That lovely day!!

“Spring is in the Air” she thought standing in the balcony staring at the sun, taking a peak through the clouds, she was amazed at how crystal clear the sky was. Cool breeze brushed her cheeks making her feel the chill, running a shiver down her spine. She rubbed her hands and placed them on her cheeks. Oh, that felt nice and warm. She turns to look at the pretty wall clock in the bedroom as it chimes, indicating it is 6 AM. Still early enough for her to sneak out and be back home before the rest of the household wakes up.

She then shuts the balcony door and enters the room thankful that the room heater was working. Takes a minute to enjoy the warmth and wishes she could just snuggle up and sleep some more. Alas, not possible. Makes her way slowly into the walk-in closet and picks out the Navy Blue T-shirt and Grey Pants, looks around and picks up the pink lycra socks and sneakers that are hidden behind a pile of clothes to be laundered. All she needs to complete the attire is her Discman, which is nowhere to be seen. She frowns as she hunts for it, hoping she hasn’t misplaced it or lost it. Phew! She lets out as she spots it on the bedside table under the book. All set to head out and get a head-start on this very beautiful Saturday.

Trying not to make too much noise, she makes her way out of her room and down the flight of stairs onto the foyer. Takes a peek at the Grandfather clock. Thank God, Its only 6.15 AM. She knows she still has two more hours before all hell breaks lose.

She’s almost out of the door, when she remembers she has forgotten the house keys. Oh! No. Now she has to get back all the way upstairs and back down without much ado. Slowly, she creeps up the stairs one at a time and manages to grab the keys and make a dash to the door.

She trots along the sidewalk, humming a song by Raghav, enjoying the awesome weather, the chirping of the birds and gazing at the beautiful flowers blooming in her neighbor’s garden as she hops along to her friends’ house, which is about a block away. Takes her around 5 minutes to get there. Lucklily, the maid is outside picking out flowers to be arranged in the vase in their drawing room .She waves her hand and says “Hello” to the maid and enters the house thankful that she did not have to ring the bell and wake the family. Walks into her friend’s room and pounces on the bed giving her a fright and jolts her out of her sleep.

She and her friend waste no time, start pulling out the suitcase from under the bed and empty the contents onto another trolley bag. Go down to the kitchen and empty the contents from the refrigerator and pile them all in the Living room. She asks her friend to change into some decent clothes, who grudgingly obliges. Together they lug the bags and boxes out into the street, wondering how they are going to get it all the way across.

They drag it along as fast as they can, making their way back to her house, as the cool wind brushes their face. Push open the wooden gates and walk into the foyer. Finally, back home. They were both exhausted, but can’t waste a minute. Begin rearranging the furniture in the huge living room and drop all the stuff on the sofa and some beneath the coffee table that they have managed to bring around. They make enough noise to wake up the dead .Her parents who were sleeping in the bedroom in the ground floor rush out upon hearing the ruckus. ”What is going on …?” bellows her Dad only to gape in awe as he is stopped midway by his wife who is pointing at the table and the girls standing there beaming at them.

Surprise! They scream.
“Happy Anniversary Mom n Dad”, she yells!

There sits a Beautiful cake, and many brightly wrapped presents around the table. Her parents are surprised and at a loss for words. Suddenly, there is an outburst, as the servants gather around wondering what is going on. Tears of joy, hugs and kisses being passed around as the family celebrates. These will be a part of good times cherished that has been brought on by the dawn of spring, spreading happiness and joy in the face of all the six odd members of the household who were present in the house.

All this as the cool breeze sweeps through the streets rustling up the fallen leaves, passing by the tall trees, bringing about a smile and making them reminisce about the good old days.

11.30pm @ 18/2/05