A Woman’s day is never done…

Woman: Hello God! Yet another day has dawned and here I am once again in front of you.
Please make sure Gan gets to school on time
Please help Sol find his tie and not yell “Mel” asking for it
Oh and let there be power all day for I have soaked rice to make dough for
dosai, you know how Gail wont eat anything else for breakfast

God: Good Morning ,My dear!
Is there anything else you would like?

Woman: Yes Yes!! Good that you reminded me.
Just one more small favor.
Don’t let Mrs Naz call me ,she just wont hang up
And my maid, may she turn up for work and not complain about her drunk Husband
Also keep the saree wala away during my nap time
Oh! And make sure the postman doest not visit our flat till 5pm,for he will ring
the bell incessantly till I open the door to ha4nd me the junk mail

God: Oh!Ok Let me see what I can do?

Woman: Thank you, God!
By the way, could you also check and let me know if my husband has got the
raise he was expecting, ‘cos there is this beautiful maroon salwar set that I have
been eyeing at Shoppers Stop.
Also stay with Gan when he writes his computer exam and help him with all
those dots and dashes he is always struggling with
“Sniff! Sniff!”
Oh My God!I think my daal is on fire. What am I to do now? Anyways, just
make sure Sol doesn’t detect the burnt smell when he eats lunch

“Clock chimes Eleven!!”
Oh No! Its 11:00 clock, I had better run now, or I will never get lunch done and
packed by 11.45
Please God,just this one more favour,I promise it is my last. Can you make the
dabbawala come a few minutes late,say about 30mins..

“Tring! Tring! The phone rings”
Uff!! God, dint I ask you to make sure Mrs Naz doesn’t call, now I will have to
answer the call and she will go on and on for about half an hour. Tell me, how
am I to cook and get lunch done on time if she wont hangs up?
Better yet, burn her vegetables or go to Mrs Sun’s house and convince her to
call Mrs Naz, that way she will hang up fast.

God: Why don’t you just tell her your busy?

Woman: What!I cant do that! Then,she will know I don’t have a cook and will go around
gossiping about how we cant afford a help.
Anyways, can’t chit-chat any longer
I have to get back to the kitchen
And don’t You forget my prayers!

God: But…..But………………………

Aarti @ 8/7/05