellows yelled out as you start walking towards the coffee shop to sit down & catch up..

Incident 2

This girl is walking down the street towards home, when she passes by a bunch of stores, including the salon she visits. A salon staff steps out, smiles at the girl and comments " Oh hi, you look lovelier than usual and have lost oodles of weight.. what are you doing? "

The girl smiles back, "thanks, nothing major, just eating home food and being happy.. See you?"

Incident 3

Two girls meet up, and here is a bit of the conversation....
Girl 1 [G1] - Hey G2, how are you doing, hows the little one... and btw, you look like you have lost some weight...
Girl 2 [G2]- Thanks.. really? Dont feel it though and *sends a glance to the husband*[hasnt said anything... :P]
G1 - well, it shows..
Few hours later, G2- yes you are right.. I do think I have lost some weight.. Though I am not doing anything.. You atleast walk & do yoga, I dont do nothing....
G1- Well, i have realised our body/health gets better when there is peace of mind.. I mean it.. I have made peace with the world and don't let it affect me like it used to and people have been commenting on my appearance left right center..
G2 -hmmm..*smiles* true that...

  • What would your reaction have been to any of the above incidents? 
  • Would you have smiled, grinned and thanked the person for the compliment or shied away and shrugged it off? 

I used to belong to the latter kind, who would infact go further and make the person wonder why they even paid the compliment... But things have changed over the years.. 

Infact these days I don't mind much if people comment on appearances before anything else. 

It doesn't bother me if someone was to tell me am big, or even if they say things like "Oh but did not expect you to be this tall and big, it is intimidating".. I just reply "well, this is me... deal with it :-)"

I spent nearly 20years of my life listening to people and their comments, cringing and recoiling.. But then things changed, I started caring zilch about the world and only about what I thought about me... 
I noticed that my mood changed, my temper was gone, I was happier and more at peace...  

I used to wear frumpy dresses [ frocks as they were called], and salwar that was loose and shapeless, like a pillow case... While it did work in keeping me hidden and letting me bottle up my desires and dreams, but then something snapped... 

Have realised that a lot of what we do today is related to conditioning of the mind, especially during our childhood years. I was told I was big and fat by none other than family from an early age, that I needed to cover myself, sit, stand, do only certain things etc... So we grow up with that embedded in our minds and it affects everything that we do and feel. 

It takes years of unlearning to get over this, and to change the way you think/react/ look at the world.. I know this as I have spent years on myself, changing everything. Today I walk with my head held high, confident in what I do and say, giving the world the middle finger if it dares comment/criticise without reason... So, while validation and positive comments about my appearance and overall personality are more than welcome, it will not influence my thought process or change the way I do things...   

If I do a quick run through starting with my growing years to today, I welcome comments by people - men & women with open mind. When a guy tells me I am sexy, I smile /blush and say Thank you! Having come across many who say that just to flatter you and then get you to say yes to sex, I press the STOP button and tell them to bugger off.. Yes, it does affect the way I react to guys in general, not just me but all of us women.. We tend to wonder "why is he being so nice, what does he want, does he have an ulterior motive".... even when the guy is being genuine and honest with no motives... :-) 

Sigh.... how times have changed... OK, am gonna stop now... Do tell me how it feels when someone pays you a compliment?

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Never a dull moment around friends..

When a group of friends meet up, there is talk about everything under the sun. Ranging from relationships [whether you are in one, yearning to be in one, or confused about the one you are in now], the weather, the latest movie you saw and even a new technology you came upon.

We were four of us , catching up after a few months , the chat moved from whatsapp to the phone and we finally decided to meet at a coffee shop midpoint to all of us. After the initial round of hi hello, how are you, hows your mother-in-law, dog/kitten, wife/ husband, child, divorce proceedings, etc etc, we settled into a rhythm and began yapping about other fun aspects of life. One guy was telling us about his not so new job [it was nearly a year since he joined the company] and moved to a different city.. He was telling us how crazy life had been the past two months. Trying to find a house seemed to be have been top of his crib list, but then his tone changed and he shared with us news about his new found apartment and how awesome it was...

He was working for a leading IT company and had just moved from HR to handling ops, CRM specifically. He said this Salesforce platform was the coolest one he had seen, considering he had endured a full day session on it. But he was yet to use it and was quite worried about how he would be handling the same.

Since I had done some reading about it recently, I gave him some insights to the same. Also suggested that he sign up with a Salesforce CRM training in Chennai since he was going to be working from here for a month or more...

From what I have read, Salesforce is a cloud based CRM platform that infact has some similarities with the social networking platforms.. Being cloud based, it allows users to manage and stay connected with their customers at any given point of time. Today, with so much competition around in every possible aspect of the business, when it comes to CRM systems, it is best to take on one like Salesforce as it adapts to all needs and preferences. The most important of it all being user friendliness.

I told my friend about how the information gathered about customers can be fed into the system, changes can be made online and one can stay connected from anywhere in the world. He could be in Antarctica reaching out to his customers, or pulling out some data, it would be possible.

He was telling me how his company had a meeting few days back where they were told the business has been growing but slowly, and they need to work together to ramp it up. I agreed... Today businesses want to grow, does not matter if they are small or large sized, and so having a good & effective cloud-based data management system that can provide real time data is most crucial. While the company had only recently shifted to using Salesforce platform, the employees were given time to get a hold of it and figure their way around it.

Once again, I stressed on how important it is to sign up for a course, a Salesforce developer training in Chennai, become a certified developer or even a consultant and get hands on experience using the same. Went on to tell him that the platform can be used to
1. Compare and study how the company is faring as against the competition.
2. Manage & Maintain customer data from anywhere in the world
3. Plan migration and transition
4. Monitor and manage orders or product enquiries
5. Automatic report generation that allows you to track your own progress over a period of time..

We were so lost in our discussion that we forgot two others were sitting at the table. They were staring at us with a funny look, as if to say "woah, what just happened here..." Luckily our coffees arrived and we resumed chit chatting about other aspects of life, including a quick chit chat on a trip we have been meaning to do. We wound up and bid good bye, promising to stay connected and to give updates on whether we were in for the trip or not... I walked home, with one thought on my mind "damn, i got real lucky in the friends department... "