Field of Despair~

Sitting amidst the “field of despair”
Roots of saplings reach deep within
Beneath the cracked brown earth,
As we wait for the dark clouds to gather

Lips so parched- in need of water
Life so drained- in need of revival
Faith,it dwindles with every minute,
As I stare at the Sun shining with all his might

Future, seems so bleak
Hope,I seem to cling on to
Harvest, the only life i have known,
Slipping through my tattered fingers


Is that cool breeze i feel, upon my bare shoulders?
Do i hear the growl of the clouds at a distance?
God, i hope is being kind on us…
On this savaged land beneath my feet

This starved brown land, that is mine
Life and Source of survival
I know now,this drought must pass
For me to have a tomorrow!!

Aarti @ 26/4/05 [12.45am]

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