Its early
Clock flashes 6.10 AM
I turn to my side
With eyes half open
Hunt for the phone
Yea the cellphone!

Unlock the keypad
Locate his number
Hmm,am so excited
I wanna call him
Should i?Can i?
What if he’s sleeping?

I dial the number
Wait for it to ring
Just about ready to hang up
But Freeze at the soft whisper
“Hi Sweetheart” He says
Ah!My heart melts

“Hey Honey” I answer
“Good Morning”…”Wakey Wakey”
I can feel him smile
Hear him sigh
“Am so sleepy” he says
Wish we could snuggle
And go back to bed

Alas!!Thats not possible
He is there
and i am here
Too many miles apart
Its not as easy as that
All we can do is dream
in our dreams we become One!!

Is this what i want?
For i know there can never be an “US”
Even though i promise you “My Love”
Thats all there ever will be
Just mere words dangling in air
Friends we will remain
Soulmates is what you call it

Thank you for coming into my life
For being so sweet and caring
Sms me ,call me,mail me
Just dont ever go away!!
That sure would break me

Aarti @ 25/2/05