I always thought I was alone . . .

I always thought I was all alone
I always thought there was no other like me.
People all around me, but none who understood me.
I say something funny, no one laughed.
I was sad and unhappy , no one understood why.
Had some friends, even they didn’t understand me.
Was always among friends, but I just wasn’t myself.
I try so hard to be like them,for I thought i wasn’t normal
I felt so out of place, so different.
All those years i spent,i always thought i was alone

Found you one i did in my very own home
you,who laughed when i did
you,who felt sad when i was down
Knew what i was thinking,what i was going through
With you,i felt so free
Mimicked me,Said the same things i did
See you now i do every single day,
There you are ,my own reflection
Staring at me from right across
Now i know,I am no longer alone..

© Aarti 2/5/05